1. G

    McChrystal Joins Obama Administration

    McChrystal Joins Obama Administration McChrystal to oversee White House initiative WASHINGTON — Nearly a year after President Barack Obama fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal as his top commander in Afghanistan, the White House has asked him to head a new advisory board to support military families...
  2. P

    McChrystal says goodbye

    He thanks Obama, and says "misperceptions" about him will be corrected with time. More...
  3. M

    General McChrystal

    Today on CNN Fareed Zakaris stated sources on the ground in Afghanistan are behind the President and his removal of McChrystal. Troopers have consistently complained about, 'what the rules of engagement" were under McChrystal's command. Zakaris' of CNN states, not only was McChrystal responsible...
  4. Tedminator

    Gen. McChrystal at risk of losing his job

    McChrystal flap hits at critical time ugh.. what a silly mess. The general and his staff made themselves look like a bunch of whiney drama queens, but I don't think he should be fired for the sake of operational continuity. A severe dressing down, a staff resuffling, and an order for...
  5. Amit

    Gen. Stanley McChrystal supposedly has handed in his resignation Puts the big O in a bad position, he'll either be seen as weak or vindictive.
  6. Amit

    McCain calls for McChrystal Testimony (sorry for the Fox News link... know some folks won't like it... but they had the interview and it's the only link thus far) I'll wait to read the content of the measure before commenting.