1. N

    The Eminent Libertarians Who Might Save Public Sector Unions

    The Eminent Libertarians Who Might Save Public Sector Unions The Intercept Rachel Cohen Feb. 2, 2018 While I personally would like to see public unions, as they currently function, disappear from the face of the Earth, I am concerned that this argument concerning free speech doesn't land. I...
  2. bajisima

    Libertarians say "thank you" to Pres Trump

    Guess he has become the poster boy of the authoritarian government they frequently speak about.. "If there's one person relishing in Washington's Trump-era dysfunction, it's Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark, who sees the tumult as a prime recruitment opportunity. " "I have to...
  3. L

    Astute Political Posts on Social Media are Working for Libertarians

    According to a Rantic study that allegedly polled 10,000 Facebook users, many may be wasting their time making political posts on Facebook. The study categorized into Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Perhaps they left the Libertarians out because they are doing well on social media...
  4. libertariat720

    Trump Is Such a Republican, Hillary a Disaster & Libertarians Matter More Than Ever

    Trump Is Such a Republican, Hillary Is Such a Disaster & Libertarians Matter More Than Ever - Hit & Run : I've been hearing all these conservative "constitutionalist" pundits crying about how there is nowhere to turn anymore. Not a single mention of Gary Johnson. If they got...
  5. Babba

    Why Are Libertarians Mostly Men?

    I suspect it has to do with the fact raising children requires a decent infrastructure. Both in their personal lives and the society they live in. Libertarians like to pretend they're rugged individualists. Here's Why Libertarians Are Mostly Men | Mother Jones
  6. B

    Judge allows Libertarians' court challenge in New Hampshire to proceed

    Judge allows Libertarians' court challenge in New Hampshire to proceed | Fox News Seems reasonable to me, to allow time to gather the required signatures.
  7. Davocrat

    Poll suggest libertarians don't know what the word means!

    Heh-heh... ? Pew Poll: Libertarians Don?t Know What ?Libertarian? Means[/FONT][/COLOR]
  8. E

    the mai n reason libertarians aren't nice to you

    is that your kind always wants to resort to force, as quickly as you think that you can get away with doing so.
  9. Raoul_Duke

    In a nation of libertarians, this would never happen...

    WTF is going on in America? Between the neocons and the jackbooted nanny statists we have destroyed our soul as a nation: Scenes from a militarized America: Iowa family ?terrorized? | Opinions
  10. Babba

    Why Aren't There More Female Libertarians?

    Why Aren't There More Female Libertarians? | New Republic I envy those who are confident enough to feel they'll never need any financial help. It's unrealistic since we all get too old to work and we all experience expensive health problems that we'd never be able to pay for. But it's stupid to...
  11. Pete1242

    MSNBC radio: Libertarians don't want government

    I was listening to MSNBC radio the other day, eventually their discussion led to describing how 'libertarians want to get rid of government' and further that 'they don't want government at all' or statements to that effect. I found those claims amusing because no libertarian advocates getting...
  12. Davocrat

    Should Republicans and Libertarians be allowed to celebrate Labor Day?

    If you hate labor, why should you get the three-day weekend?
  13. S

    Libertarians Promote Racist Tendancies Under The Guise Of Property Rights

    I love Libertarians and their undercover agenda. The fact is most Libertarians are closet teabaggers who are too ashamed to admit they are Conservatives and like to feel special and say dont blame me I'm a libertarian. Both Ron and Rand Paul and many libertarians support REPEAL of the...
  14. BDBoop

    What's wrong with Ayn Rand Libertarians

    Chris Kluwe has written a book. I must read it. Chris Kluwe: Here?s what?s wrong with Ayn Rand, libertarians - Of course I think he's right, and those like me thinks he is correct, and those unlike me think he's wrong - and we'll probably hammer each other to death meanwhile, back...
  15. S

    The question libertarians just can’t answer

    The question libertarians just can?t answer - The question libertarians just can’t answer If your approach is so great, why hasn’t any country anywhere in the world ever tried it? So how about it? The world has generally panned this ideal of libertarianism. And even when the...
  16. Blueneck

    Attention libertarians

    Please note that the vast majority of those pushing for intervention in Syria are Republicans. If this comes to pass I don't want to hear how it's the fault of both parties because a few Democrats may vote for some sort of resolution if it comes up. If you turn on your television you'll see...
  17. One

    Libertarians try to block Romney from Wash. ballot

    Libertarians try to block Romney from Wash. ballot By MIKE BAKER, Associated PressPublished: Aug 16, 2012 at 8:07 PM PDT OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - The Libertarian Party has filed a lawsuit to block Mitt Romney from the November ballot in Washington state, arguing that the GOP no longer qualifies...
  18. Roo

    Van Jones Unloads on Libertarians: They ‘Hate’ the ‘Brown Folk, the Gays, the Lesbian

    In citing the Libertarian principle of economic liberty, Jones stated “They’ve taken their despicable ideology and used it a wrecking ball, that they have painted red, white and blue, to smash down every good thing in America.” Jones continued, “They say they’re Patriots but they hate...
  19. Blueneck

    How many libertarians here are voting Republican today

    I'm curious to know if any of you are willing to risk an incumbent Democrat remain in office or if you'll simply vote Republican instead, to assure Democrat defeat.
  20. Goldwater

    A tax question for Republicans, Conservatives, or Libertarians.

    I have a genuine question born out of my ignorance of economics. So far I have asked a few conservatives on this site in a sincere effort to understand the answer, and it has been ignored or dismissed. So I thought I'd ask more people. The Bush tax cuts have remained in effect throughout the...