1. Rob Larrikin

    Message to the Left

    Many of you, especially those between 15 and 25, are at a stage in your lives where you are extremely confident in your beliefs. You have no doubt that you are correct in your assessment of conservatives, Republicans, Trump, big business, capitalism, rich people, etc. Some of you are older...
  2. The Man

    Russia left forces in Belarus?

    So says the Ukrainian military: Ukraine's Military Chief Says Russia Left Troops In Belarus After War Games Zapad 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2oomrvgpN8 T-90M and "Terminator" tank support vehicle Missile strike Iveco armoured vehicles Russia bought the first...
  3. Barbella

    Kryptonite to the American Left:

    "Blacks are being oppressed by white people!" "Racism is what's stopping Blacks from being successful!!" What a pantload.... it's a made-up bullshit excuse presented by the Left because it suits their political agenda. If you gather enough of society's downtrodden and pretend to help them by...
  4. the watchman

    Barack Obama Left One Great Trap For Republicans And It Is Causing A GOP Catastrophe

    Congressional Republicans are in a real Obamacare trap, which Jason Easley has been predicting since Obamacare was passed. The trap is the same trap as Social Security and Medicare: Now that people have their insurance, they don’t want to lose it. Warning of the coming autumn of discontent, a...
  5. Goofball

    Hillary has lost what little was left of her mind.

    Hillary 2020!!!! C'mon Dims, run this batshit crazy slob again. :popcorn: Clinton Compares Trump to Putin: 'Hopefully He Hasn't Ordered the Killing of People and Journalists'
  6. T

    The left goes to a new level, ads two new colors to flag.

    https://www.out.com/news-opinion/2017/6/09/philly-petitions-add-black-brown-stripes-lgbtq-pride-flag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2wZAxbAvxk The Left Will Eat Itself Philadelphia’s new, inclusive gay pride flag is making gay white men angry...
  7. Æthelfrith

    A left wing discipline

    We know that most Economists in the US are Democrat and reject free market economics. We also know that right wing economics has been demolished as a failure: e.g. supply side economics; monetarism. Is Economics now the science of the left?
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Limbaugh implies HUR. IRMA is a hoax made up by the LEFT to push CLIMATE CHANGE

    Damn, we're good. Meorologists, radar, NOAA, hurricane hunters, satellite pictures, network weathermen, radio, TV, FEMA, Scott (FLA Gov) are all ON THE HOAX! Rush Limbaugh suggests Hurricane Irma is a liberal hoax ] NEWSWEEK 05 SEP 2017 AT 17:27 ET September 5, 2017Alexander Nazaryan...
  9. Rob Larrikin

    The Left has feminized men, environment, industry, sex, marriage, education & news

    The Left has feminized men, the environment, the weather, politics, the courts, the rule of law, the military, education, marriage, history, the media, movies, TV, children, industry, restaurants, jobs, you name it. We now live in a horribly feminized world, which is terrible for families, kids...
  10. Rob Larrikin

    When will the Left accept that Socialism was an illusion?

    On another thread someone said that that the Soviet Union was not socialist. I looked up ‘USSR’ in various online resources to show that indeed, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was indeed socialist. "The economic foundation of the U.S.S.R. was “Socialist ownership of the means of...
  11. Goofball

    The Rise of the Fascist Left.

    The left has always used these tactics, but they have just gone off the rails since Trump beat Hillary in November. OPINION | The hypocrisy of antifa | TheHill
  12. T

    Trump Claims He Purposely Left Cabinet Posts Unfilled Photo of Robert Donachie Robert

    Does this ass-clown do anything other than watch Fox News and tweet? Indeed, with apparently not enough on his plate, the president took to Twitter to defend himself form the sycophantic Fox and Friends, claiming that all of the unfilled positions were left that way intentionally so he could...
  13. Rob Larrikin

    Earth’s population is mostly religious and Left winged.

    Millions of conservatives are not religious. I’m one example, being both an atheist and a conservative. There are millions of others like me. Yet the Left always say Conservatives are bible bashers.” If your average middle-class Republican’s 14 year old daughter gets pregnant, most will...
  14. W

    This may be why sane people laugh at BLM, Antifa, Occupy, the left in general...

    It's not about 'fairness', 'equality', 'social justice', bad cops, racism, bigotry, or anything else along those lines.... it's about entitlement and free shit. it's always been about entitlement and free shit. it will always be about entitlement and free shit, and tearing down the barriers to...
  15. carpe diem

    Put the acts committed by the left in context please

    I've been told I am misreading the context in regards to - The shooting by a liberal nut case of Scalise at a baseball practice Kathy Griffin holding a bloody Trump head Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal's call for Trump's assassination Please feel free to use this space to explain the...
  16. R

    The follow up - The Hate from the Left on this Forum.

    I've just finished reading all 220 posts in the thread I started. My apologies for not getting back to it before it got closed. here's what I said. "You help fuel the hate that exist in our country. You pretend as if you have nothing to do with it. you blame your political foes for your...
  17. R

    The Hate from the Left on this Forum.

    You help fuel the hate that exist in our country. You pretend as if you have nothing to do with it. you blame your political foes for your response and why you do what you do. take responsibility for actions but you will not.
  18. R

    The Left's definition of "PEACEFUL:"

  19. R

    Since the left likes polls on Trump.

    this one -12 https://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/9h2c1c3new/econTabReport.pdf or this one -7 https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/MonmouthPoll_US_081517/ https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/president_trump_job_approval-6179.html
  20. L

    When will the left demand this monument be taken down?

    He took up arms against the US at the Little Bighorn.