1. HenryPorter

    Trump Refuses to Lower Flag for Capital Gazette Victims

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/trump-declines-request-to-lower-flags-in-memory-of-capital-gazette-shooting-victims/ar-AAzv18p?ocid=spartandhp I guess Trump meant it when he said journalists are the "enemy of the people", the message he's sending is loud and clear. Trump and Fox will crush...
  2. T

    Trump Outlines Plan to Lower Drug Prices

    “We are not allowed to negotiate drug prices. Can you believe it? We pay about $300 billion more than we are supposed to, than if we negotiated the price. So there’s $300 billion on day one we solve.” “We’re the largest drug buyer in the world. We don’t negotiate. We don’t negotiate. You pay...
  3. NightSwimmer

    Should we lower the voting age?

    Washington, D.C. may lower the voting age for federal and local elections to 16. The legislation was introduced last Tuesday by D.C. council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6), who said he was inspired by the high schoolers that came to D.C. to protest at the March for our lives. LINK Some...
  4. D

    SCOTUS Lets Stand Lower Court Ruling in Child Custody Battle Between Gay Parents

    SCOTUS Lets Stand Lower Court Ruling in Child Custody Battle Between Gay Parents by Andy Towle ==================================================== Great decision by the SCOTUS in refusing to hear the case! Indeed there should be no discrimination between same-sex parents and...
  5. Goofball

    Cong. Black Caucus refuses to applaud lower black unemployment rate ever.

    Say all you need to know about these hypocrites. They don’t care about black folks, they just want their vote. I’m sure this post is racist..... https://pjmedia.com/blog/liveblogevent/tuesdays-hot-mic-42/entry-222596/
  6. L

    Job Creation Lower in 2016 than 2015, 2015 lower than 2014

    2016 Lower than 2013. See the trend? I was the same story with GDP growth, a negative trend. Donald J Trump the problem with declining growth rates that had us headed toward recession, now he has to tackle the negative trend in jobs numbers that we saw in the Obamaconomy.
  7. PACE

    Lower than rat sh-t bastard beats five year old with belt for opening a Xmas present

    Who raises these little assholes? Beat the kid in the face with a belt? People like this shouldn't breed. Man 'beat his girlfriend's five-year-old son around the face after he opened one of his Christmas gifts early' - NZ Herald
  8. D

    Republican Senate tax plan hits lower incomes the hardest, increases deficit $1.4 tri

    Republican Senate tax plan hits lower incomes the hardest, increases deficit $1.4 trillion: Congressional Budget Office - ABC News By Adam Kelsey ==================================================== The report is not at all encouraging to those earning less money. They would be hit...
  9. KnotaFrayed

    REALLY!?? This is the tax cut bone tossed to the middle and lower class hanging....

    ........their hopes on a greedy, gluttonous, lying, narcissistic, adulterer BILLIONAIRE and his "drained swamp" cabinet of BILLIONAIRES......to do something for them? We'll here it IS folks.....brought you by one of Trump's "in touch" with the "little people" economic advisers..... "White...
  10. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Revolting middle class. If the rich keep funding war with the lives of the lower clas

    Revolting middle class. If the rich keep funding war with the lives of the lower classes, I wonder when the lower classes will revolt. I would like to think, soonest is best, thanks to the left being too far left of the political spectrum, and the right being too far right. The U. S. needs...
  11. Friday13

    Missosuri republiCons lower St Louis minimum wage from $10 to $7.70

    This is a demonstration of GOPers "respect for workers"? Missouri republicans lower St Louis minimum wage
  12. T

    Trump’s Approval Rating Is Now 2 Points Lower Than Obama’s Lowest Rating Ever

    Well, Trump beat Obama, and he did it in only 2 months. Despite a sound economy, no major wars the US is involved in, and a plethora of other decent news, in less than 2 months Trump has sunk lower than Obama's lowest approval rating in 8 years in office. Bravo Donald, bravo. Trump's...
  13. Southern Dad

    Utah lawmakers pass bill to lower DUI limit to 0.05 percent

    This is expected to get the governor's signature and become law. Will other states follow suit? What BAC is too much to operate a vehicle on today's highways? Should the government limit how much a person can drink before driving? It is their body.
  14. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Jackie Evancho Inauguration Singer 'Disappointed' in Trump! Well, He can go lower!

    Inauguration Singer Jackie Evancho 'Disappointed' in Trump jackie evancho ✔ jackieevancho I am obviously disappointed in the @POTUS decision to send the #transgender bathroom issue to the states to decide. #sisterlove 3:51 PM - 22 Feb 2017 Asking the Orange Man: "Jackie Evancho to Trump: Meet...
  15. D

    GOP health plan: Lower costs, better care, or road to ruin?

    Republicans should listen and listen well to Democrats that know more about this issue than they do. Many Americans are sure to suffer under the GOP plan. Republicans do not care about the middle class and especially the poor. Therefore, they are not going to write a good, concrete plan that...
  16. Goofball

    Obama had lower Avg Approval Rating than Nixon, W.

    Ouch! I'm sure it is because of racism. 47.9%: Obama Had Lower Average Approval Rating Than Nixon or Bush
  17. cpicturetaker12

    States panic. GOP 'slight of tax hand', lower marginal tax rates by axing deductions

    Be careful what you wish for for surely you may get it. Think about it. You would get a higher STANDARD DEDUCTION. But they eliminate mortgage interest and/or property taxes. House values WILL go down. (Unless of course you are above the threshold of it mattering if you have a big house...
  18. cpicturetaker12

    REP tax plan to end mortg. interest deduction WILL lower home values for most

    I've always heard that the tax exemption is factored in our home values. Why OWN if you lose the deduction? It certainly made a difference in my housing choices over the years. Good news, it won't affect high end properties. The rich will get the new higher standard deduction and be able...
  19. Djinn

    Using bots to lower Comcast bills

    I recently read this article about a script bot that communicates with Comcast (most likely they're employing script bots of their own) to lower your monthly bill. And it works. Not only did the script drop my monthly bill by $15, but while it was running, the Chrome plugin provided a handful...
  20. Spookycolt

    Rare coast-to-coast cold snap to engulf Lower 48 late next week

    We really need to combat global warming because the nation cannot take much more of these freezing temperatures. Perhaps if we stop global warming the nation may eventually warm back up. Rare coast-to-coast cold snap to engulf Lower 48 late next week