1. D

    Rush Limbaugh: Health insurance program for low-income children "ought to die"

    Rush Limbaugh: Health insurance program for low-income children "ought to die" MEDIA MATTERS STAFF ==================================================== That...
  2. knight

    And now, your forecast with Rush Limbaugh

    The man is a total buffoon, and idiot and on top of all that, a dumb fuck. This is for the mouth breathers who will say "libs will blame the hurricane on trump..." Rush Limbaugh Claims Hurricane Irma Is Part Of A Vast Conspiracy
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Limbaugh implies HUR. IRMA is a hoax made up by the LEFT to push CLIMATE CHANGE

    Damn, we're good. Meorologists, radar, NOAA, hurricane hunters, satellite pictures, network weathermen, radio, TV, FEMA, Scott (FLA Gov) are all ON THE HOAX! Rush Limbaugh suggests Hurricane Irma is a liberal hoax ] NEWSWEEK 05 SEP 2017 AT 17:27 ET September 5, 2017Alexander Nazaryan...
  4. GordonGecko

    Limbaugh pushing French election conspiracy theory so crazy?....

    even Far Right Media is mocking him. Rush pushing French election conspiracy theory ? The Right Scoop LOL
  5. GordonGecko

    Limbaugh to Pence: "What is the point of voting Repub, if Dems continue to win?"

    Limbaugh to Pence: 'What Is the Point of Voting Republican If the Democrats Are Going to Continue to Win?' - Breitbart ANY Rightwing spin on this should be fun to read. :)
  6. cpicturetaker12

    RW 'fake news' circle is COMPLETE, Limbaugh invited to dine with Trump at the WH

    No big stretch! Limbaugh lives in the same 'neighborhood' as the OrangeTweeter. The fake news circle is complete. Trump invited Limbaugh to dine at the White House: report BY PAULINA FIROZI - 04/05/17 07:46 PM EDT 465 1,902 1.9 © Getty Images President Trump recently hosted...
  7. GordonGecko

    Caught Limbaugh at lunch....he's prepping the ditto-heads for Trump selling them out

    Naturally, Rush covering all his bases... if Trump sells out the Right and gets a boost in the polls and the Right (like some I could name here) throw away their "principles" to support him....Rush will support Trump's move. If Trump sells out the Right and it doesn't boost his polls...
  8. GordonGecko

    Limbaugh's analysis of last week. Short version? He's prepping the ditto-heads for...

    Trump selling them out. You have to weed through a lot of Democrat bashing (Rush pours it on like ketchup, hoping the ditto-heads won't notice the turd sandwich he's...
  9. GordonGecko

    Catching the Inaugural Address on the station that carries Limbaugh...

    Rush can't help interrupting between Trump's pauses to "weigh in." :)
  10. GordonGecko

    Rush Limbaugh: Ignore the polls-

    IGNORE THE POLLS!! - Rush Limbaugh - The Right Scoop Naturally, ditto-heads are TRAINED to have only SHORT memories. So probably NONE of them will remember this... Everything -- Except the Polls -- Points to a Romney Landslide - The Rush Limbaugh Show Remember, Dick Morris got...
  11. GordonGecko

    In <3 minutes, Limbaugh contradicts himself in his spin on Trump's debate loss-

    Rush Limbaugh says disappointed Trump supporters hit with ?overwhelming PESSIMISM? over debate ? The Right Scoop It's really funny.....and you'd imagine that ditto-heads would notice that Rush is contradicting himself....but they won't. Given his audience's age demographics, Oxy King could...
  12. GordonGecko

    Limbaugh- Of Course Trump Isnt A Conservative, Conservatism Lost in the Primary-

    Limbaugh: Of Course Trump?s Not a Conservative, ?Conservatism Lost in the Primary? | Mediaite Two things- 1. Most NON-ditto-heads realize what El Rushbo is doing here.....covering his enormous ass "if" Trump loses? So he can say "My friends, I told you Trump would lose...he wasn't a...
  13. GordonGecko

    Rush LImbaugh- I never took Trump seriously about his immigration promises-

    LIMBAUGH: I Never Took Trump Seriously on Immigration Anyway | RedState There you have it, El Rusbo now pretending he never took Trump seriously on Trump's KEY issue...immigration. Why is Rush saying that? CYA, of course. He knows Trump is "softening" his position on deportation, likely...
  14. the watchman

    Rush Limbaugh LAUGHS at ‘poor Ann Coulter’ and her Trumpy book release! dang, he even had me crackin up.
  15. GordonGecko

    Limbaugh giving "20 slaps with a wet noodle" criticism of Cruz's non-endorsement-

    Rush Limbaugh Sounds Off On Ted Cruz Convention Speech Rush too is hedging his bets. His "Ted might have chosen the wrong occasion to take a stand on principles" line is very Limbaughesque. It covers Rush's fat ass very well. EITHER- A. Trump wins.....Rush gets to say "Ted should...
  16. J

    Does anyone still listen to Rush Limbaugh , He even bankrupted his Broadcaster

    Clear channel is going down the tubes and Flush Rush has done its job very well. There is many groups of people that are joined together in this wonderful endeavor. There are many 100 of thousand of people Whose sole purpose is to flush Rush and get his lies off the air. Politifacts did a study...
  17. GordonGecko

    Fargin War Part XXVII- Limbaugh vs.'s finally happened-

    Something Donald Trump Did Finally ?Raised a Red Flag? for Rush Limbaugh | Mediaite Yes, apparently despite insults about Latinos, Muslims, women, the handicapped, POW veterans....Der Donald finally "went too far" for El Rushbo when he called Tailgunner Ted a "maniac." Now, Rush is...
  18. GordonGecko

    Erick Erickson about to declare war on his buddy Rush Limbaugh???

    Trump Effect: Is Erick Erickson Throwing Down Gauntlet to Rush Limbaugh? Erickson isn't backing down from his anti-Trumpism. Probably figures, as most do, that eventually Trump will self-implode....or BE imploded by the RNC...and then Erick can claim "See Told Ya So" bragging rights and...
  19. meridian5455

    In their haste to blast Rush Limbaugh, MMFA caught ignoring one little detail

    FLOTUS’ comments at the museum’s dedication included these. “You see, there are so many kids in this country who look at places like museums and concert halls and other cultural centers and they think to themselves, well, that’s not a place for me, for someone who looks like me, for someone who...
  20. Friday13

    Limbaugh PR Man Upset About 'Hate Speech' on Twitter

    Top Spokesman For GOP Hate Monger Rush Limbaugh - Wants Hate Speech Removed From Twitter