1. DemoWhip

    Trump citing phone calls with Boy Scouts and Mexico they say never happened

    What's the matter with Trump? Are those delusions or simply exercises that cannot withstand scrutiny? You decide. ---------------------------------------- Trump citing phone calls with Boy Scouts and Mexico they say never happened - ABC News By JACK ARNHOLZ
  2. BYG Jacob

    Carrier moving Jobs Trump vowed to save to Mexico lulz, you guys sick of winning yet?
  3. T

    After Trump pressured Ford out of moving factory to Mexico, company decides to build

    Will Trump take credit for this? After braying loudly about how fucking awesome he was regarding Ford jobs staying in this country, braying which was not accurate, the jobs are instead going to China. Or Jina as the prescient used to say. No word on Twitter form him claiming credit for that...
  4. Singularity

    Trump pushed Ford to cancel production of the Focus in Mexico Now it's going to China

    "I wonder if Fox and Friends is gonna cover this?" said no one ever. Better to pretend this is still in effect. Some people will buy it, and then you won't have to accept the truth everyone already knows: Protectionism is folly, especially concerning individual companies.
  5. T

    Trump: Mexico will 'eventually' pay for border wall

    Okay, let me get this straight. Trump wants funding for the wall in exchange for keeping the government from shutting down and not taking away money from poor and middle class folks paying for their own health care, even though he said Mexico would pay for the wall. This wall will stop drugs...
  6. DebateDrone

    American Jobs Are Headed to Mexico Once Again

    Not surprising. Trump came into office with a lot of swagger and bluster...and it was all show. Trump has no political clout to force businesses to stay in the US or passing legislation taxing companies 35% tariffs on their good or services. Add this to the trash heap of Trump failures and...
  7. L

    Mexico's bargaining chips with Trump? How about a corn boycott

    Kate Linthicum First domesticated here 10,000 years ago, corn is not only a staple of the Mexican diet, but also a symbol of Mexico itself. Since the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, it has also become a symbol of Mexico’s growing economic dependence on the...
  8. BAZINGA DrumpF

    U.S. employers can now bring in more foreign workers for seasonal jobs

    So here clearly. Decoded kiddy text SPEW! Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 34 minutes General Kelly is doing a great job at the border. Numbers are way down. Many are not even trying to come in anymore. ============================================= And but! Trump says 1 million legal...
  9. L

    Kids on winning robotics team told, 'Go back to Mexico'

    Vile, disgusting behavior on the part of those who heckled children. This kind of thing is completely unacceptable. These kids own this competition on their own merits. Here's a clue bigots: Want to win? Be smarter. Kids on winning robotics team told, 'Go back to Mexico'
  10. Amelia

    What happened to Mexico paying for the wall?

    How many billions is the liar-in-chief asking the American taxpayer to spend on the wall now?
  11. Minotaur

    Don't Mess With Mexico

    The vacation wonderland we take for granted may sit back quietly and wait for the wall to be built before they say thanks for the free wall and change their entry rules. It may occur to them that the best way to handle the enemy at their border is to implement tougher immigration rules and...
  12. HadEnough2

    Trumpster's fooled again. Mitch McConnell says Mexico won't pay for Wall.

    The Snake Oil Salesman has done it again. Trump craps on Trumpster's.
  13. Goofball

    Samsung expanding in USA instead of Mexico due to Trump election.

    $300 million initial investment with more to come. Let's see how our alt-left members shit on this announcement.......
  14. cpicturetaker12

    Mexico XX'LD shipments of sugar to US--no one at COMMERCE to execute contracts

    And so it begins! So either we might all lose a little weight and maybe our fasting blood sugars will come down OR we'll pay through the ass for foodstuffs containing sugar. Seems UNSTAFFED Dept. of Commerce doesn't have heads in place to do these particular deals on this commodity. Who...
  15. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Trump Hates Trade Deficits, Which Ones Really Matter? Why Mexico? We're almost EQ!

    President Donald Trump is fixated on deficits as measures of how the U.S. gets the short end of the stick in trade deals. He’s had Mexico in his Twitter crosshairs for selling $63 billion more in goods to the U.S. than it buys, blaming “one-sided” Nafta for a “massive” imbalance—one he's...
  16. the watchman

    Mexico opens immigrant defense centers at its US consulates

    (CNN)Mexico on Saturday formally began operating centers for the defense of Mexican immigrants in its 50 consulates and embassies in the United States. The centers "are specifically designed to provide consular assistance as well as legal representation to all Mexican migrants who require...
  17. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Well FFS! I hate MEXICO! WHO KNEW! IT'S' NOT FAIR! I want to trade some lands. FFS!

    It's the weekend. You can just say, some places in the world, have cooler places than others. :think: Just all the world, good or bad. Just WOW... I want some things local. POST what you feel should be in your lands to enjoy. FFS! Above is...
  18. L

    Exclusive: Trump administration considering separating women, children at Mexico bord

    By Julia Edwards Ainsley | WASHINGTON Women and children crossing together illegally into the United States could be separated by U.S. authorities under a proposal being considered by the Department of Homeland Security, according to three government officials. Part of the reason for the...
  19. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Mexico should impose Extreme Vetting! To KEEP OUT BAD American Hombre-Opps? Homers! :think: These are bad times in our REAL Ameican history. But the orange baby has Made Comedy Great Again!
  20. Bronwyn

    Mexico's Cemex ready to provide for the Wall.

    Mexico's Cemex, one of the world's largest cement producers, is open to providing the raw materials for U.S. President Donald Trump's promised wall between the two neighbors, daily newspaper Reforma reported on Wednesday. "We will gladly do it," Cemex President Rogelio Zambrano told the...