1. Friday13

    Trump Claims Power to Bypass Limits Set by Congress in Defense Bill

    He really does think he's a king. How far will this pathetic congress let him go? Trump Claims Power to Bypass Limits Set by Congress in Defense Bill
  2. Robert Urbanek

    My federal limits driver license

    I recently got my renewed driver license. The good news: I didn’t need to take a test, I got it by mail and it’s good for five years. The bad news: Unless I make a special trip to the DMV to show my birth certificate and proof of residence, I won’t be able to board a domestic flight, enter a...
  3. the watchman

    How Trump is testing the limits of "White Privilege"

    so , everyday we wake up to a president that's blatantly flaunting and is, in fact, boldly proclaiming that he's above the law. To this, the response from his base, as well as a sizable portion of his party, is to go along with it; either in silence, or a cult-like admiration. Now, ask...
  4. Blueneck

    KY limits black lung diagnosis reviews

    This is messed up. Kentucky Lawmakers Limit Black Lung Claims Reviews Despite Epidemic
  5. D

    Supreme Court limits ability to strip citizenship

    And yet another Big Blow for Trump, his administration and Republicans by the U.S. Supreme Court! The high court is showing Trump that they will not just rubber stamp and grant his requests and EOs simply because he desires something but that the rule of law will prevail! KUDOS to the SCOTUS...
  6. bajisima

    Supreme Court limits where patients can sue drugmakers

    Bristol-Myers Squibb prevailed in its effort to get the Supreme Court to limit where patients can sue to seek compensation for harm caused by drugs. Justices Monday ruled, 8-1, for the drug company in a case that pitted BMS against the state of California and that could have broad...
  7. D

    11 states sue Trump's DOE over stalled energy-use limits

    So, here's proof that Trump is just not interested in saving Americans Big Money and in pushing for cleaner air. We've had quite enough of Trump at this point! ---------------------------------------- 11 states sue Trump's DOE over stalled energy-use limits - ABC News By Sudhin...
  8. kmiller1610

    What are the limits, edges and restrictions on political speech?

    I have been saying for some time that Trump's political speech is constitutionally protected. But perhaps I am full of it. Some judges have taken things Trump has said on the campaign trail and used it in their rulings. Much of the legal campaign about Trump is based on things he said...
  9. Davocrat

    When do TEA Party term limits kick in?

    Seven years ago, these candidates won elected office. Are they going to stop running and get back to their respective trades, as per the TEA Party term limit credo? Or have they decided to become career politicians? Seems like time is about to be up, right? Senate: PA- Pat Toomey KY- Rand Paul...
  10. Robert Urbanek

    Term limits for Supreme Court justices?

    Should we have a term limit, such as 12 or 16 years, for a Supreme Court justice? Perhaps that would limit the partisan bickering over appointments and discourage justices from hanging on to their positions till death. Some suggest that such term limits would require a constitutional...
  11. Bronwyn

    Term Limits for Congress Critters!

    It's about time, and let's hope this will make that first hole to drain the swamp! WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) today proposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to impose term limits on members of Congress. The amendment would limit...
  12. PACE

    Mayor of St Peterburg just banned all Trumps from entering city limits

    Until the threat of Trumps can be assessed, they are not allowed to enter the city. Good on St Peterburg: Keep him out And, reading the tweets of both sides on his lunatic comments, I would say that Trump jumped the shark on this one. The Mayor Of St. Petersburg, Fl Just Banned Trump...
  13. Madeline

    SCOTUS Strikes Down Air Pollution Limits

    US supreme court strikes down Obama's EPA limits on air pollution | Environment | The Guardian Apparently, breathing is not a constitutional right. This sucks. Michigan v. EPA is here, if you'd like to read it:
  14. J

    The Limits of U.S. Missile Defense

    On March 23, 1983, Ronald Reagan announced the Strategic Defense Initiative, popularly known as “Star Wars.” After thirty-two years and tens of billions of dollars, defending the U.S. homeland against attack by strategic ballistic missiles still poses a daunting challenge. Missile defense...
  15. Rasselas

    Holder Limits Asset Seizure by Local Cops

    In another obvious example of executive overreach, AG Eric Holder (why hasn't he resigned, already?) ended the states' access to a federal law that allows them to seize property from private citizens based only on suspicion, without a trial or even a hearing. Why do liberals hate cops? Don't...
  16. jackalope

    Supreme Court Weighing Limits Of Internet Free Speech

    Why should a person escape punishment by hiding behind a coward's claim of "I didn't really mean it". The words still inflict harm, cause negative consequences for people.
  17. bajisima

    California limits full contact football practices

    California has banned full contact in football practices at the middle and high school level. Wouldn't they want to do this in practice and not just in the game? "Under the legislation taking effect in 2015, drills involving game-speed tackling are prohibited in the offseason. They are...
  18. bajisima

    Company limits bathroom breaks to 6 minutes a day

    A company in Chicago is enforcing a new policy of workers only allowed 6 minutes a day total for bathroom breaks. Watersaver has already disciplined 19 employees for overuse of bathroom use. Local union teamsters are against the new policy and will fight it. Company limits bathroom breaks...
  19. bajisima

    Supreme court limits presidents appointment powers

    Just in: The Supreme Court has limited a president's power to make temporary appointments to fill high-level government jobs. The court said Thursday that President Barack Obama exceeded his authority when he invoked the Constitution's provision on recess appointments to fill slots on the...
  20. L

    McCutcheon v. FEC: Supreme Court Strikes Down Overall Limits On Campaign Contribution

    The Supreme Court ruled in the case of McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission Wednesday, striking down overall limits on campaign contributions. snip Congress enacted the limits in the wake of Watergate-era abuses to discourage big contributors from trying to buy votes with their...