1. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Do Republicans and pedophile priests share the same vile sexual morality.

    Do Republicans and pedophile priests share the same vile sexual morality. I wrote this for the religious forum but it seems to be a question that I should have put to Republicans as they are exhibiting the same vile morality as pedophile priests and the religious who ignore morality to feed...
  2. Dr.Knuckles

    Is morality not ethics? Perhaps not.

    Was talking to a couple that both came from Poland as kids. Grew up here. And they were talking about the current government and the corruption and the human rights issues and threats to journalists there. And I remember that on PH I saw Trump was just there and the leader ( forget his name)...
  3. C

    Is God necessary for morality?

    The general position of theists is that atheists are incapable of any sort of moral certitude. The argument goes that atheists have no basis for morality, no ethics, no nothing. Because Atheists believe in nothing, they have no check on their selfishness and lived hedonistic lifestyles. They...
  4. KnotaFrayed

    Coming to a government near you...The new political correctness, the new morality....

    .....The world of Trump "The (Trump) Empire (and presumptive Emperor) Strikes Back" at being politically correct and liberal values.....presenting his substitutes for his own words... Your new I'm so proud of myself and so rich...
  5. Amelia

    Childhood stories which shaped your morality

    When I was young I read (and reread and reread) a version of the story at this link: Arms and the Man: Did a badly wounded soldier tell his parents about his injuries under the guise of them happening to a friend, only to prompt the wrong reaction? Ever since then in the back of my head...
  6. M

    Has morality been replaced with moral superiority?

    Has loving thy neighbor been replaced with loving your neighbor only 'when' or 'if'! Has charitable giving been bastardized into 'political giving' only giving to those in need if they meet certain conditions? Has feeding the hungry become another conditions met deal? These are just some? What...
  7. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Jesus and his sacrifice are Satan’s test of man’s morality.

    Jesus and his sacrifice are Satan’s test of man’s morality. Justice is when the guilty is punished. Injustice is whenthe innocent is punished. Jesus, if you accept him as your savior, is you punishingthe innocent instead of the guilty. Most, perhaps all Christians believe the dogma that...
  8. kmiller1610

    The Alt Morality Movement and the curious case of InterVarsity in California

    Christian group fights for identity against Cal State policy - LA Times This was previously explored in another thread, but I have expanded it here to explore a much broader topic. The broader topic ( The Alt Morality Movement ) is very hard to prove, so that will take some time. But the...
  9. MaryAnne


    Is in the eye of the beholder. I have a great loathing for those who try to take over Christianity but are such hypocrites. Cult is the right word for them. Reject the Absolute Moral Corruption of the Republican Cult
  10. Cicero

    Is there a morality without God?

    Apparently these two guys don't think so... Of course they're wrong...
  11. S

    The Morality of Porn

    New research conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that in fact, more Americans believe that porn is morally wrong than expected. Only 29 percent of Americans think that watching porn is “morally acceptable,” the study found. There's also a relatively large gender gap: 23...
  12. Dutch

    Zimmerman, a morality play that failed

    By RICH LOWRY | 7/10/13 10:16 PM EDT The George Zimmerman trial is the racial metaphor that failed. Every day that passes makes it clear that none of the ideological baggage heaped on the case ever made any sense. George Zimmerman is not a symbol of white America, or — to borrow the stilted...
  13. BDBoop

    Woman Being Denied Citizenship Because Her Morality Doesn’t Come From Religion

    Daily Kos: Woman Being Denied Citizenship Because Her Morality Doesn?t Come From Religion Seriously. That makes NO kind of sense. How can they fly in direct violation of the First Amendment??[/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
  14. N

    Morality: It's not just for humans

    Morality: It's not just for humans Morality: not just for humans, not just for the religious humans, and certainly not a mere outcome/function of human governments.
  15. Blueneck

    How do you have morality without judgement?

    Some people have said that we need a stronger sense of morality in our society to prevent outbreaks of violence. The same people - yes, Daktoria I'm talking to you - have criticized the judgement, scorn and bullying heaped on kids who are "different" by their peers. How do you have one without...
  16. Cicero

    Romney has public and private morality upside down ROMNEY HAS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE MORALITY UPSIDE DOWN Mitt Romney’s reaction to J.P. Morgan Chase’s mounting losses from reckless trades is “the market will take care of it.” His spokesman says “no taxpayer money was at risk” so we don’t need more...
  17. Mr. Neo-Con

    I stand up for morality.

    It seems like these days that if you don't go along with the same sex crowds or marriage equality crowds that you are a bunch of bigots or haters or such; however, I will stand up for morality. It is abnormal and just filthy that any man should marry another. It is defys what god had in...
  18. C

    Are Theology and Morality interchangeable?

    So, here's a question. As we all know, 42 catholic orginisations have filed 14 lawsuits against Barack Obama to stop his Birth Control Access policy in the Affordable Care Act. Their claim, as I understand it, is an infringement on "religious freedom". So, here is my question. How? I...
  19. nonsqtr

    is there an objective morality?

    Is there an objective morality?
  20. C

    Social Morality or Societal Necessities

    I have, on this forum, and many others, suggested for some time that I have a problem with government trying to legislate social morality. Almost without exception, the counter-argument is made that all laws are based on social morality. I submit that there is a difference between social...