1. Singularity

    Doocy (Fox &Friends) insists dog kennels/cages 4 migrants R merely 'chain link walls'

    Just heard over the air. Looking for a video ... Probably will be cut by someone who regularly captures such moments later today. Here are the cages in question.
  2. MaryAnne

    My Post This Morning has No Link

    It is simply a discussion of Pros and Cons. This has to do with Tariffs and Subsidies. No matter what we think of Trump my question is about those subjects For at least 50 years now the average worker has felt cheated. NAFTA made it worse in their minds. We can go after how wrong they are...
  3. DemoWhip

    With zero evidence, GOP congressman tries to link YouTube shooting to ‘criminal illeg

    With zero evidence, GOP congressman tries to link YouTube shooting to ‘criminal illegal aliens’ By Gabe Ortiz ==================================================== There is absolutely no excuse for this GOP Congressman to be jumping to such conclusions without clear evidence...
  4. fenrir

    Actually, there is a clear link between mass shootings and mental illness

    Yeah, according to this article about a study of mass shootings those of you who don't see, or want to see, mental illness as a factor in these mass shootings would be......wrong.
  5. Goofball

    Wages, Obama economy's weakest link, surging under Trump.

    More good news for working folks that is sure to upset the left. Nice job, Trump!
  6. HayJenn

    Trump Tweets Link to Conspiracy Theory Website

    President Trump tweeted Saturday night a link to a sycophantic website that traffics in conspiracy theories and has aligned itself to the alt-right and white nationalist movements. Here’s the Trump tweet, which promotes’s “President Donald Trump Accomplishment List”: The...
  7. MaryAnne

    Hyperloop Link

    Columbus to Chicago. 15 minutes! I would drive to Columbus to ride this. This article says Pittsburg. My morning paper says Columbus to Chicago. Travel from Pittsburgh to Columbus, Ohio, in 15 minutes? | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  8. BAZINGA DrumpF

    FBI investigation cont. into 'odd' computer link between Russian bank and Trump LLC!

    FBI investigation continues into 'odd' computer link between Russian bank and Trump Organization Federal investigators and computer scientists continue to examine whether there was a computer server connection between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank, sources close to the investigation...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    Tweeter in Chief doesn't spell good! Top 11 list. Websters sent him link to its dict.

    This is too funny. I don't get the asshole's tweets. But apparently he has made quite a few spelling errors. He tweeted last night the word "unpresidented". I read that this morning on a news source but thought he was trying to be funny! Maybe not! (Twitter doesn't have spell check??) Go...
  10. Spookycolt

    U.S. Officials See No Direct Link Between Donald Trump and Russia

    Guess its official now. U.S. Officials See No Direct Link Between Donald Trump and Russia
  11. zitiboy

    Crime & Capitalism: The Unbreakable Link

    "Same thing happened in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. The crime rate went nuts in all of those places and most of them got significantly taken over by Organized Crime gangs. Now I agree that there are many great things about capitalism and in many ways it is better than Communism. But the...
  12. DemoWhip

    WikiLeaks: Assange's Internet Link 'Severed' by State Actor

    Looks like not everyone believes that the hacked emails are pristine given that they could have been doctored especially after being in a foreign country and with a great dislike for Hillary Clinton. Perhaps that is why they cut off his access? No doubt Divine Intervention. And a further...
  13. L

    How we discovered a possible link between car exhausts and Alzheimer’s

    September 6, 2016 9.06am EDT Iron is known to be toxic to brain cells, and tiny magnetic iron particles (magnetite) are thought to be involved in the development of neurological disorders. Now, for the first time, we have identified the abundant presence of these highly reactive particles in...
  14. Friday13

    Trump’s False Obama-ISIS Link

    Trump?s False Obama-ISIS Link
  15. the watchman

    Trump surrogate goes down in flames on CNN after trying to link Michelle Obama’s.....

    Trump surrogate goes down in flames on CNN after trying to link Michelle Obama’s speech to Benghazi Trump surrogate goes down in flames on CNN after trying to link Michelle Obama?s speech to Benghazi I wasn't sure if I should use this source...
  16. bajisima

    Govt study says link between cell phones and cancer is real

    A major U.S. government study on rats has found a link between cellphones and cancer, an explosive finding in the long-running debate about whether mobile phones cause health effects. The multiyear, peer-reviewed study, by the National Toxicology Program, found “low incidences” of two types...
  17. Minotaur

    Link Resources for this Primary Election

    I've given the links to many but thought it might be good to do an OP with the links to the 3 best ones I lean on. They are a good resource that are worth keeping on your desktop to keep track because there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet. To track all candidates from both sides...
  18. mrmike

    Kent State University professor linked to ISIS?

    Say it ain't so...? Just helping out and shaping young Liberal minds eh??? Kent State University professor investigated for alleged link to ISIS The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are investigating Julio Pino, a Kent State associate history professor, for his alleged...
  19. GordonGecko

    Saving you time and's the link to The Drudge Report-

    DRUDGE REPORT 2016® Should pretty much cover the half-dozen posts or more on Political Discussion from a certain rightwing poster. :)
  20. BoiseBo

    House GOP to investigate link between Benghazi, Planned Parenthood & Holocaust

    Think it's not coming? Just you wait! ;-) House GOP Creates Committee To Investigate Link Between Benghazi, Planned Parenthood, Hillary, and the Holocaust - USAToday