1. bajisima

    Minnesota miners: Trump is saving us

    On northern Minnesota’s Iron Range, where evergreen trees stretch on for miles and snowpack lingers into the spring, a political shift is underway. Generations of residents have gone to work in the mines, endured cycles of booms and layoffs, and mostly voted for Democrats. But President...
  2. MaryAnne

    Coal Miners To Code

    First read this in my Church bulletin this morning. Company retraining Coal Miners. 950 applied. The Kentucky Startup That Is Teaching Coal Miners to Code - IEEE Spectrum
  3. L

    Wolf urges Congress to fund health benefits for coal miners

    APRIL 18, 2017 | 10:58 AM BY MARIE CUSICK Governor Tom Wolf is urging Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation to ensure thousands of coal miners can keep their healthcare benefits. Wolf says without passage of the federal Miners Protection Act, benefits would expire at the end of the...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    OMG!! Santorum says Trump is the 'oxygen in the lungs' of coal miners

    OMG AGAIN! He just doubles down again and again with this HORRIBLE analogy. I don't give a flying fig that his grandfather was a coal miner and he claims he knows what he is talking about. He is full of SHIT! WATCH: Erin Burnett calls out Santorum’s ‘troubling’ claim that Trump is ‘oxygen...
  5. TennesseeRain

    Chile rescue video: 14 of 'Los 33' miners hoisted to freedom (Live Feed at Link)

    Almost half of the Chilean mine workers trapped underground for more than two months have been hoisted to the surface. The 11th - 55-year-old Jorge Galleguillos - came up into the desert sun just over 10 hours after the rescue capsule dubbed "Phoenix" extracted the first miner...
  6. The Voice of Reason

    First of 33 Chilean Miners Reaches Surface

    http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/10/12/rescued-chilean-miner-returns-surface/ SAN JOSE MINE, Chile -- The first of 33 men was rescued Tuesday night after 69 days trapped in a collapsed mine, pulled to fresh air and freedom at last in a missile-like escape capsule to the cheers of his family...
  7. justonemorevoice

    obama speaks at miners' funeral

    Nation & World | At miners' memorial, Obama speaks of duty to prevent such tragedy | Seattle Times Newspaper BECKLEY, W.Va. — At a somber memorial for 29 coal miners Sunday, President Obama said it is a moral imperative for the United States to prevent the sort of underground explosion that...
  8. P

    Obama eulogizes fallen miners

    He honors the fallen miners as unsung heroes who were 'simply pursuing the American dream." More...
  9. K

    Search for miners after deadly blast could take days

    Search for miners after deadly blast could take days - CNN.com 25 miners killed in blast. 4 missing. It is a sad day for these families. I hope that the remaining 4 are recovered safe. It is sad that some of these men were only minutes away from the exit when the blast occurred.
  10. Blueneck

    Coal miners celebrate respiratory health clinic

    Free health care! Appalling! Damn sissy environmentalist commies. If the coal companies wanted them to have health care they would have paid for it themselves. Everybody knows black lung isn't caused by coal. Coal is clean! Look at 'em. Bunch a lefties if I ever saw 'em...
  11. N

    Trapped Australian miners freed

    Two Australian gold  miners were rescued after two weeks trapped underground, the mine manager said early Tuesday.</p><br clear="all" /> Read more...