1. Zaragunudgeyon

    Learn the Koran!

    It might save your life!.. those poor christians in Kenya... they were asked to recite verses in the Koran.. if they couldn't ..they were MURDERED!
  2. J

    When will we all learn that voting for the lesser of two evils is retarded?

    If my only real options are bat **** insane power hungry Hillary Clinton or nut job retard asshole Ted Cruz.Why wouldn't i just vote for Gary Johnson knowing he will lose but gain popularity over voting for these two disastrous scumbags.Were equally more ****** if either of them get elected.
  3. D

    Is it racist to expect immigrants to learn the language of the country ...

    Is it racist to expect immigrants to learn the language of the country they have immigrated to? I've had this debate many times with friends, but I'm curious about a broader perspective on the issue. In addition should countries provide free resources to immigrants to learn the language? Do...
  4. Isalexi

    You learn more about a person by the side of the argument they choose

    Some people here have expressed anger at Israel for how they treat the Palestinians. They never show this anger at hamas Who treat the Palestinians horrendously. No they just point out how Israel is like Nazis and other mean analogies even though the Palestinians living in Israel have better...
  5. Red Eft

    5 Things You Learn Escorting Women Into an Abortion Clinic

    ...almost every Saturday morning for the last two years, I've hauled my ass out of bed really fucking early so I could be at a local Planned Parenthood at 8:30 a.m. Though a few of the comments on my first Cracked article surmised otherwise, it's not because I'm the mayor of Cock Forest and...
  6. Amelia

    Learn something new every day.

    Yesterday I learned about the Curley Effect, in connection with Detroit. Today I learned that Clarence Thomas was on George H. W. Bush's shortlist for Supreme Court twice. Surprised me. Bush considered having him replace William Brennan, then decided not. He ultimately replaced Thurgood...
  7. KnotaFrayed

    America may pay a big price to learn what happens when you stay at home on Election

    Day. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=lowest+turnout+ever+2014 Just as predicted, perhaps even worse than predicted. This prompts the question, why? Are elections now run by polls and the media that create self-fulfilling prophecies? Why do people stay home on Election Day? Is giving...
  8. Liberal Doses

    Learn to live with Ebola?

    Now, with the Nurse from main contesting the process of quarantine will we politicize the process quarantine to the point of where we will be expected to "learn to live," with Ebola and read books on "Living with Ebola." Like AIDS, Ebola is a virus that kills. Just much faster. The scientific...
  9. OldGaffer

    Police Pleasantly Surprised To Learn Man They Shot Was Armed

    Truth or Onion?
  10. bajisima

    FLorida town shocked to learn of police ties to KKK

    Fruitland Park, a small town in Florida, has been shocked to find out that their police force is connected to the KKK. "Ann Hunnewell and her central Florida police officer husband knelt in the living room of a fellow officer's home, with pillow cases as makeshift hoods over their heads. A...
  11. Spookycolt

    Obama's advisors...he obviously didn't learn from Kennedy

    He is making the exact same mistake that led us into Vietnam. The man has no clue about history whatsoever. Obama sending Kerry to Middle East, set to dispatch military advisers to Iraq Obama sending Kerry to Middle East, set to dispatch military advisers to Iraq | Fox News John...
  12. The Man

    Syrian kids will learn Russian in schools

    Russian to become mandatory in Syrian schools | MidEast | Daily Sabah More links: Russian Language to Become Compulsory in Syrian Schools | News | The Moscow Times Syria entered compulsory study of Russian language | islam.ru Makes sense. Russia is the only true ally Assad has at the...
  13. The Man

    Another shooting by a veteran, time to learn the lesson?

    Two Die in Russian Church Shooting - WSJ.com The shooter, Stepan Komarov, 24 He killed an elderly nun, who was also the mother of the head priest of the cathedral; and a man who was one of the worshipers inside the cathedral at the time. Actually, while the English article says the nun...
  14. Spookycolt

    Skills needed to run as a republican, learn to humbly accept apologies from the left.

    Since you are bound to be attacked by the left for something or other, it is definitely a skill that all people on the right should learn and practice because it will eventually come in handy. As we saw with Palin recently, and now Romney, being gracious in the face of liberal hate is a...
  15. Cicero

    Did republicans learn the lesson of the 2013 shutdown debacle?

    I am concerned, because I am seeing an increasing number of people trying to construct some form of "revisionist" history that would "magically" transform the last sixteen days (of republican intransigence) into a republican "win." As we have not "solved" any of the problems, leading to the...
  16. Cicero

    What the right failed to learn from the shutdown in 1995-1996

    Here Is the Short GOP Quote That Perfectly Defines the Shutdown Forty-eight hours into the negotiations, one Republican stalwart's official position is that he has no idea what he's negotiating for. Derek ThompsonOct 2 2013, 10:44 PM ET The government shutdown debate used to be about...
  17. S

    Timothy McVeigh A "REAL AMERICAN Hero" Learn the REAL STORY bout 4/19/95 OKC

    Timothy McVeigh is a PATRIOT and died at the hands of our Federal Government summer 2001 at Evansville Prison Death Chamber Most folks look at the carnage with a RYDER TRUCK packed full of fertiluzer blackpowder amonnios nitrate and diesel fuel the Alfred P Murrah Federal BLDG was LEVELED and...
  18. Oscar99

    10 years later: What did we learn from Iraq?

    #1. One invasion at a time, folks. Not even the USA can handle two highly complex invasions & nation-building projects at the same time. #2. Have a strong plan to deal with the worst-case scenario. #3. Add 100,000 more troops than you need. Better safe than sorry. #4. Make sure you're...
  19. meridian5455

    Public school students don burqas, learn that Muslim terrorists are freedom fighters

    Texas public school students don burqas, learn that Muslim terrorists are freedom fighters - Yahoo! News This curriculum needs to be changed immediately. It is not right. A student in the class told WND that the burqa-related lesson focused mainly on the lives of women in Muslim countries. The...
  20. G

    Should schools teach children they have a duty to learn a trade or skill to survive?

    We are a divided nation, about one-half seems to think government is responsible for alleviating the consequences of their shortcomings. Should we focus our children's minds toward becoming productive, self-supporting citizens, or continue with the system we have, where entitlement culture...