1. Goofball

    Amber Heard, another genius Lib actress sounds off on immigration........

    This shit is too funny. These morons don't know how bigoted they are.
  2. mrmike

    Lib Gun Logic 101

  3. Goofball

    For all the libs who don't think Hillary is a lib. More lib record than Obama.

    Obama is the biggest leftist in decades, and Hillary is for more lib than him. In fact, her Senate voting record is almost as lib as Commie Bernie. Hillary Clinton more liberal than Obama as senators - Washington Times
  4. mrmike

    Progressive Lib Screw Up: Kelly Osbourne

    A simple Freudian slip illustrated just how the self-serving Progressive Liberals really view minorities. One day the Progressives will find themselves on the outside looking in at the Democrat party as their useful idiocy runs its course and they're no longer needed as those minorities they've...
  5. TGO

    Backlash RIPS Lib Journo After She Blames Planned Parenthood Videos On ‘Patriarchy,’

    This is some funny shit. Sally Kohn Blames Planned Parenthood Videos On White Supremacy Patriacrhy | The Daily Caller Typical LWL comprehends neither history nor English.
  6. meridian5455

    Questlove says ‘thugs’ is racist code word…after black lib mayor finally calls thugs

    Here’s Jimmy Fallon bandleader Questlove wandering onto the Baltimore riot scene to inject some racial grievance-mongering. You already know that the Official Handbook of Leftist Racial Code Words includes everything from “aloof” to “breadbasket” to “chair.” Now, you can’t say “thug” because...
  7. mrmike

    DC terror suspect apparent Lib "mama's boy"?

    Weird...just a weird PR narrative on this guy... Ohio terror suspect a peace-loving "momma's boy," his father says CINCINNATI -- A 20-year-old Ohio man's Twitter posts sympathizing with Islamic terrorists led to an undercover FBI operation and the man's arrest on charges that he plotted to...
  8. mrmike

    And back in Bizarro world...David Koch the Lib?

    I can relate to some of it. Well...except the Billionaire part! :emmersed: Koch brother: I’m a social liberal David Koch, billionaire donor to conservative causes, claimed once again that he is a “social liberal.” His own political contributions suggest otherwise. “I’m basically a...
  9. mrmike

    Lib Feminal slips up about being a perv - then backtracks

    Just goes to show ya...can't trust Lib feminals with a bag of rocks (or pebbles). Yeeech...I feel bad for her sister. Okay, just to be fair - maybe she was stoned when she wrote that part? ;) Lena Dunham defends against sexual abuse accusations National Review‘s Kevin D...
  10. mrmike

    Must be a Lib! Oh the irony is rich!

    Two more Obama supporters go down in flames of their own making? Heck, we see ironic hypocrisy play out by Liberals quite often (even here on PH). It does lead to the question of what causes so many Libs to be so hypocritical and suffer dissociative cognizance disorder (en masse)...
  11. bajisima

    In Colorado, its not your mothers womens lib

    Neat article that speaks to women of various ages throughout the state of Colorado and discusses their views on womens issues which could decide the senate race there. The author finds a big difference in views of feminism depending on what age group you are in. "The reaction depends on...
  12. BDBoop

    Letter from a baby lib re: rightwing dad

    Ask Andrew W.K.: My Dad Is a Right-Wing Asshole | Village Voice The answer will probably surprise you. I thought it was completely brilliant. I'm working on connecting across the aisle (see: Alibi in my sig). I remain amazed at how many people will treat others as though they were disposable...
  13. Dr.Knuckles

    Trudeau expected to run for Lib Leadership, 2013.

    Justin Trudeau, wavy-locked charmer and son of decade-spaning Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, is expected to announce his bid for leadership of the Liberal Party before next Wednesday. Reports say Justin Trudeau will run for Liberal leadership The Papineu Quebec MP, young and inexperienced...
  14. Dr.Knuckles

    Slender Lib MP SCHOOLS Reservist Conseravtive Sen in Charity Boxing Match

    Hot Damn! I've been wanting to post this for a while, but never got around to it. Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau; the slight, swishy, eldest son of the former Prime Minister, gets himself tangled up in a charity boxing match with a bigger, stronger, fitter, Senator Patrick Brazeau. Then...
  15. highway234

    Who's This No-Good Damn Stinking Commie Lib?

    Oh, right, he's your republican candidate for president. The weird thing is, more than 15 years ago but he doesn't really look that much younger. i guess because he's made of plastic?
  16. Hollyw00d

    Getting A Bit Boring Around Here; Same Ol' Dem vs Repub, Con vs Lib. Soooo....

    Let's stir up the war between the sexes, the problems with conflicting communication styles, etc. Woman friend this morning asked me if the slacks she was wearing made her butt look fat. I said no, but that cherry danish and cup of coffee with three sugars you have almost every morning probably...
  17. B

    Tories and Lib Dems to meet again

    Senior Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are to hold more talks in a bid to agree terms for a power-sharing UK government. More...
  18. B

    Tories and Lib Dems in deal talks

    Talks between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats went late into Friday as the parties try to do a deal to form the next UK government. More...
  19. R

    Lib Talker Mike Malloy Calls for Deaths Or Rush and Beck

    Does anyone need more evidence as to why liberal talk radio always fails? Or the left is the real party of hate? Once again, we have a liberal talk radio host openly wanting the DEATH of people who simply disagree with his POV I have always said the party that calls itslef the party of...
  20. conservative

    Huffington Post Lib: Mary Jo Kopechne dying was worth it?

    Huffington Post Lib: Mary Jo Kopechne dying was worth it? Melissa LafskyEx-lawyer, blogger, writer Posted: August 27, 2009 10:17 AM The Footnote Speaks: What Would Mary Jo Kopechne Have Thought of Ted's Career? We're comfortable with moral relativism in this country -- or, at least...