1. J

    Bill That Kills Auto Loan Rule Aimed At Discrimination Gets Final Approval

    Utterly shameful. Title changed from...
  2. DebateDrone

    DeVos rules would cut estimated $13 BILLION in Student Loan relief

    12 BILLION found to bail out US Farmers DeVos rules would cut estimated $13B in student loan relief ..................................... This was a big problem here in San Antonio with two schools closing leaving students stuck. The State of Texas had to step in. Owner Of Troubled...
  3. L

    Sick of Shady Banks? Get a Loan from the Post Office!

    MAY 18, 2018 by BRIAN WAKAMO Millions of Americans live in “banking deserts,” without adequate access to brick and mortar banks and the services they provide. Rural and poor communities, where local banks left town thanks to the recession or the big banks buying them out, are especially...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Kushner forgot to disclose a 10/16 $285MIL loan by Deutsche Bank (Russian moneylaunde

    Granted there are many many moving parts to this story. Is there a connection to the TRUMP/JARED/MANAFORT meeting for HILLARY DIRT and this bank? Not a clue! But more RUSSIANS. A lawyer for a Russian oligarch. Did she or he have connections to Deutsche bank? RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS=RUSSIAN...
  5. DemoWhip

    19 AGs sue DeVos for delaying for-profit college rules

    This matter is a serious one affecting students the leaders of tomorrow in America. The Attorneys General are right in pursuing this important matter that affects students in a negative way. That is not how it was set up by President Obama who wanted fairness to take place. It was not supposed...
  6. Minotaur

    Sanders responds to ongoing probe into wife’s 2010 bank loan

    I don't know how this will turn out but as has been said, Bernie Sanders was never vetted. Hillary treated him with kid gloves trying to win over his supporters. Trump never feared Sanders as Sanders lost so that ugly faceoff never happened. Denial never made this and other stories go away...
  7. T

    Kushners Hunting Hard for a Loan to Pay Back Chinese Investors

    The Kushners apparently need some cash. Indeed, after funding part of a real estate investment through a little know visa plan, they now want $250,000,000 to pay off a mortgage on said building. Why? I guess they do not have the cash themselves. So who wants to invest? The Chinese? The...
  8. O

    Jared Kushner $1.3B loan coming due

    That's B as in billion. Kushner needs $$ asap. Might this explain his contacts with Russian oligarchs aka spies? "Jared Kushner’s first major acquisition, a Fifth Avenue office tower signifying his family’s move from New Jersey into Manhattan real estate, is shouldering a $1.3 billion in...
  9. L

    Obamacare Jacks up Student Loan Interest Rates, Again

    Obama high-jacked the student loan program to subsidize Obamacare.
  10. cpicturetaker12

    I started with a small loan?? What abt. Trump's daddy's $100MILL (or more)

    So he started with a small loan?? Really? His daddy set him up! His father was worth $100 mill at min. at the time. Where did TRUMP get his loan from? A bank or his daddy? Did Donald Trump inherit $100 million? By Amy Sherman on Monday, March 7th, 2016 at 1:19 p.m. Marco Rubio and Donald...
  11. The Man

    French far right asks for a loan...

    ...from Russia Marine Le Pen's Party Asks Russia for €27 Million Loan
  12. Madeline

    Cruz "Forgot" 2nd Loan From Citibank These reports are signed under penalties of perjury. Coordinated Communications and Independent Expenditures Brochure I think...
  13. GordonGecko

    Trump: Cruz loan "a very big thing"--

    Trump: Cruz loan a ?very big thing? | TheHill I love the Trump style on trolling Cruz. "Ted's a nice guy...I like him....I don't know much about this stuff. I'm sure there's nothing to these rumors that he beats his wife, but he better clear this up fast." :)
  14. cpicturetaker12

    CRUZ gets $1/2mill loan from his wife's employer--Goldman Sachs & fails to report!!

    So let me get this straight, the Washington outsider decides to run for the Senate. Get's elected, makes a shitload of enemies in his OWN PARTY, immediately starts stumping for President as a Washington/Wall Street outsider, but used his WIFE'S POSITION at GOLDMAN SACHS to get a half million...
  15. GordonGecko

    "Oppressed by the Fed Govt" Ammon a $530,000 Federal loan-

    Ammon Bundy got a $530G federal loan - NY Daily News Again, showing these Y'all Qaeda guys are not only terrorists and stupid...but hypocrites. :)
  16. BDBoop

    How the Leader of the Oregon Armed Protest Benefited From a Federal Loan Program

    How the Leader of the Oregon Armed Protest Benefited From a Federal Loan Program | Mother Jones Reminds me of Paul Ryan or Ben Carson. Benefited plenty from government assistance - but that's enough of THAT, amirite??! Assholes. Oh yeah. Speaking of assholes, Ammon is the one that got tased...
  17. A

    The big money behind the ongoing student loan disaster

    The big money behind the ongoing student loan disaster Education system is absolutely degraded... Stop guaranteeing all student loans, stop paying professors 250,000$ to teach 2 classes, and stop building useless humanities departments and student rec centers. We are waiting for changes.
  18. bajisima

    Student loan refinancing boom could cost taxpayers billions

    "In a growing refinancing boom, a new generation of private lenders -- backed by hedge-fund billionaires and Silicon Valley royalty -- is targeting successful graduates with professional degrees and student loans. For the borrowers, “it’s an uncashed lottery ticket,” said Brendan Coughlin, head...
  19. bajisima

    Germany rejects Greek loan request

    Greece had sought a new six-month assistance package, rather than a renewal of the existing deal that comes with tough austerity conditions. "However, a German finance ministry spokesman said it was "not a substantial proposal for a solution". The BBC's Mark Lowen in Athens says Germany's...
  20. B

    The College Loan Bombshell Hidden in Obama's Budget

    The College Loan Bombshell Hidden in the Budget - Michael Grunwald - POLITICO Magazine Big surprise. Obama, burying bad news so deep he hoped no one would find it. Oops.