1. MeBelle

    Letters To the Editor - my local paper

    Trump letter-bashing template OK, bear with me. I’m new at this business of writing letters denigrating Mr. Trump, our president. Oh, I already messed up, sorry! I forgot that he’s not “our” president! OK, I got it. Now here’s a suggested template: we can start off a letter with some...
  2. PACE

    Tom Cotton starts sending cease and desist letters to constitutents

    A prominent Republican senator just started sending cease-and-desist letters to constituents Snowflake.
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Trump finally gets around to sending letters to 'Gold Star' families, "rush delivery"

    Jesus! What an insult. I'd rather not get one. Gold Star families receive condolence letters from Trump months after sons' deaths: report BY JACQUELINE THOMSEN - 10/21/17 08:07 PM EDT 431 7,278 © Getty At least three families of service members killed months ago said that they have now...
  4. Dragonfly5

    Trump border wall: Texans receiving letters about their land

    I wonder how my fellow Texans who own this land will feel about this. Trump border wall: Texans receiving letters about their land
  5. Friday13

    The Wall: Texans receiving letters about their land

    Trump has compared himself to Jackson...like he did in Tennessee. Guess that includes stealing land from Native Americans, like Jackson did... Trump border wall: Texans receiving letters about their land
  6. DemoWhip

    Gay couple receives hundreds of letters to Santa by mistake, answers them all with lo

    This is a great story that really touched me. That just goes to show that members of the LGBT Community, despite what others think, have a good heart! They show deep compassion for others even though some who are homophobic may not do the same to them. But the spirit of Christmas lives on...
  7. excalibur

    Resignation letters piling up from disaffected FBI agents ...

    As I mentioned a few days ago, internal pressure at work. EXCLUSIVE: Resignation letters piling up from disaffected FBI agents, his wife urging him to admit he was wrong: Why Director Comey jumped at the chance to reopen Hillary investigation Why FBI Director Comey jumped at chance to...
  8. vikingbeast

    Letters From the Front

    My buddy who has been in the newspaper business for well over 25 years sent me this email about an owner of a company he once worked for. Laughed my ass off, but further education as to WHO makes the real money in the corporate world. Oh, my friend has made an excellent living in mid-upper...
  9. Spookycolt

    This is how Obama conducts foreign policy, by writing letters in a newspaper

    Instead of talking to the leaders about possible solutions he decides to write an opinion piece in an Israeli newspaper. My God this man is inept at foreign policy, no wonder he's considered the worse president since WWII. Even Carter glows in comparison. Obama praises Abbas, but not...
  10. bajisima

    Actress accused of sending ricin letters to Pres Obama

    Actress Shannon Rogers Richardson known from "The Walking Dead" has been accused of sending those ricin tainted letters to Pres Obama and Mayor Bloomberg..Wow what an odd story. Ricin Arrest: Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson Sent Poison-Tainted Mail To Obama, Officials Tell NBC
  11. meridian5455

    Obama’s half-brother selling president’s handwritten letters for $30,000

    Obama?s half-brother selling president?s handwritten letters for $30,000 How much for a certified copy of Obama's actual birth certificate? :deadhorse:
  12. michaelr

    Attorney: Scant evidence linking Miss. man to ricin-laced letters sent to president,

    Attorney: Scant evidence linking Miss. man to ricin-laced letters sent to president, senator | Fox News This is what a setup looks like just before it collapses. I guess we'd better watch what we write, well some of us anyway.
  13. Stefan Bandera

    Breaking Feds arrest a suspect for mailing letters that tested positive for ricin

    Feds arrest a suspect for mailing letters that tested positive for ricin Breaking News & Top Stories - World News, US & Local | NBC News He is reported as being from Tupaloe Miss Last name is Curts or Kurtz INITILS KC or CK Wonder how long before they walk this one back ?
  14. Lysander Spooner

    14 governors get national security letters?

    By Dr. Lyle J. Rapacki Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Barack Hussein Obama had served 14-State Governors in the United States, National Security Letters (NSLs) warning that the Governor’s actions in attempting to form “State Defense Forces†needs to be halted “immediately†or they will face...
  15. A

    Letters From a Nut

    Dear King of Prussia Vending License Department: I want to set up my UNDERWEAR VENDING MACHINES in your city, with 2,300 of them on corners, near banks, by parks, at schools. A fella can choose a pair of fresh underwear from a Ted Nancy portable underwear vending machine and change right there...
  16. B

    Life and Letters from New York State

    I had a thought today. Odd, I know. As I was driving to Buffalo for an interview, I remembered when my family was driving back home from Erie, PA one time. If anyone knows the area that way, the best way to go is by taking Interstate 90 (the single largest thoroughfare if entering NYS from...
  17. C

    Two ACTUAL letters to the editor in the SJMN

    Because I thought they both were, and are, hilarious, especially the first one, which is a classic brainwashed representation of the undying Bush Administration loyalty. Both are from the San Jose Mercury News newspaper (reprinted exactly as written): Monday, July 9, 2007 The whiny liberal...
  18. B

    Letters submitted to Libby judge

    Letters submitted to Libby judge | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle
  19. Z

    Letters from the Earth by Mark Twain

    A very good book written by Mark Twain as a satire on the Christian religion. Dont read it if your a very devout Christian. The truth ain't always pretty! Letters from the Earth The Creator sat upon the throne, thinking. Behind him stretched the illimitable continent of heaven, steeped in a...