1. DemoWhip

    Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky. It’s a meme disguised as superstition.

    Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky. It’s a meme disguised as superstition. By Aja Romano ################################################################################ Friday13 This Is Your Day! Hope you enjoy it! This story has great information about this day -- TODAY.
  2. The Man

    Prison for Meme

    Russian Activist Faces 1.5 Years in Jail for Internet Memes As the article mentions, she is not alone. Numerous people there now are sitting behind bars, simply for posting something online that the government, or, in some cases, the Orthodox Church, did not like. Not sure if the FSB hacked...
  3. PACE

    Jack ass republican shares "All Lives Splatter" meme

    but deletes it, coward,,,, Like I said,,, JACK ASS....
  4. T

    Trump retweets meme of his Obama 'eclipse'

    Really? There are times that I think the president is a perpetual 12 year old, and this is one of them. What did the leader of the free world do? He retweeted a meme of himself eclipsing Obama. Why? Because he has no purpose in life except to try and make himself seem adequate. Oh, but it...
  5. GordonGecko

    Create your own "I was given that information. I don't know." Meme

    Per our Glorious Orange Leader! Start you off... "Putin is blackmailing Trump with a video of Russian hookers giving Trump a 'golden shower'." "I was given that information. I don't know."
  6. KnotaFrayed

    I hear tell that there is a meme going around that suggests HRC lost because....

    Didn't like being called things. "rednecks, racists, hicks, slow, homophobic, transphobic, dumb, unsophisticated, Cracker Barrel patrons—even if it’s true. If you really want to know why Hillary Clinton lost the election, look no further:"
  7. cpicturetaker12

    RW meme 16 days out, Trump team says POLLS are suspect/corrupt WRONG

    So last night I get home (after attending an event for Clinton). See on the board where one of our posters says a poll by a reputable POLLING SOURCE was maligned, dismissed as a push poll. It wasn't. I wake up this morning and see everywhere, Trump surrogates screaming about the polls being...
  8. chaos

    Miss Me Yet Meme

  9. excalibur

    A Heads Up - New Prog Meme Incoming - Slavery

    Here is what Trump said: Here is the Progs spin: Trump Claims Black People Are Worse Off Under Obama Than They Were During Slavery Pathetic Prog nonsense, as usual. There were no inner cities filled with blacks in the days of slavery. Desperation is really setting in on the left.
  10. Amelia

    Lost a friend over this meme?

    After I posted this on my facebook wall, I got a "nice knowing you" from a friend of 10 years. He told me to hold my nose and vote like the rest of them were. I said no I wasn't voting for either, and added that if someone won my state by one vote he could feed me to the Rodents of Unusual...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    And so it goes! RW MEME resurrected--HILLARY'S a lesbian. Her flame is UMA ABEDIN.

    I caught a whiff of this in an article about Matt Drudge. The 'closeted' gay Matt Drudge. Yes, I believe that when one is closeted, they see HOMOSEXUALITY in everyone else. Plus they hate Hillary Clinton and this one gets all the juices flowing (so to speak) among the holier than thou family...
  12. Dittohead not!

    The meme vs. the facts:

    or why you only believe maybe 10% of what you see on the internet: the meme: the facts: 60,224,294 people in the U.S. are children under 15, not of working age. 34,440,023 are retired. So, yea over 94 million Americans are unemployed, but none of these people count in the...
  13. vikingbeast

    Fair Meme Questions

    I usually don't put a lot of stock in memes because they're like "Twitter" (for twits) - not enough info. On the other hand I came across this one and it had quesitons I have been asking - can anyone answer w/links?
  14. Goofball

    James Comey destroys Hillary Meme that email investigation "just a security review".

    FBI Director just destroyed the bullshit talking point Hillary sent out about the FBI criminal investigation being just a "security review". Note to board libnuts: YOU NEED NEW TALKING POINTS, STAT! I'm going out on a limb and predicting their first response will be to attack the source...
  15. Minotaur

    The meme is "VOTERS want a Washington outsider"

    That is fine but who do they mean by "the voters" since this is only about Republican voters. Bernie and Hillary are not outsiders. Martin O'Malley who is dead last is the only outsider and he has executive experience which explains why he is also a logical candidate. It is the party who...
  16. KnotaFrayed

    These guys don't seem to want to meme the "narrative" some are presernting about Iran

    How could this possibly be? Are these people "anti-Semites", "Jew and Israel haters"? "Efraim Halevy, former director of Israel’s intelligence and special operations agency Mossad, is breaking with his country's government and public opinion to support the Iran nuclear agreement. He joins...
  17. vikingbeast

    F___ This Meme!

    Yea, and I and thousands of other "government workers" in Ohio have been "downsized," gotten pay cuts and have had NO raise in 8 years. I fuckin' hate these misleading meme-winger soundbites people take as the truth. Government workers are a big part of the crony problem |...
  18. Cicero

    Rightwing meme caused current hatred for police

    In the spirit, of totally unsupported speculation, found in many of the threads found on this forum (today) I would observe the following: It is the rwnj members (here) who most often (and most vocally) attack the government (including the police) by making reference to "jack booted thugs." It...
  19. jackalope

    GOP's 'Hillary Fatigue' Meme Unravels Even More With New Poll Findings

    I don't think people are tired of Hillary, and I don't think they'll buy that she's not competent either.
  20. Raoul_Duke

    So about this 97% of scientists believe in AGW meme...

    That's right, it's bullshit! Statistical legerdemain: Where did this 97 percent figure come from? This story has become interesting over the last few days. The most prominent form of it comes from Prof. John Cook of the University of Queensland in a paper published last year that...