1. cpicturetaker12

    Who DIDN'T in the Trump circle set up meetings with RUSSIANS? NOW IT's IVANKA!

    Jesuschrist. All these people had no freaking idea that 'colluding' with a known state enemy or 'semi-cold war' country was not a good way to run a campaign? No one thought to ask? No one thought, is this legal? Let's call an attorney! How about just a THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. Even the...
  2. Darkman

    Trump says North Korea agrees to not test missiles 'through meetings'; China ...

    Trump says North Korea agrees to not test missiles 'through meetings' Trump says North Korea agrees to not test missiles 'through meetings' --- China welcomes talks....
  3. HayJenn

    Kushner’s Got Loans from Companies After White House Meetings

    Early last year, a private equity billionaire started paying regular visits to the White House.Joshua Harris, a founder of Apollo Global Management, was advising Trump administration officials on infrastructure policy. During that period, he met on multiple occasions with Jared Kushner...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    FBI "REPLACES" 2 agents who WERE BRIEFED BY COMEY after his meetings with Trump

    So Comey gets summoned to the WH. "He's so disturbed by Trump's actions", he sits in his car and starts entering everything in the conversation into his computer after he leaves the meeting(s). When he gets back to the agency, his TOP COUNSEL and CHIEF of Staff are pulled into a meeting to...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    BANNON ATTY. relayed ?'s from the CMTE room to ask TRUMP/ATTY WHAT HE COULD ANSWER!!!

    So who the fuck let that happen? NUNES? The recused congressman? And these real time contacts were made AFTER the committee slapped a subpoena on BANNON! THIS IS TOTAL in your face 'fuck you' to the Congressional INTEL committee. Obstruction? Bannon lawyer relayed questions to Trump White...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    BREAK'g: Mueller interviews people re Rohrbacher & FLYNN meetings!!

    Remember RORHBACHER is called Putin's (or is Russia's) favorite congressman. Will post link when available. Here it is... EXCLUSIVE NEWS NOV 10 2017, 12:59 PM E Mueller Probing Pre-Election Flynn Meeting with Pro-Russia Congressman by JULIA AINSLEY WASHINGTON — Investigators for Special...
  7. the watchman

    Ivanka Trump reportedly took over one transition team meetings.

    Ivanka Trump once "took over" one of Chris Christie's transition team meetings last fall and essentially told Michael Flynn that he could have whatever job he wanted because of his "amazing loyalty" to her father, President Donald Trump,*The New Yorker reported Monday in an extensive profile of...
  8. Goofball

    Alt-Lib San Juan Mayor refused several invites to attend FEMA HQ and meetings.

    Too busy mugging for the cameras. Figures. Trump Bashing San Juan Mayor Was Big Hillary Clinton Supporter in 2016
  9. Davocrat

    Attorney General Sessions didn't disclose Russian meetings

    I hope the little racist elf finds himself in a nice country club prison. http://
  10. cpicturetaker12

    KUSHNER left DOZENS of meetings with foreigners off security application, "he forget"

    He's 36 years old. He met with these people LAST YEAR. How forgetful of people and places can a young guy with proximity in time FORGET? Now we NEED TO KNOW what people, what countries did he "forgot" about? Dozens? FRIDAY, APR 7, 2017 02:52 PM EDT Jared Kushner hid dozens of meetings...
  11. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Black college pres.: Trump admin meetings were ‘troubling’. Really? You got Played!

    Black college president: Trump admin meetings were ‘troubling’ YOU GOT PLAYED! The president of one of the country’s oldest historically black colleges called a series of meetings with Trump administration officials this week “troubling” and said they ultimately failed to live up to...
  12. G

    157 20 White House says it didn't know about Sessions' meetings with Russian envoy

    WASHINGTON — The White House didn't know that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had twice met with the Russian ambassador during the presidential campaign until the story broke Wednesday night, a White House official said. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Sessions, while a senator...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    RUBIO 'snowflakes out' on townhall meetings, 'people will scream at me'...

    YOU BET WE WILL you chickenshit wimp. Look at his words. 5 or 600 liberals organized to yell at him? 500 OR 600 FLORIDIANS aren't allowed to yell at him? You can't find a PERSON to answer his phones anymore. I've tried. Remember he didn't want THIS job, then decided to run again. YOU RAN...
  14. ptif219

    Dozens of Clinton meetings left off State schedule: report

    More corruption and lies from hillary. Why would anyone want this idiot for president. Dozens of Clinton meetings left off State schedule: report | TheHill
  15. Friday13

    Rubio Skipped 9/11 Committee Meetings

    He was an absentee committee member, an absentee senator...would he be an absentee president like Bush43? I hope we don't think we have any remote chance of finding out. Rubio secured a spot on a 9/11 committee. Then he skipped many of the meetings.
  16. BDBoop

    ‘Pro-rape’ blogger organizes meetings for men across U.S., including in New Orleans

    'Pro-rape' blogger organizes meetings for men across U.S., including in New Orleans | WGNO I'd like to know the rationale behind his thinking, but not enough to go do research. New York Daily News article /shudder
  17. meridian5455

    Breach of WH ‘policy’ spotted in John Kerry’s Nigeria meetings

    The White House claims John Boehner breached protocol by asking Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress. The White House also said Obama will not meet with Netanyahu when he’s in the country, citing the president’s “policy” of not meeting with foreign leaders up for election. ...
  18. Spookycolt

    70% of illegal immigrants in recent surge skipped their meetings with the feds

    Like we on the right warned you guys about, let them out and they will scurry off into the woodwork and not fulfill their obligations. And we were right. 70% of Border Surge Families Failed to Show up for Meetings with Federal Officials...
  19. aboutenough

    Supreme Court Upholds Public Prayer at Town Board Meeting--Update

    By Jess Bravin WASHINGTON--The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the practice of public prayer before Greece, N.Y., town board meetings, rejecting arguments that the invocations--nearly always delivered by Christian clergy--violated the Constitution. The court split 5-4 along its...
  20. aboutenough

    Obama supports prayer in town council meetings

    A case of prayer during government meetings could result in widespread change in the separation of church and state. The Supreme Court of the United States will hear an appeal this fall on a case from Greece, N.Y., where the town was sued for allowing prayer to open its town council meetings. A...