1. Blueneck

    Lizard people are real

    Just spend 2 hours watching this video, the guy who made it is like, super trustworthy and has pictures and everything.
  2. Frank

    The Lizard People Are Here!

    I used to scoff at the notion that there are reptilian creatures walking among us...but no longer. We had a family move into the house next door over a year ago, they've immigrated from another country (but to keep this on topic, I won't say from where). They must have spent close to $1...
  3. B

    2 more endorsements for the lizard

    Newt picked up 2 more endorsements: Erick Erickson of REDSTATE.COM -and- Judson Philips of Tea Party Nation First, Erickson: "If Rick Perry stays in the race, conservatives opposed to Mitt Romney will be legitimately able to blame Rick Perry for dragging down either Newt or Santorum. If the...