1. Dr.Knuckles

    The Fake News Machine

    On Thursday, a twitter post by a man named Charlie Kirk went viral. “Tariffs charged by Canada on US goods: Cars - 25% Steel - 25% Aluminum - 45% Copper - 48% HVAC equipment - 45% Vacuums - 35% Cable boxes - 35% TV’s - 45% We have never had free trade with Canada Trump is leveling...
  2. Friday13

    SoS Kris Kobach joins parade with vehicle mounted machine gun

    ...THIS is 'tone deaf'... Terrified of small children, SoS Kris Kobach joins parade with vehicle mounted machine gun
  3. RNG

    The rise of the pro-Trump media machine

    So it isn't just my imagination. Media that have investigative reporters and fact checkers and sort of try to avoid alternative facts need revenue so they are mostly behind paywalls but if you are just repeating RNC and Republican President talking points, it's cheap so the bullshit righty...
  4. Friday13

    U.S. senators ask vote machine vendors about Russian access to source code

    Why wasn't this done sooner? U.S. senators ask vote machine vendors about Russian access to source code
  5. HayJenn

    Like a pinball machine

    Trump began last week trumpeting his idea to arm teachers. A couple days later, he alarmed fellow Republicans by embracing broader background checks and suggesting police should seize guns from mentally disturbed people without first going to court.By the end of the week, Trump had huddled with...
  6. J

    What will happen to the right wing political hate machine. When Trump is dumped

    I say it will collapse on itself and it should . They knew what a scum ball Trump was but he distributed the wealth to the top and that is the total reason that the right wing of today exists. Don't believe the Christian bullshit don't believe the gun bullshit and don't believe the Abortion...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Christian machine turns one of their own, get death threats & HER books burned...

    Christian machine turns on one of their own, gets death threats & HER books burned... Gee, an evangelical who was sickened by the pussy grabber. How dare the 'bitch', huh? Burning BOOKS has always been an anathema to me. I don't just get it. I guess maybe if you are freezing to death...
  8. the watchman

    Ted Nugent Blames Obama And Clinton For His Own ‘Suck On My Machine Gun’ Comments,

    Ted Nugent rewrote history today as he tried to portray himself as someone who does not engage in violent rhetoric. Predictably, the three Fox News cohosts let him get away with his BS. On Friday, Ted Nugent said on WABC Radio, in response to the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, “I’m not going...
  9. libertariat720

    War Machine CNN Has Little Syrian Girl Read Off A Script

    Is this not sick to anyone else?
  10. BAZINGA DrumpF

    So 100% American Flying Gun Nutters in action! Spewing Down MP5 sub machine gun love!

    Video shows group firing a machine gun from a plane flown out of Peter O. Knight! Video shows group firing machine gun from plane flown out of Peter O. Knight Two men and a woman take turns poking a fully automatic Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm sub machine gun out a slightly open window...
  11. OldGaffer

    Obama Campaign Machine Revving Up To Elect Clinton

    This should be the final nail needed for the Trump coffin. Obama Campaign Machine Revving Up To Elect Clinton Associated Press writer Julie Bykowicz contributed to this report
  12. Amelia

    CA touchscreen machine gives Sanders vote to another candidate

    As the person filming says, "hmmmmmm".
  13. cpicturetaker12

    MD Trump delegate's trifecta of CRIMINALITY: Explosives, a machine gun & CHILD PORN

    I don't need to obey no STINKIN' RULES! No drug charges--I guess even he has standards. He didn't just have CHILD PORN, he produced CHILD PORN. Whatta guy! Maryland Trump delegate indicted after ATF agents find explosives, machine gun and child porn DAVID EDWARDS 19 MAY 2016 AT 14:08 ET...
  14. excalibur

    Democrat Party Machine in New York Under Intense Scrutiny

    Just last week the incredibly corrupt former Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver, was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison. Now there is a whirl of investigation surrounding NYC mayor Bill de Blasio. And today we read that two cronies of Governor Andrew Cuomo have had...
  15. BAZINGA DrumpF

    DrumpFrer raging against the GOP machine, Launched BleedKrieg-2, Called SPEWarossa!

    (CNN)Donald Trump is issuing a dire warning to his supporters: You're getting ripped off. "The system, folks, is rigged," Trump told supporters at a rally Monday night in Albany, New York. "It's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system." Donald Trump rages against the machine - All...
  16. mrmike

    Hillary Clinton’s political machine has been busted

    Great article. Come to think of it. Imagine a Sanders-Warren ticket? Both sides (parties) are dirty. It's time for real change for the people, by the people. We are living in the potential of a very transformative period relative to squashing "politics as usual". Hillary Clinton’s political...
  17. meridian5455

    Woman hits $8 million jackpot, casino claims slot machine malfunctioned

    Woman hits $8 million jackpot, casino claims slot machine malfunctioned - Washington Times#! The machine the woman was using was a nickel machine. Is it even possible for a nickel machine to pay out $8 million?
  18. mrmike

    Shades of the Clinton graft machine?

    Maybe Blatter can go run the Clinton quid-pro-dough machine now? Forbes thinks that might be a good idea? Next, Maybe FIFA Head Should Run The Clinton Foundation Next, Maybe FIFA Head Should Run The Clinton Foundation - Forbes followed by.... This story below seems oddly similar to how...
  19. meridian5455

    Gene Gene the Dancing Machine from "The Gong Show" Has Died Gene's real name was GENE PATTON. He was an NBC stage hand when "Gong Show" host CHUCK BARRIS just happened to catch him dancing behind the scenes one day. The rest was history. Sorry, slow news day.
  20. Babba

    Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine Dies

    Gene Patton Dead: 'Gong Show' Dancing Machine Was 82 - Hollywood Reporter