1. fenrir

    Shock Poll Majority of Dems Dont Fully Trust Mainstream Media

    Shock Poll Majority of Dems Dont Fully Trust Mainstream Media
  2. Eve1

    GOP House majority helping the Russians break into the 2018 elections WASHINGTON — The Republican-controlled House on Thursday eliminated new funding for states to strengthen election security, drawing protests from Democrats who said Republicans are not doing enough to...
  3. RNG

    Majority believe Russia has something on Trump

    More data from this poll: The faithful (?, I can think of other words but decided to be polite) are hanging in there. Excerpt from...
  4. bajisima

    Majority of democrats want their candidates to be more like Bernie Sanders

    I live in New England and I really dont know any democrats who want this??? Most prefer moderates. Thoughts? A new poll released Wednesday by YouGov showed that a majority of Democrats want candidates in 2018 to be more like the independent, Democratic Socialist candidate. The polling...
  5. Babba

    Majority of Americans Favor SC Ruling on What Constitution Says Today

    This is interesting. Majority now say Supreme Court should interpret Constitution for today | Pew Research Center
  6. Rasselas

    Is proselytizing bullying, if it's done by the majority?

    There's another thread about bullying in schools and videos and such. Some people object to anti-bullying videos regarding gay people and want videos about not bullying Christians. I have another, more controversial question--is the Great Commission an instruction to bully others...
  7. Devil505

    Majority oppose policy that causes family separation, but Republicans approve

    (CNN)Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the Trump administration's practice of taking undocumented immigrant children from their families and putting them in government facilities on US borders, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS. Only 28% approve. But among Republicans, there is...
  8. the watchman

    poll: Majority think Mueller will find Trump committed criminal or impeachabe offense

    A Fox News poll released Wednesday reported that a majority of Americans believe that special counsel Robert Mueller will find that President Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses. Fifty-six of respondents in the poll said they believed Mueller’s probe will find that Trump...
  9. DemoWhip

    Even in the South, a majority disapprove of Trump

    Even in the South, a majority disapprove of Trump By Kerry Eleveld ==================================================== So, while a majority in the South don't want Trump they do want undocumented immigrants to have a good chance at their legal status. That is sure good to know. It...
  10. DemoWhip

    Fact Check: Majority of Trump's diplomatic vacancies because of him, not Democrats

    Fact Check: Majority of Trump's diplomatic vacancies because of him, not Democrats By Conor Finnegan ==================================================== The matter has now been well reviewed and there you go. Trump's_Pants_ Are_On_Fire! Therefore, it is not the Democrat's fault...
  11. bajisima

    Majority believes deep state manipulates US policies

    Oh wow.. The majority of the country believes a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate national policy, according to a new Monmouth Poll released Monday. Of those polled, 27 percent says the unelected group — known as the deep state — definitely exists and...
  12. DemoWhip

    Forward majority turn resistance into power.

    FORWARD MAJORITY TURN RESISTANCE INTO POWER. ==================================================== Indeed FORWARD MAJORITY is so needed at this time. With a concerted effort to make this movement a success we can start to take back the seats that were taken from Democrats...
  13. PACE

    Shelly Simonds of Virginia wins seat by 1 vote, ending a 17 year GOP majority in the

    state legislature:
  14. Davocrat

    Republicans are two pedophiles away from losing their majority

    It's exciting to know I don't have to count on defeating the doofus senators in North Carolina to get governmental sanity back. What's the outlook in your state? Who's gonna fall?
  15. cpicturetaker12

    5219 FAMILIES will get VAST MAJORITY of $ from the GOP TAX BREAKS (Tax Policy Center)

    The national average family size is 3.15. There are about 81,000,000 'families' in the US according to the Census Bureau. There are roughly 5200 families who will get the lions share of the latest round of GOP sponsored tax breaks. Or about 15,500 PEOPLE (and their subsequent heirs). Seems...
  16. bajisima

    Majority of Americans favor killing Obamacare mandate but...

    This would be funny if not so tragic.. Most Americans favor ending Obamacare's requirement that people have health coverage — but a majority opposes the idea after learning how it would affect people and insurance prices, a new poll has found. A total of 55 percent of respondents to the...
  17. Spookycolt

    Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination

    Well the left has something serious to worry about here when even the liberal NPR is showing how frustrated whites are with the constant attacks against them by democrats. Considering this is the largest voting block currently in the nation its not looking good for them going into the...
  18. Rob Larrikin

    Rush, the silent majority and Mueller’s Nothingburger in a nutshell

    Mueller has nothing on Trump. As Rush Limbaugh said, Mueller leaked that he would indict someone to “basically cover up and shift away to the side the Clinton involvement in the Trump dossier. It was a classic case of distraction. But none of the Manafort news is really news, ladies and...
  19. DemoWhip

    Poll: Majority says Trump not 'fit to serve as president'

    Americans are now finally waking up to what they should have known before electing Trump. His policies have caused many to enter into the hardest times in their life thus, this poll reflects how those people feel based on what they have experienced or seen being done to this country and its...
  20. DemoWhip

    Poll: Majority disapprove of new Republican healthcare bill, and just one in five app

    Time is running short! If you haven't called your two Senators do so TODAY! Tell them to vote NO on the Graham-Cassidy Bill, that you do not want it and it will HURT you tremendously as well as your pocketbook. They will be responsible if the vote passes and you will vote against them in the...