1. DemoWhip

    Lawyer who defended North Carolina's voter suppression laws could end up on the feder

    Lawyer who defended North Carolina's voter suppression laws could end up on the federal bench By Joan McCarter ==================================================== And now that African-Americans and their supporters know what is going down...
  2. Spookycolt

    Feinstein: no gun laws could have prevented Las Vegas massacre

    She actually repeated this on another show later in the day when asked for verification. Either she is really getting senile and forgetting what she believes or she is finally starting to accept the truth. Lets see if other liberals will admit it also now. Feinstein: no gun laws...
  3. Madeline

    Ohio Has The Moist Fucked Up Liquor Laws On Planet Earth

    Ohio Has The Most Fucked Up Liquor Laws On Planet Earth I CANNOT buy a bottle of single malt scotch in this state . Nobody outside the state and inside the US will ship here. People outside the US want a fucking arm and a leg to ship here. The fucking state owns the fucking liquor stores...
  4. N

    NAFTA Negotiations: Canada demands U.S. end Right To Work laws

    Canada demands U.S. end ‘right to work’ laws as part of NAFTA talks That's a very union-flattering way to say it (the bold). The way I would say it is that Canada's abdication of its power to labor cartels puts the country at an unfair disadvantage in retaining jobs. I mean who in...
  5. Djinn

    Rebuilding Houston - The time has come for zoning laws

    While the people of Texas are desperately passing around their cowboy hats looking for aid - and I'm not for a second suggesting that they don't require aid - I think we should talk about their decades-old policy of having no zoning laws, and no efforts to preserve water-absorbing wetlands...
  6. DemoWhip

    Tony Perkins: Overturning Roe v Wade Will Require New Adoption Laws As Women Are Forc

    Here it comes folks! Fast and Furious! Roe v Wade is now slated to be overturned thanks to those who did not vote for Hillary Clinton in the last election that resulted in Trump instead being elected and then turning around and appointing a far-right new Supreme Court Justice with perhaps the...
  7. C

    4 laws blocked by Federal Judge

    According to a report by the AP, 4 abortion laws were blocked by injunction by the federal judge in the Arkansas district of the Eighth Circuit this week. The laws include a ban on a procedure known as dilation and evacuation. Abortion rights supporters say it is the safest and most common...
  8. N

    AFSCME distorts the truth to attack right-to-work laws

    AFSCME distorts the truth to attack right-to-work laws"Last week, the president of the largest government union in America authored an opinion piece in which he sought to convince readers that it's okay for unions to force workers to pay dues against their will, even when those dues are spent...
  9. T

    Chaos over Springfield and Rock River concerning gun laws in Illinois. SPRINGFIELD AND RRA TURN THEIR BACKS ON US! Big blow up over Springfield Armory and Rock River over gun legislation going on in Illinois. These two companies supported a lobby group that sold out. Many videos on this subject. This is the...
  10. M

    Australian gun laws

    Australia has strict gun laws, right? They think that there may be some illegal guns out there, though. They are having a three month amnesty program for people to hand them in. 600,000 unregistered firearms are estimated to exist in Australia. SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND!!! That may be...
  11. Devil505

    Should any President be above our laws?

    In other words....wholly unaccountable for any criminal law he/she may commit while in office.
  12. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Murder suspect who used big penis defense gets off

    (Richard Henry Patterson - Broward County Sheriff’s Office) Well we didn't think it would happen, but it happened. The Florida man who claimed his girlfriend choked to death during oral sex was found not guilty of second-degree murder yesterday. 65-year-old Richard Patterson was acquitted...
  13. Dittohead not!

    The FDA is Postponing Changes to Nutrition Labeling Laws

    The FDA is Postponing Changes to Nutrition Labeling Laws Customers don't need to know how many calories they're consuming, don't you know. Obesity is healthy. And, why do we need nutritious school lunches? Kids do just fine with unhealthy meals. They're young, after all. Whatever we do...
  14. T

    After Promising Action On Religious Liberty, Trump Reiterates Existing Laws

    Ah yes, the trump order on religious liberty, ensuring churches everywhere can.......well, apparently follow the law as it exists. Indeed. even the ACLU seems to be shrugging this off as a photo op, meaningless, which does nothing to change the alleged persecution of those Christians at the...
  15. T

    Trump's chief of staff: 'We've looked at' changing libel laws

    The freedom of the press shall not be abridged, except of course if they say mean things about the president, then maybe it should be abridged. Seems to be the thought of this administration, who seem obsessed with the idiot president looking good in the press. So much so they are examining...
  16. T

    In Twitter attack on New York Times, Trump floats changing libel laws

    Trump, via Twitter, has suggested something. Changing libel laws, presentably allowing a sitting president to sue the press. Why? They seem to pro tray him as a buffoon. A liar. Incompetent. Any of those things. Not sure accurate reporting is libel, but it is Trump, who seems to rage on...
  17. Bronwyn

    LA mayor defies federal immigration laws and makes up his own.

    This is not going to go over well for LA. Garcetti just screwed the pooch. Mayor Garcetti bars LA police, city workers from acting as immigration enforcers
  18. bajisima

    Justice department to no longer contest Texas voter ID laws

    An attorney for a voting rights group said Monday that President Donald Trump's administration said that the federal government no longer plans to challenge Texas' strict voter ID law. Danielle Lang, of the Washington-based Campaign Legal Center, said the Justice Department informed...
  19. DemoWhip

    'A Cloak for Discrimination': Trump order reminds Asian-Americans of laws against the

    It is quite apparent that many innocent Americans are being painfully hurt by Trump's Executive Order on Immigration. =========================================== 'A Cloak for Discrimination': Trump order reminds Asian-Americans of laws against them - ABC News By STACY CHEN
  20. T

    Canada and Islamaphobia laws. Canada moving toward criminalizing “Islamophobia” Canada ponders new blasphemy law Islamophobia - Guilting you...