1. Spookycolt

    Liberal professor claims teaching math promotes white privilege.

    C'mon you liberals, at what point do you say enough is enough already? Seriously, teaching math promotes white privilege now? All of the liberals here who have had to take a math class why don't you tell us how you feel about promoting racism, especially if you did well in the class...
  2. Madeline

    Hollywood Hypocrites Silent On Sexual Abuser Weinstein, Fellow Liberal

    Hollywood quiet after Ashley Judd Harvey Weinstein claims | Daily Mail Online The silence among PH liberals is likewise deafening. What gives, boys and girls? Is sexual harassment only offensive to you when it is committed by a conservative...
  3. Macduff

    Liberal Activists Encourage Citizens To Call Their Late-Night Hosts And Urge Them To

    WASHINGTON—Saying it was time for people to pick up their phones and let themselves be heard, liberal activist Adam Kramer encouraged citizens Friday to call their late-night hosts and urge them to oppose the new GOP tax plan. “Okay, everyone, start dialing and let your talk show hosts know they...
  4. PACE

    Wait a minute! wait a minute, Limburger thinks that Irma is a liberal plot?

    Is this deaf dumb and blind bastard still on Oxy????? Limbaugh: Hurricane Irma Coverage Is Liberal Media Plot to Advance ?Climate-Change Agenda?
  5. R

    Will liberal states secede if Trump wins re-election?

    Given all the violent and hateful rhetoric towards the Trump administration, I have a feeling that the US as a "nation" has become too divided and won't be able to sustain itself, and that progressive states may eventually end up seceding if Trump wins in 2020. "America" is looking more and...
  6. PACE

    trump's approval numbers on Gallup,,, and Frank Gallup is no liberal

    34% for the second time: Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval | Gallup This is telling......,
  7. Monk-Eye

    Feminist Muslim 24 Hour Police Protection After Founding Liberal Mosque In Germany

    " 'You Will Die!' Feminist Muslim Gets 24 Hour Police Protection After Founding Liberal Mosque In Germany " * Sexually Consternated Cult Contests Lofted Rear End Wafting Mosque Swingers * It seems this woman is living by a code that if you cannot beat them , then join them , then attempt to...
  8. Davocrat

    Mr. Spock: conservative or liberal?

    I say liberal. People sometimes mistake liberal interests as purely altruistic. But I think there's a lot more enlightened self-interest in helping the less fortunate through entitlements. Logical on so many levels.
  9. Spookycolt

    Another liberal calls for the death of Trump.

    Rosie the ***** is promoting a game that involves having Trump die different ways. Aren't the liberals just wonderful people? Actress Rosie O'Donnell certainly knows how to push conservatives' buttons. And now she is drawing their ire by pushing her own button: one that makes President...
  10. Kallie Knoetze

    Life in the Liberal Zoo: BART refuses to turn over crime surveillance videos because

    they don't want to unfairly stereotype the criminals.... BART Withholding Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid ?Stereotypes? « CBS San Francisco this comes a criticism that BART police stop releasing daily crime reports because it would show there were daily crimes on BART: After...
  11. ptif219

    44% of liberal Dems claim churches bad for U.S.

    Proof that the democrats are the anti-Christian party. Just shows what bigots democrats are. The party that wants others to be tolerant shows they are the intolerant hypocrites.
  12. Spookycolt

    This is how sad our liberal media has gotten.

    Here is a headline that Reuters think is important enough to dedicate a whole page to. Putin, Trump shake hands at G20 in first encounter Are you kidding me? This would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic. This is the environment the liberals have created with their non-stop...
  13. PACE

    Gettin weird: Trump supporter vandalizes to create false flag liberal story

    Dumb Bastard..... West Hartford Man Told Police Anti-Trump Graffiti At School Was Out Of 'Anger Toward Liberals' - Hartford Courant
  14. Spookycolt

    More liberal death threats, this time against democrats.

    California Dems decry 'bullying,' death threats from the left after shelving health bill | Fox News Is it time to start labeling liberalism as a hate crime and punish it accordingly?
  15. Madeline

    White Liberal Racists

    I have never spoken with any POC who did not prefer a full-on white supremacist to a sneaky, passive-aggressive racist. IMO, this more or less is the difference between Southern and Northern whites in the US. The Southern whites may SAY ugly things about POC, but in a million years, they'd...
  16. Spookycolt

    Disgusting liberal writer says shooting house members is self defense

    This is just unbelievable. Washington Post Pro-Communist Writer Wishes for Shot Congressman's Death As far as I know the Post is staying silent on this.
  17. Spookycolt

    More liberal racism on display.

    The socialists in France planned a very racist event until called out by the Marine Le Pen's National Front party who created outrage over it. Its sad to see this racism constantly leaking out from the left. Paris black feminist festival 'prohibited' to whites sparks outrage
  18. Goofball

    Liberal Dershowitz: Special Council Mueller will find no crime.

    Dang! Looks like the Dims will have to find something else to shit themselves over. Dershowitz Calls Special Counsel Mueller Good News For Trump: "He's Going To Find No Crime" | Video | RealClearPolitics
  19. Bronwyn

    Another Speech shut down by liberal intimidation

    Claremont isn't really a very large college. As I said before, this has gotten out of hand.
  20. Two If By Tea

    Questioning Liberal Intelligence

    Donald Trump in reality was the most flawed Republican candidate even to this day cannot lead and get his own party on the same page . That said you liberals and Democrats are even dumber than Trump voters. For straters Democrats completely ignored kitchen table issues yes that kind of stuff...