1. bajisima

    US healthcare workers are committing suicide at unprecedented levels

    As America focuses on one epidemic — the opioid crisis — another goes entirely ignored. American health-care workers are dying by suicide in unprecedented numbers. Earlier this month, a medical student and a resident at NYU medical school completed suicide less than a week apart. After all...
  2. T

    Trump claims female migrants 'are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before' A

    Never letting reality get in the way of a hateful rhetoric, the president doubles down on stupid. Even going so far as to cite his previous comments that were fairly ugly, Trump claims migrants are getting raped at levels no one has seen before. Presumably he was talking about when they are...
  3. Spookycolt

    Initial jobless claims fall to levels not seen since March 1973

    And this is why Trump will win re-election. The economy is always the number one priority with voters and as long as Trump keeps this up he is pretty much guaranteed another term...
  4. ptif219

    Oops! Sea Levels Dropping Everywhere, According to NASA

    So much for the Global warming nuts claiming that coastal cities will flood. Oops! Sea Levels Dropping Everywhere, According to NASA | Truth Revolt
  5. DebateDrone

    Trump gives Mattis Authority to set Troop Levels in Afghanistan

    "We are not winning in Afghanistan right now,Mattis was blunt Trump Gives Mattis Authority To Set U.S. Troop Levels In Afghanistan : The Two-Way : NPR Some say 10,000 for both campaigns. Here we go again. That dog needs a good tail wagging.
  6. Madeline

    PA EPA Warns Of Dangerously High Levels Of Radon

    Radon is a radioactive, poisonous gas that is emitted from bedrock containing uranium and other minerals. As they decay, they allow the gas to escape. It travels to the surface, and if under or near a dwelling, can cause cancer in humans. Radon can pollute the air, the water, even the soil...
  7. Ginger

    ‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement

    Yep, they had someone murdered and they're going to get caught. Podesta is first up. (article) Saturday, an anonymous person who works in Washington DC, alleged on 4Chan’s /pol/ subgroup that high-ranking current and former Democratic Party officials are terrified of the Seth Rich murder...
  8. GordonGecko

    Breitbart Fear Levels At 100% Power- Reactions to Pence's new campaign PAC, expected

    Mike Pence Creates ?Great America? Leadership PAC - Breitbart Yep, read the Comments Section- most of them are thinking what WE are thinking.... Pence's new Super PAC is to help him win re-election.... As PRESIDENT in 2020. :)
  9. Madeline

    Stress Levels Of All 50 States measured; Alabama Is The Worst

    https://wallethub.com/edu/most-stressful-states/32218/ I have noticed this trend, which is odd to me. My loved ones and friends all agree on political matters ATM, but we have to curtail the convos because most of us get too upset if we don't. It's as if someone we loved and admired...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    57% of US are stressed 'very/somewhat significantly' (& fear) POST-ELECTION

    Make America great again? MY ASS!! Let me interpret. For 8 years, the stress levels of America were reduced. Then TRUMP was elected. And we're MORE STRESSED than during the peak of the election cycle last summer Sounds about right to me. (Does anyone remember the 'misery index'? Is this...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    FOX "SCIENTIFIC PROOF"--Democratic men have lower TESTOSERONE levels

    I wonder if this is the 'expert' who decided Hillary was sick, dying, had a stroke. Like their 'stable' of scientists with expertise saying their is no global warming. Their 'stable' of OB/GYNS who say abortion causes breast cancer, fetuses feel pain, an egg and a sperm are a BABY, women can't...
  12. Friday13

    Earth Warming 50x Faster Than When an Ice Age Ends

    Earth is warming 50x faster than when it comes out of an ice age
  13. ptif219

    In 36 States, Unemployment Rates Still Linger Above Prerecession Levels

    Shows me there is very little recovery. Shows Obama is still telling lies about the recovery In 36 States, Unemployment Rates Still Linger Above Prerecession Levels - Real Time Economics - WSJ
  14. bajisima

    18 cities in Pennsylvania report higher lead levels than Flint

    I knew Flint would be the tip of the iceberg. Lead is a huge issue in many places. "The first rate of lead exposure in Pennsylvania is incredibly alarming. Nearly 10 percent of the more than 140,000 kids tested had levels of 5 or more micrograms per deciliter of lead in the blood (5 µg/dL) —...
  15. excalibur

    Balanced Article on Flint, MI and Lead Levels

    Flint lead crisis getting a tad overdone: David Mastio A snippet:
  16. BDBoop

    Flint, MI: State of emergency over lead levels in children's blood

    WaPo full story Well, I guess that'd be one way to save money - at least, until the lawsuit hits.
  17. Goofball

    MMGW Cult "Scientists": High CO2 levels make people dumb.

    Just the latest bullshit "study" by The Cult to fool the window lickers. I'm sure they will buy it. Scientists Claim High CO2 Levels Are Making People Dumber | The Daily Caller
  18. ptif219

    Obama ignores generals’ advice on troop levels for unprecedented sixth time

    Once again Obama thinks he is smarter than General's even though he knows nothing about the military. This shows the arrogance and incompetence of Obama. Obama ignores generals on troop levels for unprecedented 6th time in Afghanistan, Iraq - Washington Times
  19. Use Caution

    THE GREAT Christian HUNT in Middle East? Levels down over 100 years, needs restock'g!

    You are being redirected... christians seem to be Disappearing from the Middle East? christian population in CRAZY Muslim Middle East lands have plunged from 20% a century ago, to less than 5% today and it's falling fast STILL. Would chopping off christian kids head, if it does not turn to...
  20. Blueneck

    Greenhouse gas levels rising at fastest rate since 1984

    Scary. :f_yikes: More at the link: BBC News - Greenhouse gas levels rising at fastest rate since 1984