1. The Man

    First transgender in Miss Universe

    More: Who Is Angela Ponce? Model Will Be First Trans Woman to Compete in Miss Universe I remember the Jenna Talackova case: Jenna Talackova: Transgender beauty queen kicked out of Miss Universe Canada pageant | Daily Mail Online Miss Universe Changes Rules to Include Transgender Women...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    GOD, I miss these people!!!

    Class and just plain DECENCY!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZDfztfau9A Get's to the BROMANCE around 6 minutes.
  3. D

    More than 1 million students to miss school as teacher revolt sweeping nation heads t

    More than 1 million students to miss school as teacher revolt sweeping nation heads to new state By Bill Hutchinson ==================================================== One would think that concentrating well on giving teachers higher pay for the hard work they do educating our...
  4. The Man

    Miss Russia 2018

    I figured, with all the bs going on in the world right now, may as well post some pics of beautiful women as a welcome distraction. Miss Russia 2018 pageant concluded today in Moscow. Winner is 18 year old Yulia Polyachikhina from republic of Chuvashia, on Volga river Runner-up is 19...
  5. sweettee

    Michelle teases her daughter (God, how I miss having CLASS....)

    .....in the White House) https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/03/01/is-michelle-obama-teasing-malia-obama-for-photos-with-boyfriend-in-tabloids/23374331/#slide=ad#fullscreen (Ugh. Now we have trash in the White House.)
  6. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP RIGGED results for MISS UNIVERSE CONTESTANTS to enrich Trump brand properties!

    You know back in the 50's there were some laws written about FIXING 'TV' competitions. Wonder if that applied to the MISS AMERICA or the Teen (?) pageants? Trump owned those too at some point. So he FIXED which women could win in the Miss Universe pageant? I guess there was NO oversight for...
  7. Mister B

    Miss Ginger

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. vikingbeast

    I Know, Let's Arm Miss Crabtree!

    Hell yeah! That will help solve public shootings!
  9. vikingbeast

    Good Morning Miss Daniels!

    Another shocker! At least we're not talking about shitholes now. Sheeetttttttt............... Only shithole Trump has ever seen is the one he sees looking up when he's getting pissed on... https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/1/12/16885702/trump-stormy-daniels-payment
  10. bajisima

    Gretchen Carlson elected as chair of the Miss America pageant

    Wondered where she might end up, now we know. Gretchen Carlson was elected to lead the Miss America pageant after its CEO and previous chairman resigned amid a sexist email scandal, the organization said Monday. In a statement, the Miss America Organization said that Carlson, who won the...
  11. Robert Urbanek

    Korean crisis: Did media miss the obvious?

    For all his huffing and puffing, Trump had no intention of taking military action against North Korea in 2017. And the first two months of 2018 will also be peaceful. The reason? Trump was never going to screw up the 2018 Winter Olympics, which will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, from...
  12. D

    Black officials say they don't want Trump 'to tell us what civil rights means in Miss

    Black officials say they don't want Trump 'to tell us what civil rights means in Mississippi' - ABC News By Morgan Winsor ==================================================== The Black folks boycotting Trump's visit to Mississippi are no fools. They know when they're not truly...
  13. D

    WATCH: During beauty pageant, Miss Texas tears into Trump over Charlottesville

    KUDOS to Miss Texas for speaking up to the issue! There was thunderous applause for her comments. She told it like it is. ---------------------------------------- WATCH: During beauty pageant, Miss Texas tears into Trump over Charlottesville By Derek de Koff...
  14. Madeline

    I Kinda Miss The KKK of Jim Crow

    You knew where you stood with them. They hated virtually everyone other than WASPs, and they would murder you just for existing given half a chance. Today's racists are hopelessly conflicted about whether racism or violence are bad. They want the fear-mongering power of the KKK, along with...
  15. cpicturetaker12

    Miss this one? ECON advisor, Carl Icahn quits, "I choose to end this arrangement."

    Wasn't this one of his BFF'S?? Isn't he also in trouble with his OWN issues? Bury a story, 530PM on FRI afternoon oughta do it. I choose to end this arrangement’: Economics advisor Carl Icahn quits Donald Trump administration ] BOB BRIGHAM 18 AUG 2017 AT 17:19 ET Billionaire investor Carl...
  16. the watchman

    things I miss about Obama.

    as compared to. as compared to. as compared to. as compared to.
  17. DebateDrone

    Devastating News ...Miss Loretta Lynn Has Suffered a Stroke.

    Loretta Lynn remains hospitalized in Nashville after stroke I know I speak for all the 'shit-Kickers' all over this world that hope Miss Lorettie a speedy and full recovery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_zwBHvXIZQ
  18. BAZINGA DrumpF

    What DID the 'Eden' reality contestants miss in a year?

    What the 'Eden' reality contestants missed in a year! If a reality TV experiment continues filming after the show is canceled and no one watches it, did it really happen?:stuffhappens::smiley_ROFLMAO::greatjob: In the case of the Scottish series "Eden," that's exactly what happened. According...
  19. Minotaur

    I miss GW Bush

  20. The Man

    Miss Minnesota finalist wears hijab and burkini

    Somali-American Competes in Hijab and Burkini for Minnesota Beauty Pageant | Trendread 2016 Also: Halima Aden Is First Contestant to Wear Hijab in Miss Minnesota USA Pageant* Presenting Halima Aden, Miss Minnesota's First Muslim Finalist! Very interesting. I am not entirely sure what I feel...