1. The Man

    How Ukraine stabs US in the back lol

    China's Ukrainian jet engines lol Friendship is friendship, but business is business :D
  2. The Man

    Putin made Trump wait lol

    Much more: Putin schools Trump on how to make an entrance: Arrives late in a monster limousine Actually, Aeroflot's primary aircraft is the Sukhoi Superjet these days but, yeah, they also use plenty of Boeings and Airbuses, sure :)
  3. The Man

    lol 'Sausage Man'

    Much more: British 'Sausage Man' Earns Ukrainian Entry Ban Over Crimea Visit lol I love that guy, love his show... He travels all over Russia, exploring various local cultures, and, more importantly, cuisines. Warren has dined in a chum (animal skin nomad tent dwelling) with a native family...
  4. rwb72

    New Mexican President Demands Respect from Trump (LOL)

    Sure, Trump congratulated the new Mexican president Andre Obrador on his win. And sure, Trump said he looks forward to working with the new president of Mexico. But these are surface formalities. Obrador will get the same amount of respect from Trump that the last 3 Mexican presidents (Fox...
  5. The Man

    lol World's best husband or what? :D

    Need a World Cup mural? Russian paints giant portrait of his wife on Moscow wall Ivan and Daria Panteleev The mural :D I support the guy. Good faith him. He could have easily found some young model chick. Tons of such girls from all over the country in Moscow, and from Ukraine and...
  6. The Man

    Russia soccer squad not diverse enough lol

    Russia's World Cup Team Bucks Multiethnicity Seen On Swiss, Other Teams Well, it's true, a terribly diverse team, it ain't The Ossetian is Alan Dzagoev a highly gifted player, a childhood prodigy, in fact, pretty much but...
  7. The Man

    Russian "pop star" sings about Trump collusion lol

    Russian pop star who arranged Trump Tower meeting makes music video about colluding with Trump "Star" my ass... He wouldn't even have got famous, if not for his daddy's money and connections... And they are well connected, for sure, in Russia and back in Azerbaijan too. Emin even used to be...
  8. The Man

    "Much nicer than expected" lol

    'Much nicer than expected': World Cup fans size up modern Moscow Mexican fan in Moscow and an Argentine, I believe Not sure where this one is from Iranians, lots of Iranians Local Russian guy taking selfie with some Venezuelans (or Colombians? I have no idea, their flags are...
  9. The Man

    Trump (again) blames Obama for Russia annexing Crimea lol

    Much more: Trump Repeats Call For Russia's Return To G7 Despite Opposition From Allies :D And, yes, if anyone is curious, Russian-language media is absolutely playing this up as "US President refused to condemn Russia's taking of Crimea at G7" lmao
  10. Darkman

    I am sure the Left still thinks H. Clinton would make better president than Trump lol

    Huma Abedin warned colleagues Hillary was 'often confused' and needed hand-holding about calls with foreign leaders It was 'very imp[ortant]' to review Clinton's phone-call schedule with her, Abedin cautioned an underling via email, because 'she's often confused' The email...
  11. The Man

    Boris Johnson PRANKED by Russians lol

    Boris Johnson targeted by Russia prank caller - BBC News Also: Russian pranksters discuss Putin and Skripal in call with Boris Johnson UK Foreign Secretary Thought He Was Talking To Armenian PM. It Wasn't Him Vovan & Lexus (real names - Vladimir Krasnov and Alexey Stolyarov) They...
  12. The Man

    lol Twitter bans Cyrillic aphabet?

    Twitter Bans Bulgarians for Using Cyrillic in Crackdown on Russian Bots Wow. If they were trying to ban people posting in Arabic and justifying it with fears of terrorism, they'd be called racist, rightly. But this is a-ok, apparently.
  13. The Man

    Crimea Bridge becomes headache for Russian traffic cops lol

    DPS (Russian traffic police) post near the entry to the newly opened automobile section of the bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia Since it opened, the DPS are observing an unlawful and dangerous behavior trend among motorists crossing the Bridge: people are pulling over and jumping...
  14. The Man

    Real life Rambo (only Russian lol)

    His name is Vyacheslav Korneev, an interesting and very badass dude, whose whole life, basically, been one war for Russia after another... He started, as a young conscript, in artillery; but worked his way quickly enough into elite special forces, Spetsnaz, Airborne, to be exact He volunteered...
  15. The Man

    lol Russian actress making fun of Trump?

    Kristina Asmus, a well known Russian theater and film actress and TV personality promoting a new show of hers, with "golden rain" clip haha Not hard to guess the reference there... Asmus got famous playing a sexy medical intern on "The Interns", a...
  16. The Man

    Comic offends whole nation lol

    Ruslan Beliy is a well-known stand-up coming in Russia famous enough to appear on Ivan Urgant's night show, Russia's answer to Jimmy Fallon and such Lately though, his material been getting stale, people tired of him, he been losing fans, turnouts to his shows been not great, to put it...
  17. The Man

    lol Robbers make off with... dumplings

    One of Russians favorite dishes, which, yes, they picked up from the Chinese many years ago, are pelmeni meat dumplings The Ural mountains region is especially renowned for their pelmeni there is even a famous TV comedy group from there, called Uralskie Pelmeni lol Uralian pelmeni...
  18. The Man

    The English want a wall too lol

    Around their soccer team, in Russia: England Requests 6-Meter Wall Around Training Pitch for World Cup in Russia They scared other teams will spy on their amazing techniques and strategies? :D Or, perhaps, afraid some of their players may run off and defect to Russia? lmao
  19. The Man

    More cheating by Putin lol

    Back in 2006, researchers at the Brookings Center on the United States and Europe, in Washington, were able to examine a copy of Putin's dissertation (degree paper) from St. Petersburg Mining Institute, which he supposedly wrote in 1996, to get a degree from there, despite never even attending...
  20. The Man

    lol Now's THAT is a debate 'You're A Whore,' Zhirinovsky Barks At Sobchak During Presidential Debate Yep, that last part is very telling. Putin didn't even bother showing up to this nonsense, just as he never has participated in any "debate" before. After all, why should he...