1. DebateDrone

    Conservatives are Smashing Their Keurig Coffee Makers

    Seems conservatives are hopping mad at Keurig for dropping sponsorship of the Hannity Show. Seems Keurig could not sponsor Hannity after Sean's soft-ball interview of accused child sexual harasser...Roy Moore. In seething anger, conservatives went to social media to post videos of their...
  2. bajisima

    Drug makers exploit government granted monopolies

    The only way to stop drug companies — such as Mylan in the case of the EpiPen — from jacking up the costs of live-saving treatments is through price controls, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel told CNBC on Tuesday. "But let's face it," he continued, "in the drug business there's a monopoly granted by the...
  3. meridian5455

    hillary wants gun makers held accountable

    This is LWNJ stupidity at it's finest. What garbage Clinton renews push for gun restrictions in new ad, campaign stop | Reuters That’s like suing Oldsmobile when Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne or doughnut shops for causing Type 2 diabetes Let's hold Hillary responsible for Benghazi...
  4. Red Eft

    'MAKERS' Details The Absurd Things Pioneering Businesswomen Had To Endure

    It's no secret that American boardrooms have not been kind to pioneering businesswomen, and a new documentary sheds light on just how ridiculous things got as powerful women made their way up the corporate ladder during the 1980s. In a conversation about "MAKERS: Women In Business," which...
  5. Rasselas

    Gun Makers ADVERTISE through Video Games

    I wonder if Wayne LaPierre knew that his financial backers use violent video games as a way to sell their products: Unaware of them...
  6. michaelr

    Local ice cream makers face shutdown by state

    Local ice cream makers face shutdown by state This better not become a national trend. They insist that whole foods in Ill may not be sold at a whole food market. Unbelievable.
  7. M

    Ethnic Kurds file class action in Baltimore against chemical makers

    Ethnic Kurds file class action in Baltimore against chemical makers I wonder if Rumsfeld and H. W. Bush are mentioned, they sure as hell should be.
  8. M

    Can the Kennedy's be king makers?

    It just came across MSNBC that Obama has taken the lead by 4-6% in California, they are attributing it to Maria Shriver, and the other Kennedy's endorsement as well as Oprah. California could be a huge win for Obama, even though it is not winner take all people have had Cali in the win column...