1. 5 stringer

    Trump meets with Black Pastors

    "The most pro black President in our lifetime". Oh, oh. That's gonna cost him. Black pastors see Trump bringing 'new hope' -- but still need to convince their flocks | Fox News
  2. RNG

    California meets greenhouse gas reduction goal years early

    And it didn't even hurt. GHG emissions are now below the 1990 levels. . California meets greenhouse gas reduction goal years early | CBC News
  3. excalibur

    There’s Less than Meets the Eye to Mueller’s Russian-Organized Rallies

    LOL Shocking ...Not. There’s Less than Meets the Eye to Mueller’s Russian-Organized Rallies
  4. EnigmaO01

    Leonard Nimoy meets JFK in a taxi cab

    Really fun revealing read on JFK. Leonard Nimoy's cab ride with JFK - Simple Thing Called Life
  5. the watchman

    After Sen. Tim Scott meets with Trump, White House calls him 'Tom Scott' .....

    Freudian slip? Nah. It was just what appears to be an honest mistake. Didn't stop social media from going viral over it though. After Sen. Tim Scott meets with Trump, White House calls him 'Tom Scott' in photo caption | Palmetto Politics |
  6. T

    Dana Rohrabacher meets with Assange

    Rep. Dana Rohrabacher meets with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, plans to tell Trump what he heard - LA Times In a statement, Rohrabacher's office said the Australian fugitive "emphatically stated that the Russians were not involved" in the theft of Democratic National Committee emails...
  7. The Man

    Netanyahu meets with Putin in Sochi

    Netanyahu to Putin: Israel may act to curb Iran's clout in Syria | Article [AMP] | Reuters The head of Mossad was also in the meeting, interestingly: Mossad Chief to Join Netanyahu for Putin Meeting on Syria Next, also in Sochi, Putin will meet with the Secretary of State of the Vatican...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    1ST time Trump tells Russia to find H's 33K emails is SAME day Jr. meets Kremlin ATTY

    Background. June 9, 2016. Judicial Watch releases finding, 33,000 of Hilary's emails couldn't be accounted for. (Obama endorses Hillary by the way). Manafort, Kushner and Junior meet the Kremlin attorney. TRUMP TWEETS, where's Hillary's missing emails. That's a lot of coincidences don't...
  9. GordonGecko

    Trump meets with Russians, no American press allowed, but Kremlin has photos

    WATCH LIVE: Russian Foreign Minister Holds Press Conference After Meeting With Trump | Mediaite After the meeting, Trump denied the meeting took place. :D
  10. cpicturetaker12

    ANOTHER Trump'r meets with PUTIN in secret, BLACKWATER OWNER

    A special envoy of Donald Trump? Blackwater founder met in secret with Putin associate as ‘unofficial envoy’ for Trump: report ELIZABETH PREZA 03 APR 2017 AT 17:06 ET Erik Prince Screen Capture (YouTube) DON'T MISS STORIES. FOLLOW RAW STORY Erik Prince, the founder of the security...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    ANOTHER Russian, Putin top ADVISOR, meets up with JARED Kushner in ASPEN

    Come on people! They don't even bother to consider how bad things look? They just don't give a shit? So let me ask you this--HOW MANY RUSSIAN FRIENDS who are BFFS with Putin does anyone on this board have?? Just curious. Remember Putin didn't just TRASH OUR ELECTION, he is still poisoning...
  12. The Man

    Le Pen meets Putin

    Marine Le Pen meets with Vladimir Putin on visit to Moscow | The Independent France's Marine Le Pen urges end to Russia sanctions - BBC News She'd been in Moscow before, including just last year Never before been granted an audience to see the One and Only himself, in person, before...
  13. the watchman

    Rowdy crowd meets Chaffetz at town hall in Cottonwood Heights

    Rowdy crowd meets Chaffetz at town hall in Cottonwood Heights | Government and Politics | this is happening right now. He was greeted with "Do your job" chants. Live updates.
  14. The Man

    Putin meets Abe

    They are talking about "joint economic activities" on the Kuril islands; but Putin has made it clear Russia is not going to give up sovereignty over any of the islands, that's not even up for discussion. Putin Quashes Japan’s Territorial Hopes Putin, Abe agree on joint Russia-Japan activities...
  15. DebateDrone

    Fresh from his nervous breakdown, Kanye West meets with Trump

    Hopefully Kanye discussed performing at Trump's inauguration. The Wests in attendance at the inauguration would put the cherry atop the fruitcake. Are we having fun yet? Kanye West, Donald Trump Meet at Trump Tower - CBS News
  16. GordonGecko

    Trump meets with Kissinger today....

    Trump to meet with Kissinger Tuesday | TheHill So as Trump is touted as "getting tough on China"? Let us remember who it was that worked with Nixon to open up China in the first place? (Or as Orange Julius Caesar would pronounce it..."Jy-nah" :) )
  17. BAZINGA DrumpF

    M.Cuban “rather lose every penny, to Trump as pres.? Quietly meets with Bannon! WOW!

    TMZ speculated that while the pair had conducted business together in the past, this rendezvous concerned politics instead. Cuban supported Hillary Clinton and was a fierce critic of Trump before the real estate mogul defeated the Democratic presidential nominee earlier this month. The Dallas...
  18. HayJenn

    Trump Meets with Indian Investors

    despite vow to separate from business... President-elect Donald Trump reportedly met this week at Trump Tower with three Indian business partners, raising fresh questions about a separation between the Trump's business and future work in the White House. Trump’s children, who are part of his...
  19. bajisima

    DNC platform committee meets tomorrow, what to watch for

    Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee, but the party's civil war is set to continue at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia as Bernie Sanders and his supporters fight for control of the platform -- the party's statement of its values and beliefs. One of the first steps will...
  20. bajisima

    Sanders meets with the Pope

    "Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said in an interview with The Associated Press that he met with Pope Francis, describing the meeting as a “real honor.” "Sanders said the meeting took place Saturday morning before the pope left for his one-day visit to Greece. He said he was...