1. aboutenough

    The Democratic Party is stumbling toward liberal purity

    Carly Hein, of Omaha, waits for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to arrive at a rally for Omaha mayoral candidate Heath Mello last week. (Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press) The Democratic Party is in a bad way. It's trying to figure out how to climb out of its historically bad position, and given...
  2. B

    Liberal Democrats Promise Second Brexit Referendum if Elected

    The centrist Liberal Democrats in the UK have officially promised that a theoretical government headed by their party after June's election will hold a second referendum on Brexit to gauge whether or not the British people are resolute in their commitment to leave the EU, or have changed their...
  3. Constitutional Sheepdog

    The mainstream media and it's liberal biases

    Not very long ago Loretta Lynch made a video saying Americans have lost their freedoms and that we need to take to the streets. Where is the media calling out Ms. Lynch on this? What freedoms have American citizens lost? When are they going to call her out for telling people to riot, bleeding...
  4. bajisima

    There really was a liberal media bubble

    Last summer, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in what bettors, financial markets and the London-based media regarded as a colossal upset. Reporters and pundits were quick to blame the polls for the unexpected result. But the polls had been fine, more or less: In the closing...
  5. Kallie Knoetze

    Life in the Liberal Zoo? Illegals demanding that

    US citizens pay their legal fees: Undocumented immigrant backers want city to give money to those fighting deportation | The Charlotte Observer Really, sounds like something from the onion, but it's true.
  6. Kallie Knoetze

    Liberal do-goodism strikes again, this time with a BOOM!!!!

    Liberals whined and complained about this po' innocent guy being unrightfully detained in Git-mo, get him free, liberals in the UK feel so bad they give him a cool million. He uses the million to join ISIS to a go to Iraq, where he blewed himself up real good... British Isis suicide bomber...
  7. Bronwyn

    Liberal Hysteria in schools

    Upper East Side moms are having a spirited online debate over whether to boycott a school where a grandchild of President Trump is a student. One of the anonymous contributors to said her son had gotten into Buckley [School], but she didn’t want to send him there because a son of...
  8. Kallie Knoetze

    Whoops, yet another liberal fake hate crime story bites the dust

    Liberals up in arms about a woman yelling "white power" as she hit an elderly Korean woman.... Turns out the woman is a kook and no witnesses heard her shout "white power. Story of attack on 83-year-old Korean woman went viral. But police say there's no evidence it was racially motivated -...
  9. Macduff

    Refugee Madness: Trump Is Wrong, But His Liberal Critics Are Crazy This is the problem with today's politics. People are more worried about the team they should be aligned with or against and they forget all about the principles they're supposed to stand for. Same liberals going...
  10. excalibur

    Is Team Trump Baiting Liberal Media and Refugee Protesters

    Epic – Is Team Trump Baiting Liberal Media and Refugee Protesters By Using Obama’s Own Policy? Prison » Epic ? Is Team Trump Baiting Liberal Media and Refugee Protesters By Using Obama?s Own Policy?
  11. bajisima

    Warren defends her vote on Ben Carson amid liberal ire

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren, facing flak from usually supportive liberals for backing Ben Carson's bid to become housing and urban development secretary, on Wednesday defended her decision despite "serious, deep, profound concerns" about his qualifications. "Yes, I adamantly disagree with many of...
  12. Goofball

    Liberal writer attacks 10 year old Barron Trump. Calls him murderer.

    Libnuts are losing their collective minds. This idiot wrote that Barron Trump will be the first "home school shooter". So, she is not only calling a 10 year old boy a murderer, she is calling for Melania to be shot and killed. Slime. SNL Writer Smears Donald Trump's 10-Year-Old Son | The...
  13. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Ivanka Trump Flies BlueJet Commercial in Coach FFS! And gets harassed. Haha!

    Couple ‘kicked off flight’ with Ivanka Trump after man expresses displeasure over Donald Trump Two men were kicked off a JetBlue plane they shared with Ivanka Trump after a flight attendant allegedly overheard one of the couple saying he was not happy to fly with the Trump family. Matthew...
  14. R

    A liberal's hissy fit over Trump:

  15. Babba

    Trump is Not a Liberal or a Moderate

    Buzzfeed analyzed his twitter feed. Look at the sites he frequents. During the campaign he shared Breitbart links more than any other. My God, people! Look who you elected. :f_doh::grief:
  16. F

    The liberal meltdown repository

    This thread is dedicated to cataloging the incessant whining and whinging of the left as they slowly come to face the reality of their historic losses in government over the last 6 years, culminating with the election of Donald Trump as POTUS. Do you have a good meltdown story, article, or...
  17. O

    Liberal Xenophobia. The good kind...

    Anti-immigrant liberals apparently can make fun of people with accents and that's ok, just so the "mean girls" only make fun of those not in the liberal clique. Are libs stuck in middle school or what? And the main beef that the libs have against Melania Trump: her husband is too...
  18. highway234

    Here's to All the Lonely Progressives Living Outside the Liberal Echo Chamber

    This article totally nails how I'm feeling right now. Here's To All The Lonely Progressives Living Outside The Liberal Echo Chamber
  19. Spookycolt

    Liberal reactions over Trump winning, these are hillarious.

    Bunch of crybabies.
  20. John T Ford

    Is it Time for a Liberal TEA Party Style Revolt

    It is apparent the Democratic Party is finished in it's current incarnation. B. Hussein Obama has dealt a fatal blow to the party causing a loss of over 1000 seats across the Country in just 6 short years leaving the party powerless with less seats held since the 1920's. The party is in...