1. ptif219

    FBI lovers' latest text messages: Obama 'wants to know everything'

    This show the Obama administration was using the FBI to help Hillary win. The problem was Obama not the Russians. Mueller should be looking at this not Trump FBI lovers' latest text messages: Obama 'wants to know everything' | Fox News
  2. syrenn

    Sorry Cat Lovers the FATWA is on

    That's right folks... the fatwa is on... taking pictures of cats is no longer allowed. What a bunch of soulless power drunk insane madmen constitute muslim religious leaders Senior Saudi cleric bans taking photographs of cats in a bid to stop people trying 'to be like Westerners'...
  3. bajisima

    Pet lovers unite to save ebola patients dog from euthanasia

    Authorities in Spain are planning to euthanize the dog of infected nurse to prevent the spread of ebola. Animal lovers all over the world are protesting this move and trying to save her dog. One study showed that dogs can carry the virus but don't have the symptoms. "Teresa Romero Ramos...
  4. BoiseBo

    Virginia is still for prudes, not lovers

    Sure, Coochie's ban on oral sex was laughed out of court.. but still illegal in VA: Vibrators and all other sex toys Sex between consenting single heterosexual adults Adoption by gay couples Swearing on the telephone Hopefully now that Dems have swept all higher offices, these Fascist idiocies...
  5. Loki

    Dancers make better lovers

    I do believe this. Dancing is exercise, it is also sexual. I love that part. the sexuality of it. I would not date if you don't dance. Plenty to choose from though. :burp:
  6. The Man

    Animal lovers vs. sadists

    This is a old conflict in Russia. There are many Russians who love animals, especially dogs, some going to the extremes with it There are also, however, people in Russia who earn a living by hunting and (sometimes) catching or (usually) killing stray dogs, street dogs and such, called "dog...
  7. NonPartisanCapitalist

    How can Big Government lovers be so fucking stupid?

    I'm on the search for a good GPS, and of course, upon my research, I stumble across a historical gem that I hadn't heard of before. Yet another instance, out of an utter infinity of instances, that shows how retarded people who trust Big Government, are. Selective Availability...
  8. NonPartisanCapitalist

    When will you fucking dumbass Big Government lovers just leave us the fuck alone?

    Now I can't even fucking buy mimosa hostilis root bark powder to make DMT, or, purple dye if I really fucking wanted to, because of the Big Government's love of violence and violation of property rights. Sonoran Song - Where is the Mimosa Hostilis? "We are no longer importing any more...
  9. Red Eft

    The Pheromone Party Sets Up Lovers Through Smell

    A pivotal stage in any relationship is the point where people grow accustomed to each other's smell. But what if you could just skip the awkward courtship process and picked a potential mate based purely on their smell? One artist is looking to play cupid, one smelly t-shirt at a time, and...
  10. Mr. Neo-Con

    Retreat and Defeat Lovers!

    This summer newly found long form president Obama is thinking of removing troops from Afghanistan. If he does go through with this decision, it would be a strategic mistake. Why? First, our enemies are looking and watching our every move in that smells of weakness and shows our lack...
  11. Mr. Neo-Con

    Hey Clinton lovers! Let's talk about Slick Willy, shall we?

    I know you love your ex-prez in all, but isn't it a time for a reality check when we talk about Slick Willy? So, here we go. I remember the days of Bill Clinton very well, Democrats. I mean right out of the gate in his new administration the guy pushs a large tax increase on the...
  12. Divine Wind

    Nazi lovers: Ignorant dumb fucks or trolls?

    Most of those on these forums have seen trolls who spread hate in various forms. It usually singles out a group people by race or religion then seeks to dehumanize them in various ways. The current most popular trend is anti-Muslim bullshit, but occasionally we still have wannabe Nazis who...
  13. Mr. Neo-Con

    Obama Lovers

    This neoconservative is just curious! How did you like the GOP victory last night? Did you like our (THE GOOD GUYS - AKA, THE GOP) taking of the US House? How about the serious pick ups in the US Senate? Do you realise that this is a total repudiation of the Obama Agenda? Yeah, it was...
  14. P

    War Mongers VS Peace Lovers

    A continuous struggle goes on between two kinds of groups ie the war mongers and the peace lovers. The world history is witness to the fact that although the peace lovers are always in majority but the war mongers have always prevailed. The question arises why; after all, the minority prevails...
  15. F

    Marcia and Jan Brady= Lovers!

    Holy Shit! Marcia Brady aka Maureen McCormick Had Lesbian Sex With Jan! Posted September 21st, 2007 by wildouble in News I thought it was old, old news that the Brady's were not as clean cut as their TV counterparts. I think one was gay and died of AIDS, Greg was banging Jan, and Jan...
  16. H

    Mike Vick Vs the Dog lovers? Round 1?

    The News-Press,, Deion Sanders, Don’t be too quick to judge Don’t be too quick to judge By Deion Sanders Originally published on July 22, 2007 I would’ve never thought Mike Vick, one of the NFL’s most exciting players — the man who makes the network execs smile every time he...
  17. P

    Amazing news for patriots and lovers of the constitution! After about 50 years of destruction, debasement and utter disdain, the Constitution finally has a chance...