1. Dittohead not!

    'Art of the Deal' co-author says Trump is losing his mind

    'Art of the Deal' co-author says Trump is losing his mind "Co wrote" is, of course, as way of saying that Schwartz actually wrote the book, as Trump is incapable of that level of writing. Should we be alarmed that someone close to the same president who has alienated our allies, cozied...
  2. bajisima

    Germany losing climate edge

    Was there about two years ago and they were re-opening a lot of coal mines then. Al Gore said Germany is losing its status as one of the global leaders in combatting climate change as the country continues to depend on burning coal for its energy production. “Germany was a model for the...
  3. The Man

    Rebels losing southern Syria

    Syrian troops reach border crossing with Jordan Previous recent threads on Syria: http://politicalhotwire.com/current-events/195690-us-fsa-rebels-youre-your-own.html http://politicalhotwire.com/current-events/195928-trump-seeks-deal-putin-syria.html...
  4. HayJenn

    Americans losing confidence in democracy

    THE BIG IDEA: Half of Americans think the United States is in “real danger of becoming a nondemocratic, authoritarian country.” A majority, 55 percent, see democracy as “weak” — and 68 percent believe it is “getting weaker.” Eight in 10 Americans say they are either “very” or “somewhat”...
  5. BDBoop

    Anybody know what's inbound? Because he's losing his mind

    Interspersed with very, VERY few 'sane' tweets. How can any rational person read these tweets and see anything other than a paranoid delusional?
  6. DemoWhip

    Republicans running out of excuses why they're losing elections

    Republicans running out of excuses why they're losing elections By Sher Watts Spooner ==================================================== No, no it can't baby. No matter how much you have of it money sure can't buy you love. As more and more Americans get to see the true antics...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Trump's TARIFF WAR nudges COHN to WH exit (after losing battle over tariffs)

    Gary has been rumored for weeks (maybe a couple of months now--many have already left, others still rumored, it's hard to keep up) to leave! Apparently he's only been staying around BECAUSE he wanted to keep Trump FROM imposing tariffs. Trump pulled this shit to move attention away...
  8. Davocrat

    Republicans are two pedophiles away from losing their majority

    It's exciting to know I don't have to count on defeating the doofus senators in North Carolina to get governmental sanity back. What's the outlook in your state? Who's gonna fall?
  9. cpicturetaker12

    Mad man, normalizing impeachment, losing control--articles/video of the last 48 hours

    VIDEO min 3:20 EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH! (Scarborough, 'professional REP') https://www.rawstory.com/2017/11/morning-joe-reveals-campaign-associates-worried-trump-has-dementia-everybody-knows-hes-not-stable/ TRUMP’S CONSPIRACY THEORY DELUSIONS WILL LIKELY LEAD TO NUCLEAR WAR WITH NORTH...
  10. The Man

    Siemens losing in Russian court

    No shit... lol Russian Court Refuses To Impound Siemens Power Turbines Sent To Crimea. Russia doesn't have independent courts. No judge in his or her right mind over there would ever rule against the Kremlin or its pet oligarchs, especially on a politically sensitive issue related to...
  11. aboutenough

    Why can't the Media control Trump, they are losing to Twitter

    How it is, the Media can't control what Trump Says and Does? For years most of the media outlets have controlled what the people hear from the President. They have controlled opinions and report what they want the public to hear. Since Trump is using Twitter for most of his announcements...
  12. DemoWhip

    Trump voters not happy that maybe they're losing their Obamacare

    Trump voters not happy that maybe they're losing their Obamacare By Joan McCarter https://www.dailykos.com/stories/1708518 ==================================================== Well what the hell did they expect for Trump to do? Be as generous and concerned as the Democrats that...
  13. Goofball

    Jimmy Kimmel is losing it.

    Does this guy offer up any comedy these days? Seems his entire monologue is a political rant. Here, he threatens violence against a Fox host for commenting on what he has been saying. Seems ol Jimmy can dish it, but can't take it...
  14. Davocrat

    More supporters losing faith in Trump

    Well, the good news is non-white optimism is back up to where it started, after a bit of a dip, to 38% Bad news is, I think his supporters are getting tired of him. I can't imagine!! heh-heh... ######################## Larger drops come among some of Trump's other core groups. Optimism has...
  15. DemoWhip

    Boy receives rainbow photos from thousands around the world after losing both parents

    This story really touched my heart as it should yours. A child that young is experiencing the pain and tragedy of losing both of his parents. Let's all open our heart and send him many rainbows to make his days a little more tolerable. Thank you and many blessings to you...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    RW FAKE NEWS has Malia Obama losing internship in Spain for smoking dope

    Thought I'd dispel any rumors before this came up HERE or if you should you be out and about on other boards and saw it! This one sounds good. Even brought in the military for this FAKE NEWS story. MARINE video from the top of a building caught MALIA in the act in SPAIN firing up a doobie...
  17. DemoWhip

    Clinton addresses losing to Trump, Comey, sexism, and her thoughts on therapy in new

    It is great to see Hillary Clinton return to address her comments and concerns! The millions of voters in America who voted for her have been wondering what she has been up to. Many who also voted for Trump but who see that now Trump is throwing them under the bus see Hillary much more favorably...
  18. cpicturetaker12

    New TRUMPCARE, Congress EXEMPTS ITSELF from losing key Obamacare protection.

    This is just 'rich' and frankly needs very little commentary. But I'll state the obvious. THEY ARE LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR OWN ASSES FIRST!!!! This change to Obamacare is the one that will affect the sickest people the MOST and will likely preclude them from getting insurance--again. Bottom...
  19. Isalexi

    Women losing reproductive freedom

    In Oklahoma, anti-choice politicians want women to get the permission of the man who impregnated her to get an abortion.1 In Florida, they're trying to force every ob-gyn in the state to post blatant anti-choice propaganda messages on their office doors.2 And in Missouri, they want to...