1. michaelr

    Fed Must Release Reports on Emergency Bank Loans, Judge Says

    Fed Must Release Reports on Emergency Bank Loans, Judge Says This is the first 2 trillion out of the 700 billion TARP funds that the feds failed to account for. This case has been going on for some time, and the last time it was in court, the cost of TARP was exceeding 4.7 trillion. But hey...
  2. michaelr

    9% of all home loans are delinquent

    goddammit, one day folks I may have good news on the economic front, but this is not the day, and I really see no end in sight. Were at record numbers on delinquencies, and the worts is still ahead. I wish I had some advise, I will say if your working, treat that job like your first born...
  3. B

    Demand for home loans

    Kerala apartment buyers need not be afraid of home loan interest rates anymore and can pick their dream home soon. Kerala apartments will soon cost less in terms of interest paid. After nearly three years, the banks are reducing the rates. Some banks like HDFC Ltd. and Allahabad Bank has...
  4. M

    Troubled Bank Loans Hit a Record High

    Troubled Bank Loans Hit a Record High Dollar sinks to multimonth lows vs euro, pound Gee no wonder why the market is up. Hell all this good news has a nice effect. To the point: The dollar is only going to weaken, I would venture gold will be at or around $1,100 next month, then is should...
  5. N

    banks tightening lending standards on consumer & business loans

    Large numbers of banks are "TODAY" tightening lending standards on consumer and business loans. The Associated Press: Fed: Banks still tightening loan standards
  6. B

    Bloomberg files lawsuit to disclose terms of federal bank loans

    Great idea. Too bad they had to file a lawsuit to force disclosure of this. It should have been a precondition of the bailout bill. And this gets me to thinking about something. How the hell do we know there's no "skimming" going on here? Maybe I've just seen Casino too many times, but it...
  7. D

    Auto industry seeking $50B in loans from Congress

    Automakers plan to urge Congress to support funding up to $50 billion in low-interest loans over three years to help them modernize their assembly plants and develop next-generation fuel-efficient vehicles. Industry officials said the loans, twice the amount authorized in last year's energy...
  8. M

    Kohn Signals Wall Street May Get Permanent Access to Fed Loans

    Here................ Let me translate this, it's easy. The economy is collapsing, there are 350 banks that are predicted to fall. The market value is already a sham, it is only supported by the feds. This government has bailed out a few lenders already WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL DEBATE OR VOTER...
  9. N

    Obama Loans Campaign $5 Million of Some Random Dudes Money

    If all the other candidates have access to fortunes, why not Obama? Nick Mockiavelli's Political Playhouse: Obama Lends Campaign $5 Million Of Some Random Dude's Money