1. R

    So, the Pope and President Clinton have a meeting....

    It goes on for some hours, when President Clinton comes out to address the media. He states: "...after long and deliberate negotiations, I am thrilled to announce that the Pope and I, have reached agreement on 80% of the issues..." About an hour later, the Pope comes out, looking rather...
  2. nonsqtr

    Susan Rice blows her meeting with McCain and Graham

    GOP senators criticize Susan Rice after meeting The meeting was held at Rice's request. Oops.
  3. jackalope

    Abyssinian Meeting House opens it doors to mark Juneteenth

    Just an interesting article from my hometown.
  4. michaelr

    Nugent says had "solid" meeting with Secret Service

    Nugent says had "solid" meeting with Secret Service Cleared. I can't believe that he was even questioned. This thought crime bullshit has got to come to an end.
  5. Ronin Tetsuro

    Maryland Republican: Meeting gay couples left me 'changed person'

    Maryland gay marriage: Republican explains vote supporting new law - Further proof that a stance of hate is often a stance of ignorance. And more evidence as to why we should all be making efforts to understand our political opposition - they aren't always wrong.
  6. sparsely

    NYC: Restraining order bans all but one church from meeting in school facilites

    Court: Only 1 church can use NYC schools, for now - If you haven't been following this case, it's pretty interesting (and controversial). I find the reneging of permits to be a bit crass. If they're going to grant one, they may as well let the rest meet at least until the decision...
  7. Bluegrass

    Obama Hides Meeting With Oppressive Bahrain Leader

    Months ago, the Bahrain government called upon US ally and human rights offender Saudi Arabia to help with growing democratic uprisings in Bahrain. Obama's PR division stated that it "was not an invasion". Right after lifting the 3 month police rule on Bahraini citizens, the top Bahrain leader...
  8. michaelr

    Obama Receives Transparency Award at Secret Meeting

    Obama Receives Transparency Award at Secret Meeting Good grief.......
  9. M

    Russia Calls Emergency Security Council Meeting Over Korean Contentions

    Russia has called for an Emergency Security Council Meeting over the conflict that is escalating within the Korean Pennisula.....This will force us to come to the table now. Lavrov has gotten involved from Russia. The South Koreans are conducting defensive excercises this Monday or Tuesday...
  10. S

    Man shoots up Florida school board meeting
  11. Davocrat

    Second Amendment remedy at school board meeting?

    Rambling gunman dead after opening fire at Florida school meeting - From Facebook: Freedom fighter or nutjob who shouldn't have been sold a gun? What's most disturbing is this Facebook screed reads like some Internet forum posts I've seen.
  12. K

    Medvedev arrives in Deauville for meeting with Merkel, Sarkozy Russia continues to reach out to it's neighbors in Europe. The strength of the relationships is growing. The meetings will add to this. The Us these days is still friends but many of the European nations are looking at Russia...
  13. P

    Meeting to try to restart energy bill

    Kerry, Graham and Lieberman try to reset plan. More...
  14. A

    Clinton rebukes Canada on Arctic meeting

    I think Clinton has a point here, we should be more inclusive in this initiative.
  15. C

    Obama Interrupts Healthcare Meeting, Reads Letter From Uninsured Woman

    McClatchy blog: Planet Washington That letter makes a good case for healthcare reform, although I'm sure there's a bunch of anecdotal information on both sides of the debate. Somehow I can't imagine the president breaking opening the doors of a meeting and preaching this to a bunch of health...