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    Republicans oppose massive spending bill

    Republican senators vow to resist Obama stimulus planJan 29 01:36 PM US/Eastern Angry Republican senators vowed Thursday to put up a fight against President Barack Obama's economic stimulus bill after the package passed the House of Representatives with no opposition support. The senators...
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    Massive Contradiction in Obama's Words

    Who is the real Barack Obama? January 8th, 2009 Obama's Speech on the Economy at George Mason University "Only government can break the cycle that are crippling our economy -- where a lack of spending leads to lost jobs which leads to even less spending; where an inability to lend and borrow...
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    Young Voters: How Will You Respond To Massive Government Expansion

    Barack Obama ran a great campaign and will soon take the reins. He has promised commitments that will cost in the trillions over time and the Democratic Congress will almost certainly push for additional spending, to gain favor within their districts. That happens with both parties-traditionally...
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    Massive police raids on suspected protesters in Minneapolis

    Massive police raids on suspected protesters in Minneapolis Well the DNC was carried out with ease and, thank god only a few hundred got arrested. They did have to plea guilty to a crime before posting bail. now they will have a criminal conviction following the for the rest of their lives...
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    Israel openly threatens Lebanon with massive war crimes

    Press TV - Israel revives Lebanon war warning How long will this unparalelled ultra-criminal regime still be artificially kept alive by the grace of the USA?
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    Massive immgrations raid Iowa

    A massive raid was conducted in an Iowa meat packing facility. hundreds of illegas arrested for using stolen social security numbers. Update: Crowd greets detainees at Waterloo | | The Des Moines Register Postville, Ia. – Buses have begun arriving at the Cattle...
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    The real cause of massive government spending

    But how can it be fixed? The real cause of massive government spending, even when budgets are made, are not because of lobbyists. It's not because of socialism, wars, foreign aid, or entitlements. The real cause is because of backroom deals to get enough votes to pass. Earmark...
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    Straw poll called off due to massive Ron Paul support

    You can watch the video here. YouTube - SF Straw Poll Cancelled Or you can read about it here. San Francisco Straw Poll Canceled After Paul Supporters Stream In | KCRG-TV9 Cedar Rapids, Iowa I find it disturbing that a poll is called off because the results would not be to the liking of...
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    Massive Terrorist's cell in North Carolina!

    Breaking... Massive Terrorist's cell in North Carolina! Right under our nose a terrorist training camp has been operating in the United States! A massive terrorist cell has been uncovered based inside the United States. Their recruitment spans from South America to Asia and they have billions...
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    Lead levels trigger another massive toy recall

    Lead levels trigger another massive toy recall Updated: 2 hours, 27 minutes ago WASHINGTON - More than a half-million Chinese-made products were recalled Thursday, including “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Baby Einstein toys, because they contain dangerous levels of lead. Coin-shaped...
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    massive terrorist plot revealed

    A massive terrorist plot was foiled in August 2006. It involved several commercial plans and would have had them all blown up simultaniously. Chertoff is giving details of the plan and it is pretty scary. 'Plot Would Have Killed Thousands' EXCLUSIVE: Homeland Security Secretary Michael...
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    Here's What Happens When Your President Runs Massive Budget Deficits

    You see when you run record high budget deficits, borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars a year, so you can do shit like give the rich massive tax cuts while fighting two wars, you devalue your currency. People start looking to use stronger currencies and sell yours off. IMAGINE THAT...
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    Possible Draft From Massive Troop Increase?

    Bush could double force by Christmas Excert: If we're going to increase the troops and ultimately the cost in human lives, do you think this could lead to a draft next year?
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    DHS Dysfunctional on a Massive Scale

    DHS touts progress on recruitment, moraleBy Brittany R. Ballenstedt May 10, 2007 The Homeland Security Department is making significant progress in recruiting a talented workforce and improving employee morale, a high-ranking management official said Thursday. At a...
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    NASA Satellite Discovers Massive Vegetation Die Off

    ecoEnquirer: NASA Satellite Discovers Massive Vegetation Die Off
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    Massive blast destroys packed market

    A car bomb ripped through a busy Baghdad marketplace killing 62 people and wounding 114 others, Iraqi police said. Video showed crowds of people picking their way through wrecked stalls and burnt-out shells of vehicles as sirens wailed. Not that this is suprising, but I was thinking that...