1. L

    Rise in corporate market power offers clues to feeble wage growth

    Workers’ share of income has fallen most in industries controlled by just a few players Alexandra Scaggs and Colby Smith AUGUST 10, 2018 ________________________________________________________________________ The article...
  2. BigLeRoy

    Trump Continues His Assault On Free Market Principles

    About six weeks ago, I pointed out how Donald Trump was becoming an enemy of free markets, as he was planning on forcing American consumers to pay higher electricity prices, just so he could bail out failing coal companies, and keep them in business, when they would otherwise be going bankrupt...
  3. BigLeRoy

    Are We Headed For A Bear Market?

    We could be. By the end of the summer, and especially if our trade war with China, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, and other countries continues to heat up, we very well could be. We are already close to correction territory on the Dow, from the high it reached in late January of...
  4. BigLeRoy

    So This Is What A Trade War Does To The Stock Market

    Now that we are in a GENUINE trade war, as opposed to merely threats of a trade war, how is that affecting the stock market? Well, look and see: Global stocks sink as Trump ups the stakes in China trade fight
  5. L

    ...Torrent of Corporate Trading Dominating the Market & Short-Term Financial Engineer

    Finally: SEC Frets about Share Buybacks, “Torrent of Corporate Trading Dominating the Market” and “Short-Term Financial Engineering” by Wolf Richter • Jun 11, 2018 “Right after the company tells the market the stock is cheap, executives overwhelmingly decide to sell.” snip A study by the...
  6. Friday13

    Growth, Stock market, Optimism, down. The tax cut boost non-existent.

    The "Trumpconomy" beginning to expose its failures... Growth, down. Stock market, down. Optimism, down. The tax cut boost to the economy, non-existent.
  7. Madeline

    Market Surged 670 Points, So......

    Tariffs are viable. And should be used. That is all.
  8. TNVolunteer73

    Left wasrunning around with their hair on fire friday saying Trade war killing Market

    Following Monday Dow rallies 660+ points.:DDsmilie_gaah:
  9. T

    Trump claims 'trade wars' are 'easy to win' day after tariff talk roils stock market

    Things Turmp said would be easy. Easy to be presidential. Easy to fix healthcare. Both of whihc he has failed miserably at accomplishing. Now, he says winning a trade war is easy. Not sure Trump understands that it would be a war of mutual attrition, whereas in a struggle to undercut one...
  10. Friday13

    Trump stock market fall 2018

    Just found this...better late than never. Trump stock market fall 2018
  11. Devil505

    Why would free market conservatives complain about Dick's Sporting Goods decision?

    Isn't that the way the free market is supposed to regulate itself.....without government intervention? Such hypocrisy!
  12. T

    Trump blames good economic news for causing the stock market to go down in recent day

    Trump, showing his deep intellectual prowess, explains the recent drops in the stock market. You see, in the old days, whatever the fuck that means, good news caused stock prices to go up. Now, good news causes stock prices to fall. I mean c'mon, after implying credit for the yuuuuge gains...
  13. Dittohead not!

    The recent decline in the stock market is Obama's fault......

    .....according to Sean Hannity: Yup. Sean Hannity Found A Way To Blame Obama For The Stock Market Drop If it's bad, it's Obama. If it's good, it's Trump.
  14. cpicturetaker12

    Reagan ECON adviser MOCKS Trump, MARKET just realized it has a LUNATIC as PRESIDENT

    Reagan ECON adviser MOCKS Trump, "MARKET just realized it has a LUNATIC as PRESIDENT" LMAO! FANTASTIC HEADLINE!! Dead on.... Reagan economic adviser mocks Trump as Dow falls: The market just realized an ‘unstable lunatic is president’ NOOR AL-SIBAI 05 FEB 2018 AT 23:24 ET President...
  15. Devil505

    How much money did you lose in Trump's stock market last week?

    I lost more money in one week than any other week in my life. Like everything else in Trump's sordid world, he baits you and then lowers the boom!
  16. Devil505

    Trump's stock market surge is over

    Have you watched it the last week? Investors are realizing that Trump's promises meant crap and that his days in the WH are coming to an end. Their hopeful greed is being dashed by the reality that sanity is coming back to our government next November and Trump won't be here much longer.
  17. Darkman

    [Yahoo Finance] Trump Makes First Big Trade Move With Tariffs Aimed at Asia

    Trump Makes First Big Trade Move With Tariffs Aimed at Asia Yahoo Finance 2h ago
  18. PACE

    Was China's market affected by Trump's tax bill? no, but the shutdown dents US dollar

    Asia stocks rise on China growth; US government shutdown fears dent dollar, Companies & Markets News & Top Stories - The Straits Times I have come to the conclusion that the GOP has a fear of success...but make no mistake, China's markets aren't rising because of us, it is rising because of...
  19. The Man

    Big market on fire in Moscow

    People watch as a helicopter dumps water on a fire at a construction goods market on the northwestern edge of Moscow, Russia October 8, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov Russian firefighters use helicopters to extinguish market fire
  20. Goofball

    Trump scores greatest stock market rally ever.

    I'm sure Obama gets the credit for this. President Trump Scores Greatest Stock Market Rally Ever - DOW Up 4,300 Since Election - Nearly 24%!