1. B

    Are you a moderate?

    How can you tell? Everything has moved so far right that I don't even know anymore. I know as far as social causes go, I am left. I strongly believe that if we want to remain a contender on the world stage, we need an educated populace. I think far too much money has already been spent on the...
  2. Goofball

    Democrats done pretending to be moderate.

    The alt-left wing of the lib party has taken over. They are the party of radical leftists now. No longer can they claim to be moderate, or progressive.
  3. MaryAnne

    Mister Moderate

    This is the guy who pretends to be,oh,so Moderate. A choice that should be personal, Not political. Gov. Kasich signs bill banning Down Syndrome abortions |
  4. R

    Trump is the new moderate, thanks to the far-left hysterics

    Unless the left is correct and Trump does pave the way for genuine fascism (no kids, not believing a that a man in a dress doesn't have a right to shower with 12 year old girls =/= fascism), then the end result of the social justice and political violence perpetuated by left-wings will just...
  5. CEngelbrecht

    Crown Prince: Saudi Arabia will ‘return to moderate, open Islam’ I give him three weeks. Then somebody assasses that peacemaker, too.
  6. Chief

    A rare Republican moderate decides to walk away from Congress

    A rare Republican moderate decides to walk away from Congress I think this is the biggest challenge the GOP has ever gone through.
  7. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Mattis to NATO allies: Pay more or US will 'moderate commitment'

    Mattis to NATO allies: Pay more or US will 'moderate commitment' Defense Secretary James Mattis on Wednesday delivered an ultimatum to NATO during his first meeting there as Pentagon chief: Pay more or the U.S. will “moderate its commitment.” “I owe it to you all to give you clarity on the...
  8. Babba

    Trump is Not a Liberal or a Moderate

    Buzzfeed analyzed his twitter feed. Look at the sites he frequents. During the campaign he shared Breitbart links more than any other. My God, people! Look who you elected. :f_doh::grief:
  9. Monk-Eye

    Which Moderate Mussel Men Aspect Imply Moderation Inn High Degree Moderation ?

    Which Moderate Mussel Men Aspects Imply Moderation Inn High Degree Moderation ? " Which Moderate Mussel Men Aspects Imply Moderation Inn High Degree Buy Moderated Censorship Voting Moderators ? " * Watchers Against Popular Backed Demand * POLL Interrogative : " Which percentages of moderate...
  10. thrilling

    Fox's Chris Wallace to moderate the 3rd debate.

    I can see the Trumpkins will be chompin at the bit. This will be their chance to show the world how a real moderator handles Hillary! wah wah wah. I would like you Trumpkins to see how a real President handles being under pressure.
  11. vikingbeast

    Liberal v Moderate

    Congratulations Republicans! Got yourself a liberal candidate to go against a more moderate liberal Hillary. I've said all along for years there's no practicing difference between the two parties, only in political "talk" and rhetoric only. Republicans here, don't EVER try to call yourself a...
  12. D

    We Need Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders can't carry moderate states like Ohio in the g

    Congressman Ryan is entirely correct in what he is saying. That is something that all of Sanders' supporters need to be well aware of. Supporting Bernie unfortunately means losing the Democratic race that is just too important to you and all Americans to just hand over to the Republicans with a...
  13. Sassy

    The Donald DIDN'T ask for Kelly to not moderate?

    I'm listening to an interview and he said the conflict had nothing to do with MK. He never asked for her to be removed. Huh? Wasn't that the ENTIRE issue?
  14. C

    so much for the “moderate” Syrian opposition groups

    the sale of the "moderate" opposition groups by NATO as the way to end America's proxy war in Syria crashes once again.. they are shown once again to be as far from "moderate".. DECEMBER 11, 2015 The Saudi-Hosted “Opposition Talks” Fiasco by MIKE WHITNEY A Saudi-led plan to draw...
  15. C

    US Congress Arms ISIL in Syria Via 'Moderate' Opposition

    I was watching RT this morning, who were selling the claim that America was trying to fight Russia in Syria... just propaganda, or a fearful step up in the Syrian war Wed Oct 07, 2015 Ex-CIA Officer: US Congress Arms ISIL in Syria Via 'Moderate' Opposition TEHRAN (FNA)- The US...
  16. meridian5455

    Obama Praises "Moderate" Muslim Who Called For Slaughter of U.S. Troops

    During his address to the United Nation's General Assembly yesterday, President Obama repeatedly made it a point to stress how Islam is a religion of peace. In making his case, Obama cited Sheikh bin Bayyah as a moderate. In a story published last night, The Free Beacon's Adam Credo points out...
  17. mrmike

    Radical versus Moderate Islam excuse. Does the math work?

    Radical vs Moderate Islam excuse. Does the Math work? I hadn't seen this video before but the panelist makes some very strong points that are (if correct) very revealing. If the context/numbers the panelist uses are even remotely correct, then it's probably time to admit the war being waged...
  18. BoiseBo

    Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form

    This is hilarious stuff from the great Andy Borowitz: Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form - The New Yorker Check it out, Kerry just announced that they have found one! :D Kerry Claims U.S. Has Found a Moderate Syrian Rebel - The New Yorker
  19. R

    ISIS Strikes Deal With Moderate Syrian Rebels: Reports

    if this is true, things just got more complicated. ------------------------ As the United States begins to deepen ties with moderate Syrian rebels to combat the extremist group ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, a key component of its coalition appears to have struck a non-aggression...
  20. jackalope

    Why this Tisha b’Av must be different - Where is Israel's moderate majority?

    "Time has come for the moderate majority to raise their voices." I hope so. The extremists have been in control for far too long.