1. G

    Hillary Clinton campaign to FBI: 'Why didn't you send a letter about Trump's ties to.

    Hillary Clinton campaign manager to FBI: 'Why didn't you send a letter about Donald Trump's ties to Russia?' Robby Mook asks why FBI released information about Ms Clinton's use of a private email server but nothing on allegations of Trump administration's contact with Russian officials...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    BREAK'G McConnell has Warren thrown of SEN for reading a Coretta King letter

    BREAK'G McConnell has Warren thrown off SEN floor for reading Coretta S. King letter Apparently Coretta Scott King sent a letter to the US SENATE about her disdain for Jeff Sessions as a choice for a federal judge in 1986. His record on civil rights was abhorrent to her. Bogus voting fraud...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    A letter from an EPA employee...

    It's a blind copy received from someone in the 'DEMOCRAT cause' at my county level. I'm sure it has been passed around--a lot. Sounds legit and seems to be in line with what we've been hearing of late. Judge for yourself... Sharing with permission. From an Environmental Protection Agency...
  4. DemoWhip

    LGBT elected officials send letter to Donald Trump

    The letter, which appears in the following article, should be read by all. President Obama, in his farewell speech, mentioned the LGBT Community and the hard work that has been done to bring them equality and that which they are most deserving of. He stated that the American people are changing...
  5. Macduff

    If The Comey Letter Sank Hillary, It’s Her Own Fault

    Key point. If The Comey Letter Sank Hillary, It's Her Own Fault
  6. DemoWhip

    1,140 Lawyers Pen Letter Opposing Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

    It's all over for Sessions! With such powerful groups, including the NAACP President opposing his nomination, Trump would be a fool to formally continue with his name in the Senate seeking confirmation. He's toast. =========================================== 1,140 Lawyers Pen Letter...
  7. The Man

    Putin sends Trump "very nice" Christmas letter

    Trump receives 'very nice' Christmas letter from Putin - CNNPolitics.com Aww... :D
  8. cpicturetaker12

    BIPARTISAN letter from ELECTORS demand briefing on Russian hacking BEFORE THEY VOTE

    (Apparently #8 thread according to another poster who is keeping count of my threads since FRI night when this story broke) I just saw this and I don't see it up yet!! Seems like a pretty damn interesting turn of events! You know, if they don't get it, they could simply refuse to meet to...
  9. Wonderer

    BREAKING: DNI James Clapper Has Submitted His Letter of Resignation

    (CNN)Director of National Intelligence James Clapper submitted his letter of resignation to the House Select Committee on Intelligence Wednesday night, he told the committee Thursday. "(I) submitted my letter of resignation last night, which felt pretty good," he said before the panel of...
  10. DemoWhip

    Democrats Sends Letter to Bankers Slamming Trump Picking Steve Bannon for Top Job

    Leaders of the Banking Industry should fully listen to what the Democrats are saying to them in their letter about Bannon. They are clearly displeased with Trump's selection of him and they have good reason to be. ************ Democrats Sends Letter to Bankers Slamming Trump Picking...
  11. Devil505

    Donald Trump Says Tom Brady Voted For Him, Bill Belichick Wrote Letter Of Support

    Donald Trump has the support of two of the largest figures in New England sports. At least, he claims he does. The Republican presidential nominee said Monday during a rally in New Hampshire that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had cast his vote for him. Read more at: Donald Trump Says Tom...
  12. Devil505

    The FBI Union’s President Just Quit, Penned Scathing Open Letter Blasting Comey

    POLITICSThe FBI Union’s President Just Quit, Penned Scathing Open Letter Blasting Comey ByNatalie Dickinson Posted on Novembe Director James Comey of Federal Bureau of Investigation stirred up a hornet’s nest with his decision to interfere in our election by giving House Republicans more...
  13. MaryAnne

    Harry Reid Letter

    The bombshell in Harry's letter. The real bombshell in Harry Reid's letter
  14. DemoWhip

    Former Attorney General Holder and Other Former DOJ Officials Pen Letter Criticizing

    It is quite obvious by their letter that those near 100 officials who have written to Comey knew better than to have done what he did. It was improper protocol and they are reminding him of it and calling him out on the carpet for it. It sure gives the appearance that due to that action there...
  15. DemoWhip

    Pollster Sees No Early Impact From Comey Clinton FBI Email Letter In Swing States

    Some good things may have come out of this after all. With this next inquiry into emails it can certainly get many Democrats who may have otherwise just decided to stay home because they feel that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency to actually now Get Out and VOTE! This temporary...
  16. DemoWhip

    Attorney General Lynch advised FBI director Comey against releasing letter on Abedin

    The Attorney General knew that releasing that information was going against proper protocol just before a presidential election. Comey went ahead and did it. Now he finds a complaint filed against him. Others knew better. Why didn't he? Could it be that he's a Republican? ************...
  17. GordonGecko

    An Open Letter to the Christian Right---From Erick Erickson-

    An Open Letter to the Christian Right | The Resurgent (BTW, to the members OF the Christian Right here at PH?.....a note: No Democrats, liberals, or atheists were involved in that letter.....and I just posted the link. So.....figure out your response based on that)
  18. Pragmatist

    A New Letter

    Gee, look what just came out today and has been signed by 30 republican members of congress (so far that is).
  19. cpicturetaker12

    ILLEGAL, IRONIC, INSULTING: Vicente FOX gets a fund raising letter from TRUMP...

    This is just too funny! I'm building a wall on YOUR border, you're gonna pay for it-- but me SEND $MONEY$ anyway. I have no idea how Vicente FOX would get on Trump's email list. (I don't get fundraiser letters from MEXICO, do you?) Now there isn't a chance in HELL of Fox sending a nickel...