1. M

    More Hillary misadventures

    ...in E-mails? Radio news just reported another, yes, ANOTHER story about Hillary mishandling classified e-mails. This time she had her maid printing off classified e-mails? They gave no details, but said the story is just coming out. Hillary should never be allowed anywhere near any kind of...
  2. Friday13

    Mis-Adventures in Domestic Terrorism

    The Y'all Qaeda loons are NOT a 'well regulated militia'. They're going AWOL, drinking up donations, eating at restaurants and sleeping in motels, not being former military but wannabes. The funniest part is that the Bundys have a personal bodyguard... Trouble in Oregon as one member of...
  3. Macduff

    Misadventures in Fact Checking

    A clearinghouse thread for instances of so called fact checkers engaging in inaccurate and biased reporting. Because let's face it, they aren't neutral judges. They're spin machines. First up. Note to AP, an economic goal is not a "fact"...