1. Blueneck

    "Women's Issues" and why Trump just doesn't get it

    During today's news conference Trump defended his wife, Melania Trump, and said she'd be working with another "fantastic woman", his daughter on women's issues. Donald Trump calls treatment of Melania Trump 'unfair' - And while I can't find anything to link to at the moment...
  2. The Man

    Modeling agency for old people?

    Accent on age: fashion blogger sets up Russia's first oldie modelling agency Good for him for doing this, I say. The old ones need any supplement they can get, to their (very modest, especially in Siberia) pensions; and this must improve their spirits too, make them feel better about...
  3. nonsqtr

    modeling the economy

    Okay, here's the thread. Let's talk about modeling the economy. There's a gazillion ways you can do that. A simple model, would be "don't spend more than you earn". Nothing more than a rule of thumb, right? But it's a model, based on a fundamental assumption. And its consequences can be...
  4. meridian5455

    Nana Gouvea's Hurricane Sandy Modeling Photo Shoot Goes Viral

    Nana Gouvea's Hurricane Sandy Modeling Photo Shoot Goes Viral, Sparks Mocking Tumblr When life hands you lemons, have a photo shoot!
  5. T

    Mathematically Modeling Rights

    Here is to continue the discussion that was started under 'Universal Healthcare Unconstitutional?' in US politics. Unfortunately, this new software 'killed' that thread, because it was not posted in for a day! So this is how far we have gotten: It has been loosely framed by the quote "We...
  6. K

    The inadequacy of Climate Modeling

    Until we can do a much better job of predicting climate trends, the idea of controlling normal gases like Co2 is absurd. Yes, Co2 adds to warming. But if natural variability controls trends, how does one know if you want an aide to warming or cooling? Links to follow...