1. michaelr

    Media Blacksout Snowden Interview, michaelr gifts you with it.

    German Television does first Edward Snowden Interview Well worth the 30 minutes. Obama should be arrested for his domestic spying, it doesn't add security, and it isn't suppose to. It is sorta like the TSA crap, but spying isn't the show that the TSA provides. It does give you a chilling...
  2. michaelr

    What michaelr said.

    Watch it before comments please. You might be tested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6QBiaq9OBgc
  3. Babba

    michaelr Is Kinda Right

    I know many of you will dismiss what George Soros has to say, but he is financially very successful, and while attending this year's conference in Davos he sees the same thing I do. Something similar to what Mike sees. From Kevin Drum's blog: Davos Man Is Trembling in His Armani Boots |...
  4. Babba

    For michaelr

    The final report from Camp Ron Paul. I keed, I keed. Love ya, Mike! Monkey Muck: Final report from Camp Ron Paul (the Libertarian tea bagger summer camp of choice!)
  5. jackalope

    michaelr - A post to blow your mind: "Can a giant platinum coin save our credit?"

    michaelr .... How's THAT for making money!??!