1. ptif219

    IDF: Hamas planning Monday ‘massacre’ of Israelis, over 100,000 rioters expected

    Terrorists are using the US as an excuse for what they have wanted to do for years. Hamas needs to be taken care of
  2. DemoWhip

    Starting Monday, calorie counts on menus are going to be mandatory

    Starting Monday, calorie counts on menus are going to be mandatory By Julia Belluz ==================================================== It's good to see Trump following President Obama's lead on this important matter! This will greatly help people to realize that what they're eating...
  3. Friday13

    Trump says work on his border wall starts Monday. It doesn't.

    The good news is the last sentence of the quote... Trump says work on his border wall starts Monday. It doesn't.
  4. the watchman

    House Intel committee could vote on Nunes memo as soon as Monday

    Washington (CNN)The House Intelligence Committee could vote as early as Monday evening to publicly release the Republican memo alleging abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The committee, which has posted a business meeting for 5 p.m. ET, has not yet said if it plans to vote...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    TOP GOP operative tells KELLY to fire 'completely revolting' Scaramucci by MONDAY!

    Nope this isn't a DEM operative. This guy ran MC CAIN'S campaign in 2008. NO ONE is even treading lightly. I've never seen 'pundits' talk like this in my life. THESE ARE REPUBLICAN pundits. They are noT holding back. I gotta assume, for whatever reason, they still love their party and are...
  6. bajisima

    Hank Williams Jr. returns to Monday Night Football

    Hank Williams Jr. is bringing his rowdy friends back to “Monday Night Football” six years after ESPN dropped the country singer for his comments about President Barack Obama. ESPN executive Stephanie Druley tells USA Today Network-Tennessee that a new version of Williams’ longtime “MNF” theme...
  7. MaryAnne

    Infrastructure Bill Coming Monday

    States,cities and private corporations to pay the bill and Trump's picture on all of them,just like they did in Saudi Arabia for him. Anything to get the attention off Russia and Comey.. Trump to unveil $1 trillion infrastructure plan in 2017: Official
  8. Madeline

    Update On The Bill Cosby Rape Trial, Opening Monday

    Cosby Case: Pretrial Rulings Decided What Jury Will and Won't Hear - NBC News This case is like mini-primer on the laws of evidence! Good grief. I wonder why there was no rulings as to Camilla Cosby's testimony or the use of her deposition transcript? Do you think the judge ruled...
  9. Madeline

    Passover Begins Monday April 10, 2017

    And lasts until sundown, Tuesday April 18th. What is it? What's it mean? Should non-Jews wish Jews a "Happy Passover"? Judaism 101: A Gentile's Guide to the Jewish Holidays Ask the Rabbi, » Passover Greeting So, to all our Jewish PHers:
  10. BAZINGA DrumpF

    GOOD MORNING MONDAY! SO it's WireTap, 4 Rockets, Ban#2, New ACA plan roll out DAY!

    And Duce TrumPigOlini at the controls. Fully involved to revolve or move forwards today's issues. As we know how great the Dear Leader be. Trump helped build a Baku hotel that appears to be a corrupt operation linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: GOP prepares ACA...
  11. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Sessions to provide AMENDED Testimony on Monday! Why? The Honest man. Trump said so

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans on Monday to provide amended testimony regarding his contacts with Russia's ambassador to the U.S. during the presidential election. In a statement Friday, Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr says Sessions will also respond to questions raised by...
  12. L

    Every executive order trump signed on Monday was total horsesh*t

    Shocker, right? In President Trump's post-truth "alternative facts" era, it comes as no surprise that he signed a series of executive orders on Monday that are completely unnecessary. Actually, no, strike that. The orders were necessary specifically as a means of pandering to his low-information...
  13. thrilling

    Chris Christie had a really bad Monday.

    We are all thinking of him. Just how rough was Chris Christie's bad day in Trenton? |
  14. DemoWhip

    Electoral College: What to Know About Monday's Vote

    The time is almost here. There is certainly pressure placed on the electors to elect the person who received the most in Popular Votes which is Hillary Clinton. There are no penalties for electors to vote for whomever they choose so it remains to be seen what will happen tomorrow...
  15. BigLeRoy

    The Houston Texans Were ROBBED In The Monday Night Football Game

    Grand larceny on Monday Night Football in Mexico City! Anyone else watch that game? The officiating was HORRIFIC. It was bad enough that it might make some people think that at least SOME of these NFL games are 'fixed', with the refs being TOLD which team should win. On the very first...
  16. John T Ford

    Will HRC Have a "Medical Episode" Monday Night?

    HRC has been resting and preparing for a week for the upcoming debate. I predict she will look strong and energetic. However, if she does have another "medical episode" as she nearly does every time, I predict this could be devastating to her in the polls. The rules are no commercial...
  17. Davocrat

    So are all our Trump supporting members working on Monday?

    They should be. They hate labor. What about you? Of course we're told all the time how supportive the GOP was of civil rights, but you never hear them crowing about the party's support of labor.
  18. Goofball

    Monday in Chicago: 9 people shot dead.

    : crickets: from the board cop haters. I thought I would make this a public service thread to give all those so outraged over the death of one in Chicago the opportunity to show the same outrage over these 9 deaths in one day...
  19. DemoWhip

    Biden to Hit Trump's Policies, Rhetoric in Monday Speech

    Go get 'em Joe! Tell it like it is! Biden to Hit Trump's Policies, Rhetoric in Monday Speech - ABC News
  20. T

    Trump security speech on Monday. Most common sense ever. Donald Trump's Full Speech on National Security/Hillary Clinton in Manchester, NH (6-13-16) Lots of immigration issues discussed.