1. Davocrat

    Have any Tea Party legislators limited their terms yet?

    Serious question. Should we be seeing a lot of turn over in the primaries with so many politicians ran on term limit platforms? Anybody made good on these promises? Or does it changed based on their handlers' assessments?
  2. Djinn

    Huckabee: Senators should be elected by state legislators

    That's right. Apparently, former Arkansas Governor and mainstream Republican Mike Huckabee is proposing that we repeal the 17th Amendment, taking the power to vote for senators out of the hands of the people, and handing them to state legislatures - which are of course slanted Republican, in no...
  3. PACE

    Pennsylvania legislators challenge law on city gun laws

    This piece of legislation was buried in a bill that dealt with scrap metal???? Fitting, quite fitting. This is government over-reach,,, hope it gets struck down. Pennsylvania gun control advocates challenge law on city gun rules | Reuters
  4. L

    Will California Actually Force Legislators to Wear Sponsor Patches Like Nascar Driver

    There's an old joke out there about forcing politicians to wear Nascar uniforms that tell us who their corporate sponsors are. I can't seem to trace it back to its origin, but I assume it was an email forward from someone's uncle. Now, it's looking conceivable that that joke could soon be a...
  5. Friday13

    IN Legislators and Pence Warned About RFRA

    And still they pushed it thru... Columbia Law...The Letter Pence and the Indiana Legislature were warned by 30 expert law professors
  6. Z

    Should all legislators be required to have backgrounds in economics?

    From what I've observed, we have little to no law-makers from either the Senate or the House who studied economics in college, yet they presume to know enough about it to run the country's financial systems. Should there be a requirment for House and Senate members to have at least a Bachelor's...