1. Singularity

    Bipartisan senators complain to Ryan on Nunes leaking secret text messages to FoxNews

    And the House intelligence committee majority has stepped right into dogshit once again The documents published by Fox News appear to back up the senators’ accusation. Though they were marked “CONFIDENTIAL: Produced to USSSCI on a Confidential Basis,” suggesting that they had come from the...
  2. HayJenn

    Roger Stone's Secret Messages with WikiLeaks

    Private Twitter messages obtained by The Atlantic show that Stone and WikiLeaks, a radical-transparency group, communicated directly on October 13, 2016—and that WikiLeaks sought to keep its channel to Stone open after Trump won the election. The existence of the secret correspondence marks yet...
  3. excalibur

    Strzok and Page Discussed Classified Info in Unsecure Messages

    Strzok and Page Discussed Classified Info in Unsecure Messages
  4. ptif219

    FBI lovers' latest text messages: Obama 'wants to know everything'

    This show the Obama administration was using the FBI to help Hillary win. The problem was Obama not the Russians. Mueller should be looking at this not Trump FBI lovers' latest text messages: Obama 'wants to know everything' | Fox News
  5. Babba

    FBI Messages Show the Bureau's Real Reaction to Trump Firing James Comey

    Contrary to what Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted, the FBI was NOT in turmoil and Comey is most certainly not "nut job" and was most certainly well respected by the FBI overall...
  6. Darkman

    US Justice Department watchdog has recovered key missing FBI text messages

    US Justice Department watchdog has recovered key missing text ... Reuters-20 minutes ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department's internal watchdog said Thursday his office was able to use forensic tools to recover five months' worth of missing text messages exchanged between two...
  7. T

    Sessions says ‘we will leave no stone unturned’ to find missing FBI text messages

    Oh, I believe you Jefferson Beauregard. I firmly believe that you will, as attorney general, use the full force and might of your department in a quest to satisfy the self exonerating delusions of the president and support his wild ass claims of criminality of his former opponent. Indeed, I...
  8. T

    Anti-abortion congressman urged woman get an abortion, text messages suggest

    I am staunchly agaisnt abortion, except when I am fucking someone other than my wife and get her knocked up, then I want her to have an abortion..... Indeed, that seems to be the message form one fellow in Congress who was having an affair, got the lady pregnant, and then wanted her to have na...
  9. Goofball

    Can't find Obama's labor day messages.

    ????????????????? His tweets on Labor day weren't the same as Trump's. So where is all his 8 "messages"? :popcorn:
  10. cpicturetaker12

    PRO-Trump Tweeters, "market paid" TWEETS of with scripted messages

    HITE HOUSE Pro-Trump Twitter operatives market paid tweets Attempt to sell social-media backing sparks concern among grass-roots activists. By SHAWN MUSGRAVE 07/02/2017 07:13 AM EDT Pro-Trump tweeters say they deserve at least partial credit for defeating Hillary Clinton, as well as for the...
  11. the watchman

    respond with gospel messages
  12. BDBoop

    Cops: Texas dad vandalized own truck with anti-police messages

    Oops. Cops: Dad vandalized own truck with anti-police messages - Story | KDFW A Lattin family relative started a Go Fund Me account to help pay for repairs to the truck. In addition, car dealers and body shops even offered to help. The police chief is asking people to stop sending the family...
  13. R

    Selected Libya-Related Messages From Hillary Clinton’s Personal Email Account

    are we ever going to get the red flag to go up from the left. ------------------- The messages shown here are among roughly 900 pages of emails related to Libya that Hillary Rodham Clinton said she kept on the personal email account she used exclusively as secretary of state. These emails...
  14. meridian5455

    "Stop Gun Violence" Sends the Wrong Message to Children

    A new three minute ad called “Stop Gun Violence” is sending a very mixed message to children—namely, if you’re scared of guns bring them to school. The ad is as ridiculous as it sounds. The clip shows a boy sneaking into his mother’s room (while she sits reads demurely in the living room) only...
  15. Truth Detector

    Obama's mixed messages on war

    Jonah Goldberg hits the proverbial nail on the head with "I Me I" man. The stunning lies and contradictions of this inept inexperienced President defy logic and common sense. Obama's mixed messages on war It's funny how President Obama is always talking about "I" and "me" whenever it makes...
  16. kmiller1610

    Hidden and Not so Hidden Hillary subtext campaign messages

    1) My name is Hillary Clinton and I have a vagina. Now everybody knows that Vaginas run 60% of America's households. So it is essentially unfair that Vaginas have never run the country. Now is our time. 2) Bill treated me badly. We (you and I) bonded. Time for you to elect me leader of the free...
  17. Rasselas

    Key Groups Wary of Romney Messages

    Okay, so former Mississippi governor and RNC chairman Hailey Barbour group does some focus group polling among working-class people in Ohio and women in Virginia. He learned the following: they mostly blame the downturn on Bush they think this downturn is different and especially bad, so...
  18. michaelr

    New Terror Laws Feed All Your Private Messages To Big Brother

    New Terror Laws Feed All Your Private Messages To Big Brother You people like being a terrorist in YOUR own country?
  19. jackalope

    Bachmann Dodges Question On Whether God Uses Weather To Send Messages (VIDEO)

    Huh. Really. This isn't a hard question, Michele. A simple yes or no will do.