1. The Man

    Left Front leader hospitalized

    Hunger-Striking Russian Opposition Activist Hospitalized While Serving Jail Term Udaltsov is the far left alternative to Navalny, who has more time to the right-wing, they used to combine their efforts against the clique in the Kremlin together but fell out and are all but enemies now, an...
  2. Singularity

    Bin Laden raid commander, decorated SEAL leader denounces Trump

    "Trolling" as Paul Ryan puts it, behaving like an ass and making empty threats is something people will tolerate, begrudgingly. Actual retaliation against respected public servants just for being a critic of the administration is a whole 'nother matter, and a really stupid decision. This is...
  3. the watchman

    Laura Ingraham’s Anti-Immigrant Rant Was So Racist It Was Endorsed by Ex-KKK Leader.

    Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham’s Wednesday night monologue about immigrants destroying America was so racist it got the endorsement of David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan. During the opening to her primetime show The Ingraham Angle, Ingraham complained that “the America we know...
  4. DemoWhip

    Aryan Brotherhood gang leader dies in Colorado prison

    Aryan Brotherhood gang leader dies in Colorado prison By The Associated Press ################################################################################ One might suppose that Trump will be ordering all flags be flown at half-mast nationwide.
  5. Singularity

    NASA chief: I need a scientific leader to back me up. Trump:*appoints swamp creature*

    And wouldn't you know it, Bridenstine thought the deputy NASA administrator should probably be a woman, too. But on Thursday, the White House went in a completely different direction, nominating James Morhard, a longtime senior staffer on Capitol Hill with little to no technical experience who...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Trump, Kim is STRONG leader, his people "SIT UP" for him, I want the same!

    Just heard it with my own ears in another rambling, disjointed, spontaneous presser on the WH lawn. Trump tells Fox News he wants Americans to obey him like North Koreans obey Kim Jong-un BRAD REED 15 JUN 2018 AT 08:54 EDT President Donald Trump on Friday told Fox News that he wants American...
  7. J

    I have so many questions I would like to ask the right wing about their leader

    Is this what you wanted for this country when you voted for him. Do you think it is OK that the president lies non stop dailly on every subject he is confronted with or do you think he is telling the truth. Is this man what you want as a example for your children. If your a evangelical, how do...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    This is HOW a leader and a president thanks the fallen. Obama's tweet....

    “We can never truly repay the debt we owe our fallen heroes, the former president wrote. “But we can remember them, honor their sacrifice, and affirm in our own lives those enduring ideals of justice, equality, and opportunity for which generations of Americans have given that last full measure...
  9. Kallie Knoetze

    NAACP leader's racial profiling claim challenged after bodycam footage released

    Head of the South Carolina NAACP claims pulled over for driving while black, accused of having drugs in car, wife and grandson treated like criminals... Too bad for him, the good officer's body cam shows he is a lying POC, using false claims of racism NAACP leader's racial profiling claim...
  10. Dr.Knuckles

    Jokes Aside - Partie Québécois Leader Suggests Quebec/New York border wall.

    Illegal border crossings from New York into Quebec topped 6,000 this year-to-date, and its more than small Quebec border towns can handle. One Provincial political party leader has a temporary suggestion. Wall an area off to divert people to legal crossing points. These are mostly people who...
  11. excalibur

    Intel Leader Accuses Obama CIA Director of Doing Putin’s Bidding

    Intel Leader Accuses Obama CIA Director of Doing Putin’s Bidding https://www.westernjournal.com/developing-intel-leader-accuses-obama-cia-director-of-doing-putins-bidding/
  12. excalibur

    BuzzFeed Outs CIA Covert Kill Team Leader

    Far more serious a matter than the Valerie Plame affair. BuzzFeed Outs CIA Covert Kill Team Leader Because We Have the Need to Know https://www.redstate.com/streiff/2018/03/17/buzzfeed-outs-cia-covert-kill-team-leader-need-know-clicks/
  13. Darkman

    Doug Ford (brother of late Toronto mayor Rob Ford) named new Ontario PC leader

    Doug Ford named new Ontario PC leader Politics 1 hour ago The former Toronto city councillor and the brother of late Toronto mayor Rob Ford is the new leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. Ford...
  14. Darkman

    RIP: Israel: Radical Haredi leader Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach dies suddenly

    Radical Haredi leader Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach dies suddenly Extremist Jerusalem Faction group headed by Auerbach now appears bereft of any leader and appears set to lose influence. By Jeremy Sharon February 24, 2018 21:42 > Haredi protestors shut down Jerusalem roads for...
  15. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP OH chair, TParty leader & JUDGE gets 20YRS for sex assault/trafficking of TEENS

    Guys, these stories pop up all the time and TRUMP is sucking up so much air, I don't bother to put MOST up. They're arrested, charged or whatever and then you never see the outcomes. This one got TIME so I'm using the space to put it up. He was FACING 100 YEARS, he only got 20?? Why so...
  16. Darkman

    Canada: Liberal cabinet minister, Ontario PC leader -- accused of sexual harassment

    Kent Hehr, Liberal cabinet minister, accused of sexual harassment Globalnews.ca 1h ago Trudeau says he will speak to Kent Hehr about allegations from woman on Twitter CBC.ca 4h ago Trudeau says he will speak to Kent Hehr about sexual misconduct allegations CTV News 33m ago --- Is Trudeau...
  17. The Man

    Iraqi militia leader appears in Lebanon

    Lebanon's Hariri denounces Iraqi Shi'ite paramilitary's visit to border | Article [AMP] | Reuters Iran won, by securing (with much Russian help), the Syrian city of Albukamal, on the Iraqi border, and the surrounding areas. The US wanted their Kurdish partners to get there first, and cut off...
  18. the watchman

    Trump's Jerusalem fallout: Hamas leader calls for new 'intifada'

    The leader of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas called Thursday for a new "intifada" or uprising against Israel after President Trump said the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and begin moving its embassy to the city. In a news conference in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip...
  19. MaryAnne

    Trump Bible Leader

  20. DemoWhip

    GOP Senate hopefuls reluctant to back McConnell as leader

    GOP Senate hopefuls reluctant to back McConnell as leader | TheHill By Jonathan Easley and Ben Kamisar ==================================================== McConnell is now seeing his once more secure position being eroded by members of his own political party. They just are not...