1. Dr.Knuckles

    India finds water on the moon

    So India is claiming to have found water molecules on the moon, and the article makes mention of India and China's 21st century space-race to the moon. The article talks about how they next hope to smash a somehting...
  2. M

    NASA chief: China will beat U.S. back to moon

    NASA chief: China will beat U.S. back to moon China has pulled off two manned spaceflights with its own rockets By Marcia Dunn Updated: 55 minutes ago CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - The Soviets beat the United States at getting a satellite, and a man, into space. Now, the Chinese may get to...
  3. T

    Googling the Moon

    BBC NEWS | Technology | Google backs private Moon landing Google rules!!!
  4. A

    Moon Landings 2

    The modern flat earth movement originated when an eccentric English inventor, Samuel Birley Rowbotham (1816-1884), based on his literal interpretation of certain biblical passages, published a 16-page pamphlet, which he later expanded into a 430 page book expounding his views. According to...
  5. P

    Moon Landings

    Now i've seen evidence for and against this..... I'm not sure what to believe.... Anyone have any thoughts?
  6. R

    Moon Real estate.. just a bit late

    ah so they have another plan to build a nice little base on the moon.. is it going to happen? is it worth it? has space exploration been completley forgotten and is it a project worth funding?? Thoughts! :D Sky News: World News, Global News and International breaking News. Nasa is planning...
  7. I

    Alien Bases on the moon?

    Interesting stuff!