1. D

    Germany legalizes same-sex marriage after Merkel u-turn

    KUDOS to Germany for their stance on same-sex marriage and for leaving the ill thought out draconian position held by some and instead entering into Twenty-First Century reality! The majority who voted in favor of this obviously believe that love transcends any attempt by bigoted others to try...
  2. Lunchboxxy

    Mexico Legalizes Gay Marriage

    Looks like all of North America will soon have marriage equality. How Mexico Quietly Legalized Same-Sex Marriage : Parallels : NPR While it will still be a difficult road for same sex couples in Mexico, at least they will have the legal right to appeal to a judge who cannot refuse them a...
  3. Kontrary

    Canada legalizes prostitution

    VICTORY! Canadian High Court Strikes Down All Anti-Prostitution Laws | Alternet In a landmark decision, Canada’s highest court has struck down all of the nation’s anti-prostitution laws as unconstitutional in a unanimous judgment, Toronto Star reported. The Supreme Court found that all...
  4. Tedminator

    Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana Trade

    Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana Trade MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — Uruguay's Senate gave final congressional approval Tuesday to create the world's first national marketplace for legal marijuana, an audacious experiment that will have the government oversee production, sales and consumption of a drug...
  5. The Man

    As the US legalizes gay marriage...

    ...Russia is moving in the opposite direction Duma gives final approval to same sex couples adoptions ban ? RT Russian politics BBC News - Russian Duma passes law banning 'gay propaganda' Federation Council approves jail terms for insulting religion | Russian Legal Information Agency...
  6. Blueneck

    Argentina legalizes personal marijuana possession

    I'm sensing a trend here.....
  7. D

    UK Legalizes Taser Use On Children

    Now police are told they can use Taser guns on children | the Daily Mail
  8. F

    Israel legalizes gay marriage

    In precedent-setting ruling court says state must recognize gay marriage - Haaretz - Israel News Good for them.