1. KnotaFrayed

    How is it America has a POTUS who consistently lies to his people......

    ......and yet, remains in office? How is it that a portion of America seems not to care that they are being lied to? How is it that same portion at the same time, seems to care someone other than the President, lies, yet ignore so many easily verifiable facts that the President lies about...
  2. BoiseBo

    Trump’s lies about immigration fan the flames of division in Germany

    Believe it was the Toronto Star who found over 70 Trump lies last week. That's an uptick from an average of 6.5 to over 10 a DAY. He's nothing if not prolific! Continued:
  3. The Man

    Trump lies about crime in Germany

    Much more: Trump slams Europe over refugee policies, falsely says crime in Germany is 'way up' | National Post
  4. HenryPorter

    Trumpian Lies! How does the right justify this? Please share why to think this lying by Trump is okay.
  5. BDBoop

    In Which Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lies About Lying

    Video at the link I don't get it. Is she required to lie? Just how damn dumb does she think the American people are?! She DOES realize we're not all Trumpkins, doesn't she? He does the same damn thing by the way. Never answers for it, never admits to it. This administration SUCKS.
  6. Devil505

    Don't believe Trump's lies about how well the economy is doing...Believe your eyes!

    Candidate Trump told us not to believe Obama's good numbers claiming they were cooked.We can all see our IRA's disappearing every day while Trump lies about how great we're doing. I've already pulled some money out and the forecast is for the DOW to have a bad year. Don't believe anything...
  7. Friday13

    How the Parkland teens became villains on the right-wing Internet

    These "adults" are acting like children while the kids are asking government to save lives by banning weapons that are designed only for mass killing. How the Parkland teens became villains on the right-wing Internet
  8. the watchman

    sarah sanders lies more than any other previous press secretary.

    just heard it with my own ears. She claimed that the American people overwhelmingly chose Donald J. Trump to be president. Well, that's not true. He lost the popular vote overwhelmingly and had one of the lowest electoral college margins in our history. She also claimed that it's not unusual for...
  9. the watchman

    Hope Hicks Acknowledges She Sometimes Tells White Lies for Trump

    WASHINGTON — Hope Hicks, the White House communications director, told House investigators on Tuesday that her work for President Trump, who has a reputation for exaggerations and outright falsehoods, had occasionally required her to tell white lies. But after extended consultation with her...
  10. Eve1

    Manafort Person A=lawyer lies of last contact with him

    Van der Zwaan pleaded guilty to lying to investigators and he did not provide Mueller's office with a September 2016 email between him and another person referred to in the charge as "Person A." You don’t have to be pychic to figure out Person is Manafort. The lawyer did not turn over the...
  11. Babba

    The truth — and lies — about Chicago's gun laws

    Just so the gun nuts know the truth. Not everything you see on the internet is true. This is why we need federal laws. The truth ? and lies ? about Chicago's gun laws - Chicago Tribune
  12. N

    More corrpt lies from Trumpco

    Trumps lawyer has said that he paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 out of his own pocket and was not reimbursed. Yeah, we believe that. LOL I think it was campaign money illegally paid to her to keep her quiet. Whatcha think?
  13. Lunchboxxy

    Trump Lies About SOTU Ratings

    When pathological lying meets deep insecurity It was the largest crowd ever!![/FONT][/COLOR]
  14. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Religious lies. Why do we knowingly accept them?

    Religious lies. Why do we knowingly accept them? People, I hope, are not foolish or gullible enough to really believe in the talking serpent and donkey of the bible nor the 72 virgins ot the Qur’an. I also hope their gullibility is not broad enough to have them swallow all the other...
  15. Idiocracat

    Trump cancels London visit. Lies about it

    Truth be known, Trump knew he was to be met with massive protests. Trump cancels London visit over 'bad' embassy deal
  16. J

    The right thinks the books a lie, from the party that wouldn't exist without lies.

    They don't get it, no one needs this book to say that scum bag is a scum bag, his every hateful action and comment doe all the telling that needs to be done. If the right can't recognize how stupid this pig is , then you just have to wonder about the right.
  17. DemoWhip

    It is vital to push back hard against right-wing lies that Mueller probe of Trump is

    It is vital to push back hard against right-wing lies that Mueller probe of Trump is a 'coup' By Ian Reifowitz ==================================================== Of course the right is hell bent on calling anything that affects Trump and their political party a coup. But if there...
  18. J

    Trump is the ultimate believer in telling lies. He believes he can govern with lies.

    This isn't a new Idea he got this from Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. Two People who would support small hands the same as the American Nazi Party supports this disaster now. Add in the support from the white supremacists and the KKK and Small hands is the only president in our history that...
  19. Eve1

    Donald Trump lies to the American people about his activities.

    Christmas Day Trump tweets he is back to work the next day on his twitter account. Wouldn't you know instead of being back to work the man is golfing. Why does he feel the need to lie to the American people? Why doesn't he just admit he is golfing instead of getting a big white truck to block...
  20. PACE

    Desperation - Lies and Deceit - the GOP Someone should get that little shit Jim O'Keefe in a headlock and wrench the truth out of him.