1. DemoWhip

    Wells Fargo to pay $1B for mortgage, auto lending abuses

    Wells Fargo to pay $1B for mortgage, auto lending abuses By Ken Sweet, AP Business Writer ==================================================== Big fine. Looks like it finally caught up with them.
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Anyone DEDUCTING mortgage interest? Trump weighs SLASHING the deduction!!

    They have to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. Shaving off deductions for lots and lots of 'little' people might get them to TAX CUTS for the big people. Cutting DEDUCTIONS is first place to look. Reagan 2.0. The devil is in the details--we'll see. I promise REAL ESTATE lobbyists will be in...
  3. PACE

    Pam Bondi - soft on mortgage lenders during the financial collapse

    While other state's AG's were investigating. A Fox news chippy who made it as AG of Florida....... Pam Bondi Florida: Pam Bondi Florida "soft" on lenders - tribunedigital-orlandosentinel
  4. EnigmaO01

    Mike Pence Caught Spending Campaign Funds On His Own Mortgage, Credit Cards

    New evidence shows that Trump and Pence are more alike than you would think – especially when it comes to campaign finance misconduct. Indiana Governor and newly anointed running mate of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, was involved in a 1990 congressional race which produced a financial scandal that...
  5. PACE

    Pence used campaign money to pay his mortgage and lost an election for it
  6. T

    Fannie Mae Rolls Out Easy Mortgage, Catering To High-Risk Immigrants

    Fannie Mae Rolls Out Easy Mortgage, Catering To High-Risk Immigrants | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD Subprime 2.0: The White House is rolling out a new low-income mortgage program that for the first time lets lenders qualify borrowers by counting income from nonborrowers living in...
  7. The Man

    Russians to have mortgage paid by government...

    ...for having kids: The Russians offered the forgiveness of the mortgage debt for the birth of children | RUSHINCRASH That's a crappy translation of a Russian article. Basically, the proposal, which is being approved in the Duma right now, is as follows: this will apply to young couples...
  8. L

    Multnomah County approves $9.6 million settlement with controversial mortgage registr

    Multnomah County commissioners have approved a $9.6 million settlement of a lawsuit alleging fraud against a national mortgage registry company. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. was used by banks to bypass public recording requirements and fees, and critics have accused it of...
  9. L

    Mortgage lawsuits against BofA, Citigroup and Wells Fargo resurrected

    In a unanimous vote, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court’s dismissal of the city's claims under the federal Fair Housing Act. Miami’s lawsuit alleges the three banks engaged in a long-term lending discrimination in its residential housing market programs. "It is...
  10. Use Caution

    Bank of America Reaches $16.65 Billion Mortgage Settlement. Beheadings are required

    Bank of America Reaches $16.65 Billion Mortgage Settlement. Bank of America and the Justice Department have a reached a record $16.65 billion settlement, capping the most sweeping federal investigation into the sale of troubled mortgages by a Wall Street bank since the 2008 financial crisis...
  11. C

    Fed buying up mortgage backed securities

    I reported on November 5th 2013 that the Fed is buying US Treasury Bonds and mortgage-backed securities. A mortgage backed security is a type of asset-backed security that is secured by a mortgage, or more commonly a collection of sometimes hundreds of mortgages in a portfolio. Hopefully the Fed...
  12. A

    TARP, Mortgage Bonds, Quantitative Easing, and your 1%ers

    Now that Andrew Huszar, the "quarterback" of the $1.25 trillion Quantitative Easing part 1 has come out and truly honestly apologized for his role I'm wondering if this changes the minds of any supporters of the economic policies of the past 5 years. Andrew Huszar: Confessions of a Quantitative...
  13. michaelr

    Re-Default: Up To 46% Of Bailed Out Homeowners Can’t Pay Their Mortgage (Again)

    Re-Default: Up To 46% Of Bailed Out Homeowners Can’t Pay Their Mortgage (Again) Obamanomics at work. Kill growth by killing demand in order to maintain rates and inflation. This is why the reports of 12% home price increases are complete lies. Hell the banks and appraisers did the same thing...
  14. Babba

    Why Hasn't the Mortgage Business Rebounded?

    I am involved with a situation very much like this and it's starting to piss me off. It has cost me a lot of money and I'm sick of it. It's bullshit. It must end or our economy will NOT recover. Jus' sayin'.......
  15. R

    5 big US banks have cut mortgage debt by $19B

    or is it the feds who keep providing that 85 billion of QE per month, buying the toxic assets of the banks. --------- WASHINGTON (AP) — Five of the biggest U.S. banks have cut struggling homeowners' mortgage balances by $19 billion, part of a total $45.8 billion in relief provided under a...
  16. bajisima

    Should mortgage interest deduction and charitable donations be allowed?

    We are now hearing both Democrats and Republicans coming forward saying both the deductions for giving to charity and mortgage interest should be on the table when it comes to the fiscal cliff. Thoughts? Paying for charitable giving - Washington Post When will lawmakers get serious on the...
  17. Oscar99

    Mortgage delinquency rate lowest since 2007

    Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates Decreased that's BEFORE the Great Recession began!!! nice job Obama, looks like your policies are working!!!!
  18. michaelr

    Bankruptcy may be best option for Ally's mortgage unit

    Bankruptcy may be best option for Ally's mortgage unit They either default on a billion or Uncle Ben of the Bernank comes to the rescue. My bet is default. Love those MBS yet?
  19. michaelr

    Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debt for the Population

    Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debt for the Population Hey bankers, eat those securities with one hand, and shove them up your ass with the other and see which on feels better!
  20. michaelr

    Rate of Mortgage foreclosures?

    Rate of Mortgage foreclosures? Oh man this gets pretty ugly. Yes the banks are stealing from us, they take your job, then your dignity, then to add a pound of salt to the wound, your home. But guess what? They are doing if for the government. This isn't really hard to figure out. Freddie and...