1. ptif219

    50 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

    The list is pretty good. the democrats will of course hate it and deny it https://sharylattkisson.com/2018/06/10/50-media-mistakes-in-the-trump-era-the-definitive-list/
  2. sweettee

    My my my.....Sure, McCabe and Comey made mistakes. But that’s not why they were fired

    From a CONSERVATIVE no less. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/sure-mccabe-and-comey-made-mistakes-but-thats-not-why-they-were-fired/2018/04/14/29d2c0a8-3fe4-11e8-974f-aacd97698cef_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.8fed4f7c93dc I can’t decide if Trump defenders are credulous or...
  3. libertariat720

    CNN head Jeff Zucker hilariously mistakes his own network for Fox

    What a gaffe!!! Lol! https://www.salon.com/2018/03/23/cnn-head-jeff-zucker-blasts-fox-news-as-a-pure-propaganda-machine/
  4. Amelia

    Obama made mistakes

    Obama made mistakes, and he, the Democratic party and arguably the nation have paid a price for them. Trump supporters act like Trump shouldn't have to pay a price for being such an asshole.
  5. Spookycolt

    Chelsea Handler mistakes Congressman Dana Rohrabacher for a woman

    So this liberal lady is going to leave Hollywood to focus on political activism yet doesn't even know which political leaders are female or male. These are the people leading the liberal charge into the 2018 and 2020 elections. I think the left needs to be seriously worried if these are...
  6. MaryAnne


    Let me see if I have this correct. I made the mistake of thinking Chelsea Clinton was an Attorney. When corrected,I apologized. Harvey Weinstein has been forcing himself on women,for what, 40 years? His answer to Reporters," Guys,we all make mistakes,I am getting help, but you need to lay...
  7. Spookycolt

    CNN anchor mistakes Star-Spangled Banner for French national anthem

    Another case of an unpatriotic liberal not even knowing our National Anthem. Disgraceful. Who wants to bet she couldn't recognize the Constitution if it was put in front of her either. CNN anchor mistakes Star-Spangled Banner for French national anthem | Fox News
  8. B

    The three biggest mistakes Hillary Clinton is making right now

    The three biggest mistakes Hillary Clinton is making right now?commentary more details in the linked piece, I just pasted the good bits.
  9. Crusher

    Echoes of Herbert Hoover - Donald Trump Repeats the Mistakes of the Past

    I am going to guess what I share will be new information for many. Herbert Hoover was a preeminent businessman of his day. He was very much a Donald Trump type, with Donald Trump type of positions on tariffs. He was a huge proponent and got congress to pass the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act...
  10. C

    'I'm sorry': Tony Blair FINALLY apologises

    the true 'smoking gun' email on Ms Clinton server has called for by the court, is having it's effect.. and we our reward, Blair admits the war in Iraq was his and Bush's creation with ISIS was an offshoot of their action.. forget our extreme right wing Bull they are tossing out after her 11 hour...
  11. meridian5455

    DNC site mistakes foreign vets for former U.S. troops

    Democrats’ election outreach efforts to veterans may need to start with a refresher course on what U.S. troops look like. For starters, they don’t wear Polish military uniforms. Until Thursday, the Democratic National Committee’s “Veterans and Military Families” website had as its only picture...
  12. meridian5455

    5 mistakes Hillary Clinton made in her latest e-mail press conference

    Hillary Clinton held a press availability in Las Vegas Tuesday afternoon. It did not go well. Oomph. Clinton, who seems to have a blind spot as to why the e-mail server story is such a big deal, made a bunch of mistakes in that brief interaction with the media that you would assume someone...
  13. jacobfitcher

    CNN Mistakes Dildo-Covered Flag at Pride Parade for ISIS Flag

    In this clip, a CNN anchor and editor fail to recognize that what they have identified as an “ISIS flag” is actually a flag of dildos and butt plugs, rendered in the style of ISIS. “If you look at the flag closely, it’s clearly not Arabic,” CNN’s Lucy Pawle admits. “In fact, it looks like it...
  14. Macduff

    Forgiveness Transcends Mistakes

    For Robert Downey Jr., Forgiveness Transcends Mistakes I know that it's from a conservative site. But please don't be put off by that. It's not really a political article. I think that the narrative of Robert Downey Jr and Mel Gibson's relationship interesting in how they both found...
  15. B

    3 leadership mistakes from Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco

    3 leadership mistakes from Hillary Clinton?s email fiasco - Fortune Point 2 above translates as 'don't lie your ass off and expect no one to notice or care.
  16. meridian5455

    Obama: 'When we make mistakes, we admit them'

    "One of the things that sets us apart from other countries is when we make mistakes, we admit them," Obama said in an interview with "Telemundo" on Tuesday that aired simultaneously on Univision. Obama: 'When we make mistakes, we admit them' - CNN.com Seriously? And people actually believe...
  17. M

    Oops GOPPER mistakes YMCA Campers for Children, describes FEAR in their faces....

    Gotta love it. YOU SIMPLY CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!! Arizona politician mistakes YMCA campers for migrant children I have no words..........:smiley_ROFLMAO: Absolutely no fucking words.....
  18. TennesseeRain

    GOP Candidate Mistakes YMCA Kids For Migrants, Describes 'Fear In Their Faces'

    A Republican running for Congress in Arizona snapped a photo of a passing school bus full of children on Tuesday near a housing facility for undocumented minors. He posted the picture to Twitter with a stern warning to his followers: "Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation...
  19. Use Caution

    Homeowner Mistakes Teenage Guest For Intruder, Shoots Him! Oops!

    .BILLINGS, Mont. (April 28, 2014) A homeowner in Billings, Mont., who shot and wounded a 19-year-old house-guest in his garage after mistaking him for an intruder probably won’t face charges, authorities say.The 19-year-old was a family friend of the homeowner and was staying at the house while...
  20. Babba

    Mistakes Cuccinelli Has Made

    This is an excellent article explaining some of Cuccinelli's missteps. he could still pull it off I suppose, but I it looks doubtful. According to the article, business leaders feel Cuccinelli spends too much time and effort on social issues and not enough on business issues. The current...