1. T

    Trump Energy Aide to Return to Lobbying Firm

    Drain the swamp! An advisor to Trump, a lobbyist hired to advise, is now leaving the White House to return to lobbying. Which is amazing on so many levels. First, that a lobbyist was hired as an advisor. Second, that this fellow would bail to go back to lobbying. Third, why in the fuck can...
  2. Goofball

    Podesta files more retroactive DOJ disclosures of pro-Putin lobbying.

    More Putin-Hillary campaign connections. Oops! How do you say 'whoops' in Russian? Podesta Group retroactively files more DOJ disclosures for pro-Putin work
  3. cpicturetaker12

    WHO didn't know FLYNN was LOBBYING for Turkey? PENCE absolutely KNEW!

    Jesus people, there is no end to it! It's layers of lies on layers of lies. PENCE KNEW, he was specifically sent a formal letter by a US Congressman that FLYNN was lobbying for Turkey and should NOT have been getting INTEL briefings. SPICER KNEW, that's obvious from his non-denial denial...
  4. Minotaur

    Trump using Obama Lobbying ban

    But hey doing so doesn't impact lobbyists one iota as Obama found out. So Trump in his infinite wisdom offers the same plan but weakened down and adds 3 years making him Obama-ishy but even more vulnerable to the flaws: Just one element of Trump's copied flawed plan: "the non-partisan Center...
  5. KnotaFrayed

    Oil Industry lobbying...

    No longer does Exxon Mobil need to spend money on lobbying. They have their own "secretary" inside now. https://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/indusclient.php?id=E01&year=2016 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/jul/15/exxon-mobil-gave-millions-climate-denying-lawmakers Exxon...
  6. libertariat720

    5 year lobbying ban for Trump appointees

    Great start to #draintheswamp Donald Trump pledge: No lobbying for 5 years - CNNPolitics.com
  7. BYG Jacob

    Oil companies donated to Clinton Foundation while lobbying state department

    Oil Companies Donated To Clinton Foundation While Lobbying State Department
  8. B

    Corporations now spend more lobbying Congress than taxpayers spend funding Congress

    And this article has an interesting take on how we should go about changing that. Corporations now spend more lobbying Congress than taxpayers spend funding Congress - Vox I think this will make for a very interesting debate. I think the points he makes MAY be valid? But I haven't given it...
  9. Babba

    Lobbying and Corruption

    This is an interesting point that I wasn't aware of. The author also makes the point that while campaign contributions aren't nothing, they don't influence elected officials anywhere near as much as lobbying does. I'd still like to move to public financing of elections only, but I've also...
  10. Use Caution

    Lobbying for pedophiles Catholic - "Church lobbies to avert sex abuse lawsuits"

    ""Catholic Church lobbies to avert sex abuse lawsuits SB 131 would give some victims of sexual abuse more time to file suit against employers. But church officials argue the bill opens it up to suits that are too old to fight."" Catholic Church lobbies to avert sex abuse lawsuits - latimes.com...
  11. Blueneck

    "and as if that weren't enough..."

    The NRA is now backing the use of [-]silencers[/-] noise suppression devices. Silencers: The NRA?s latest big lie - Salon.com Are you shitting me? More on this here: Gunmakers and the NRA Bet Big on Silencers. What Could Go Wrong? | Mother Jones
  12. nonsqtr

    Bernanke lobbying Democrats

    Look what this scumbag lyin' little weasel is doing - he's LOBBYING Democratic representatives, thanking them for their speeches and votes against Audit-the-Fed. Mel Watt is the guy who almost saw to it that the bill never left committee. He represents B of A's home district...
  13. jpsartre12

    Political Spending by Unions Far Exceeds Direct Donations

    For all of you that think the Democratic Party is funded by "little people", read on. Organized labor owns your party.
  14. Bluegrass

    Egyptian Government Mobilizes Lobbying Forces in Washington

    Full Article I think it's highly unlikely that these firms will drop the representation of Mubarak interests. With the internet down in Egypt, cut off by the same government that lobbyists in Washington are representing, it is going to be more difficult to inform the Egyptian people what...
  15. Amit

    Supreme Court's Ruling on Lobbying

    http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/01/21/cam...dex.html?hpt=T1 Wow, wasn't expecting that one. This is developing now, so I'm sure news lawyers are still in the midst of reading the opinion for specifics.
  16. nonsqtr

    Federal Reserve Bank lobbying dollars!

    Ha ha - check this out - I pulled this link from the American Populist Party web site. This guy Bernanke, was in front of Congress yesterday, testifying how he didn't want "monetary policy to be audited" - he expressed concern that Congress would use that to apply pressure to the Fed, to move in...
  17. Vortex

    Obama Administration Pushes Back at Bank Lobbying on Regulation

    Let the bleating about socialism begin. Who will be the first to blame the financial crisis on loans made to minorities and not Wall Street? Who will post how unfair this is to the banking industry?
  18. Bluesguy

    White Email Lobbying

    FOX exposed this over the weekend. Unsolicited emails going out to lobby for the Democrat health care plan. First the White House is not allowed to lobby. That would be using government funds to lobby an issue. That point was made over and over on the news shows. They cannot do mass...
  19. F

    Biden's Son Employed in Profession Obama Disdains: Lobbying

    What is this, hate on Biden time? Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama's speech announcing his running mate Joe Biden singled out the Delaware senator's son who is headed for Iraq. Obama didn't mention the profession of Biden's other son, who lobbied for two drug companies and five universities...
  20. F

    Ney pleads guilty in lobbying scandal

    Rep. Ney pleads guilty in lobbying scandal - Politics - MSNBC.com Ohio Republican Representative Bob Ney, the only member of Congress to be criminally charged in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal, pleaded guilty in federal court in Washington, Friday morning, to bribery charges stemming...