1. rwb72

    Should Mail Voting Be Abolished ? Citizenship Proof Required ?

    These are the 2 questions of this OP. I find it quite amazing that Republicans who are running for some political office in November are not up in arms over voting methodology. As it appears right now, ANYBODY in the world could vote in the 2018 election, whether they are a citizen of the USA...
  2. bajisima

    Crazed girls flood Parkland shooter with fan mail and money

    WTH? Mass murderer Nikolas Cruz is getting stacks of fan mail and love letters sent to the Broward County jail, along with hundreds of dollars in contributions to his commissary account. Teenage girls, women and even older men are writing to the Parkland school shooter and sending...
  3. Madeline

    Aggressive Turkeys Halt Mail Service

    Postal carriers say aggressive turkeys stopping mail service in Cleveland suburb | First, let me apologize that my local NBC affiliate does not know that a "rafter" is part of the structure of a building, not a large collection of things, which are sometimes called a "raft". Second...
  4. G

    Melania Trump’s $150-Million Lawsuit Against The Daily Mail Has Been Dismissed

    A judge in Maryland on Thursday dismissed Melania Trump’s $150-million defamation lawsuit against the Daily Mail, ruling the state court lacked jurisdiction to hear a case involving a foreign company...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Happy Ramadan: Postal employee says she'll DESTROY mail with Muslim holiday stamp

    USPS 'nazi' bitch decides SHE will destroy mail with Muslim holiday stamps. She belongs to a UNION, she probably won't get fired even though it's a FEDERAL offense. Anyone think she is LIKELY to vote for Trump?? ‘Happy Ramadan’: Postal worker threatens to destroy mail featuring Muslim holiday...
  6. PACE

    KKK trump supporters mail their calling card to Austrian who fled the Nazis

    she wrote a letter denouncing Trump's reluctance to denounce the KKK The KKK sent her a calling card; doubtless it only contained a symbol because they can't write properly...
  7. mrmike

    The Cankle is in denial...

    So far, the only "same old tired" is the Clinton tendency to ride the shady side of law and rules and count on their devout fans letting them slide for it. Saying she never hears about the scandal at Town Halls is a load of BS since she hides and manages any questions that are floated like...
  8. Red Eft

    Congressmen Just Can't Stop Getting Porn in the Mail

    Every member of Congress gets Hustler in the mail. No member of Congress can stop it. Who's to say they'd want to? National Journal's Matt Vasilogambros reports that Hustler publisher and First Amendment celebrant Larry Flynt continues to mail monthly copies of his skin mag to each of 535...
  9. bajisima

    Canada phases out home mail delivery

    The Canadian postal service announced that they will end home delivery to urban areas. Community mailboxes will be offered instead. The Canadian govt says it is necessary to control the losses due to new communication methods like email. Canada to phase out home postal delivery to stem...
  10. michaelr

    Postal Service Confirms Photographing All U.S. Mail

    Postal Service Confirms Photographing All U.S. Mail Now I understand why everyone all of a sudden like had ricin in their cupboards, so they can use that as an excuse for this tyranny.
  11. lka

    Envelope tests positive for ricin at Washington mail facility

    Washington (CNN) -- An envelope that tested positive for the deadly poison ricin was intercepted Tuesday afternoon at the U.S. Capitol's off-site mail facility in Washington, congressional and law enforcement sources tell CNN. After the envelope tested positive in a first routine test, it was...
  12. lka

    Jackson Pleads Guilty to Wire and Mail Fraud

    WASHINGTON — Jesse L. Jackson Jr., the former Democratic representative from Illinois, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to one count of wire and mail fraud in connection with his use of $750,000 in campaign funds to buy exotic items like fur capes and celebrity memorabilia. Learn more...
  13. bajisima

    Post Office will end Saturday mail

    It is expected that the USPS will announce an end to Saturday mail. It really is no surprise with email and online bill paying that they are hurting. Most of the companies around here won't even use them anymore they set up contracts with FedEx and DHL. U.S. Post Office Ends Saturday...
  14. meridian5455

    60 House Bills to Name Post Offices, Zero To Fix Mail Service

    60 House Bills to Name Post Offices, Zero To Fix Mail Service - Yahoo! News :greatjob: :sarcasm2:
  15. The Voice of Reason

    So I get a census request in the mail today...

    The American Community Survey from the Dept. of Commerce. My wife actually finds it first and goes through it. While normally she's fairly bubble-headed about this stuff, she brings it to my attention with some concern. Almost 30 pages of questions like personal information about everyone who...
  16. meridian5455

    Don't wait for Social Security check in the mail

    Don't wait for Social Security check in the mail - Yahoo! Finance This is going to confuse a lot of old people.
  17. michaelr

    I hear Der Fuhrer Napolitano is seizing mail from Japan

    Anyone know anything about this??
  18. Dr.Knuckles

    Canada Post now taking Santa's mail for the world

    I think we all know Santa lives and runs his operation on canadian soil. We can assume that as a given. Canada Post has been answering kids letters to Santa for a while now. But until now it's only been for domestic origin wish lists. Well world, you're off the naughty list. Starting this...
  19. Granite

    Will Medicare checks in the mail help Democrats?

    Good job, Democrats. Maybe your bribes will help.
  20. michaelr

    (Front Sight’s “Don’t Tread On Me†April 19 Mail Campaign)

    (Front Sight’s “Don’t Tread On Me†April 19 Mail Campaign) Front Sight trains your police, military, and more. They can train you, and guess what, they will get your license for multiple states and give you a gun, at their expense. This is not spam, I hold no vested interest. For...