1. vikingbeast

    Logic Contradiction

    I don't know if this is true or not. I want to research it for myself but I heard Cokie Roberts talk about the history of the NRA. Her point was that for a long time the NRA PROMOTED gun laws as part of gun safety in large part because of how many bad shooters there were in the Civil War...
  2. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Can you understand the logic of Universality, in terms of all of us ending in heaven?

    Can you understand the logic of Universality, in terms of all of us ending in heaven? Hell is obviously an invention of the church. Universalists Gnostic Christianity and other Universalist Abrahamic cults do not see God as a loser of the souls he calls the light of the world. The light of...
  3. bajisima

    The Appealing logic that underlies Trumps economic ideas

    His policies may fail to deliver, but his rhetoric answers a question millions of Americans are asking about a globalized economy: What about me? For years, whenever people have seen their livelihoods vanish, politicians have told them to “move to opportunity” or to “get more skills and work...
  4. G

    Trump logic.

    It's impossible to fathom that the Russian's could ever compromise our electoral process while having contacts with his campaign. while it's a fact that 3-5 million criminal Mexicans committed voter fraud by casting illegal votes.
  5. GordonGecko

    Trump fans, explain Der Donald's "logic" here...he says the voting system is "rigged"

    Okay, if a Trump fan supports that idea then.... why would they turn out to vote??? I mean, if it's not going to matter????
  6. Devil505

    GOP Logic

    1. Accusations = Proof of guilt 2. Call a phony accusation a "Scandal" 3. Pile a mountain of phony accusations against your opponent...call them all scandals and claim it's overwhelming proof of guilt. 4. Demand FBI investigations of this BS and then claim "Coverup" when they find no evidence to...
  7. C

    The logic of modern Conservatives

    Anyone here from Louisiana, I'm sorry - not for what I'm about to post, but because you are forced to live in such a clusterfuck of a state. I'm not sure when Rep. Kenny Havard's (R) term is up, but I would suggest voting him out as soon as possible. Remember Duncan Hunter? The moron who...
  8. Minotaur

    At rallies, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are looking for logic, not passion

    I think this writer captured something with this entire article. “We are mature and responsible people,” one person noted. It explains why Hillary is so far ahead of not just Bernie but the republicans too in popular votes. Those things mentioned are what weigh heavy on people and it shows...
  9. Howey

    Conservative Christian Logic

  10. aboutenough

    Our Current Liberal Logic

  11. G

    Why Trump uses Birther Logic to go after President Obama?

    He does this while the Media calls him a smart politician. How smart does a person have to be to throw red meat out so voluntary ignorant morons who are foaming at the mouth with bigoted hatred can eat it up?
  12. PACE

    sick, twisted, GOP logic

    Meet The Republican Who Made The Worst Rape Comment Ever « If abortion is legal, then rape should be also. A sick, twisted, logic deserving of severe medication. Or enlistment in the Taliban; send this little shit heel to Afghanistan... Regards Pace
  13. Babba

    The Mindless Logic of Republican Foreign Policy

    We need to stop with the endless meddling. And when we do meddle have the time we only do it half-assed so that it is nothing but a waste of lives and a waste of money. Surprisingly, the only Republican candidate who gets it is Trump. “I read about the rebels, nobody even knows who they...
  14. kmiller1610

    According to PH logic, Carson is as dumb as Palin, but Biden is smarter than both

    Seriously, how do all of you live with what's left of your intellectual integrity? You must realize how old this routine is. Or maybe not?
  15. meridian5455

    More crazy liberal "logic"; Pelosi explains why she knows more about when life begins

    Nancy Pelosi got dismissive after being asked a question about life today. How’s this for avoiding the question? A conservative journo asked Pelosi about what constitutes a baby being alive: Pelosi, "I'm a mother of 5, I think I know more about this than u". That's not a logical argument...
  16. mrmike

    Lib Gun Logic 101

  17. aboutenough

    Liberal Logic on Guns 101

  18. kmiller1610

    Deconstructing the logic police

    Looks like Political Hot Wire has become the new home for the Logic Police Christianity debunking squad. So rather than respond to all these threads, I thought it would be useful to deal with them all at once. How the logic police argue, parts one and two 1) They insist that you must defend...
  19. aboutenough

    Liberal Logic 101

  20. Raoul_Duke

    As usual, lefty economic "logic" refutes itself...

    Austan Goolsbee thinks he is making the case for Keynesianism and interventionist economic policies in general but he ends up (typically) making the opponents' case for them: "The main drivers of growth of the 2000s were fundamentally not sustainable and false. And if the economy can’t go...